I am what you would call an Indie Author or writer, what have you. And I have delved into the precarious world of self publishing since June of 2012. While I was very scared to take that step I had found it was a liberating step- my voice would be heard.


Unfortunately, as I had hoped, my rise to stardom has not happened…as of yet. I am not the overnight success. While I am not devastated by this, it is a bit disappointing.

So I decided to the positive approach using tools like research, blog sites, burning the Google’s search engine with so many search topics I had to deal with the constant freeze of the site. It could have been my connection but that didn’t stop me.

What I found was very disconcerting. Articles depicted the partial silence of the African American culture. But then I had this thought, that can’t be! I’ve heard of many authors from this ethnicity, their success, their claim to fame. But little can be found of them unless you type in their name directly. And why is that? How come they are so distinctly sectioned off?

Then I decided ok, I will just follow the blog trail. I joined countless sites, liked, followed, and referenced many well known Indie authors who made their millions on Amazon or Barnes and Nobles.com. I scoured the internet universe hoping for one small lead that can get the results I dream of. And still, my tired stiff fingers coward from exhaustion.

Where is the African American Author population? How come they are so hard to find? How do authors like Erick Jerome Dickey or Terry McMillan get to the height of there success? Why aren’t there more bloggers helping others in this area? Or more importantly why does it cost so freaking much for an Indie author to get exposure on the small sites that are available?

My heart felt like it was breaking. I was discouraged. There are many issues I can go into about unfairness, the separation of this or that, the inequality when we are promised equality…but I wont. Because that will open up a floodgate of debates that I personally don’t want to participate in.

It leads me to wonder how many more sites must I join, how many more hours should I spend searching for the impossible, because that’s what this feels like… impossible. Please have no pity here. I am not writing this for sympathy, but more out of the quest for knowledge as to “Why?”

I had a vision. When I write I can almost feel like a twin sync between my characters and my own nature. I tell their stories, see through their eyes, feel with their heart and think with their mind. My greatest joy I have found in the most recent months is to share the words of these forms call characters that need it to be shared. Yet, how can I establish a following…a steady following that enjoys written word? How can I seek something that seems so impossible…How the heck does these other bloggers get their followers? How long did it take for them to establish such a vast fan base? And where are all the readers who would enjoy the type of mixed genre I write?

I don’t know the answers, but I will say I have had a renewed sense of thirst to find out. I will continue blogging even if I have no readers. I will continue to write even if no fingers turn a page in my book. I will continue to publish even if no one buys it. And I will continue to research, join and revisit sights that may help boost my followers and confidence.

I am hoping with all my heart that one day, maybe soon (crosses fingers) that universe will shift favors upon me. I hope that what I am seeing is just a mishap. One can only hope, have faith and dream. Because without those key elements I don’t think I would be able to call myself a writer.

12/29/2012 02:02:12

Krystal- I only came to here to follow your blog but I got sucked into this post. Very inspirational for all authors of all ethnicity. I did notice at the top of your blog there is only a little RSS logo for following. You may want to join Network your blog to get thier following badge or Google Friend Connect. Check out my blog to see the follow icons and follow if you are interested!


12/30/2012 06:42:36

I am so glad that I've discovered your blog. I actually found you through Book Blogs. I too have pondered many of these questions that you ask and experienced many of the same feelings that you have.

I don't have all the answers, but I continue to research as well and learn what I can and apply it. I have learned to gain followers through blog hops that I participate in on a weekly (mostly weekends) basis. However, I realized that most of my followers were not my target audience, so I have to find where they hang out at.

That started my journey on places such as Book Blogs, Black Writers Connect, & Kindleboards. I have to learn to pay more attention to Kindleboards also because that's where a lot of readers are. Because I am an avid reader I am starting to purchase and read more books by Indie authors, especially African Americans so that I can post a review on my blog. I attempt to give them exposure just as well as I'm seeking it. I have a book club that I started and the more I encourage my friends to read these books, I'm asking them to promote among their friends also. Also check out book tours (virtual). I wish you the best on your journey, glad I found you and look forward to more posts in the future. You can visit me back @ http://www.writingmydreams.com/ if you choose. Best wishes.


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