The young adult fantasy and paranormal romance author, Larissa Hinton, grew up in Virginia Beach, Virginia and Chesapeake, Virginia. She now lives in northern Virginia, but she always looks forward to going back to the sweet smell of the salty ocean.

Larissa has always loved writing since the age of 12 and hasn't stopped since. After many years of writing whimsical tales of romance and fantasy, she is now proud to be a self-published author. When she's not writing, she's teaching English at a local middle school.

When seen out of the classroom, Larissa is shopping for the next great Wii game, searching for undiscovered treasure (a.k.a. sparkly jewelry) and plucking some fresh fruits (or vegetables, dependent on the year) out of her small garden.

Larissa Hinton is currently author of Everblossom: A Short Story and poetry Anthology. However, be on the lookout for Angel Diaries (a paranormal romance) and Everblossom 2: A Second Anthology of Short Stories and Poems!

If you want to know more about this author, then check out her blog at http://teacherwritebookaholicohmy.blogspot.com and click on FAQs.

DWED:You wear many hats! You are a writer as well as blogger: can you give us more insight to other talents you possess?
Larissa:UNO card playing. I can beat anybody at UNO. :) 

DWED:How do you manage to do it all?

Larissa:Since this is my first year of teaching, I'm still learning how to balance my writing career and teaching career. So far I've learned not to wait until the last minute to do so. I've had to break that bad college habit.
DWED:Tell us about some of your work.
Larissa:Well, I have two works out right now. The first one is a collection of short stories and poems called: Everblossom. Here's the blurb:

An anthology that will quench your thirst for more than the ordinary. 

Everblossom is a journey through poems and short stories that may seem ordinary on the surface but dig a little deeper and the world not only shifts . . . It changes. 

The author who brought youIwishacana/Acanawishi, now brings you a dash of everything from dark fantasy to the paranormal to romance. So prepare yourself to delve into the three stages of the flower from bud to blossom then back to seed; you'll go through them all with a whole new perspective on what it all truly means.

A second collection of short stories and poems will be released soon called Everblossom 2: A New Breed. 

My most recent release is a Young Adult Paranormal Romance book called Angel Diaries: Volume One. Here's the blurb:

He was forbidden. Uncontrollable. Never to be seen, mentioned, or otherwise talked about. Until the nightmares began. Searing the screams, carnage and death into her skull. Forever.

Before this, Lindsey had a normal life. Somewhat. She had a boyfriend who was acting strange, an ex-boyfriend who has been too flirtatious and a best friend who turned psychic. 

Once upon a time, the hardest decision Lindsey had to make was who she would take to the upcoming Winter Dance: her boyfriend, Philip, or her ex, Luke. Now, she's not even human. She's an Angel. 

This book is recommended for 16 years or older due to adult scenes and situations.


DWED Double Feature Review of Patricia Dorsey’s Reflections of a Mississippi Magnolia-A Life in Poems “a celebration of the south and things southern" and "Meet Mississippi through Poetry, Prose and the Written Word"

Rating- **** 4 stars

My thoughts:

I like Poetry. I love the flow of it, the way the words seem to flow so very intricately. Patricia did a wonderful job describing her love for her family, life and home in Tupelo Mississippi. I felt like I could visualize this place although I have never visited.

Each Poem is heart felt; I could feel the emotion attributed to it. Some were funny, some very deep in meaning. I could easily relate to the Poet. A lot of the language and descriptions had very southern dialect but I have heard here in my own home town.

Patricia, through her writing, has conveyed a sweet loving memory of her life and home through her work.

It was very touching and well written.

Reflections of a Mississippi Magnolia - A Life in Poems © 2008

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My Magnolia Memories and Musings - In Poems © 2012

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Contagion is a medical thriller that was released in 2011. The film grossed over 8 million on its opening day and continued to gross highly throughout its run.


The plot of the movie starts off simple- an unfaithful business woman played by Gwyneth Paltrow returns home from a business trip with a cold.  As we follow the story line things take a dark and deadly turn. Unbeknownst to Gwyneth whose character is named Beth Emhoff, she is carrying a deadly virus that has never been seen before. The virus kills both her and her young child, leaves her husband devastated and begins a pandemic throughout the nation where many die before scientists can even begin to trace its origin and find a cure.

If you haven’t seen this movie yet, I highly suggest it. It has a unique quality to how it was filmed, different story lines that connect beautifully. Jude Law’s character I absolutely hated. At first he seemed like he wanted the best for the viewers of his blog, but refused to help a pregnant friend who contracted the virus and later died. He was a jerk, plain and simple.

Lawrence Fishburne’s character, Doctor Cheever, was a very heart warming worker for the CDC that encompassed humility throughout the picture. He was a dedicated and humble person who worked diligently with staff as well as media to stop the spread of panic and fear as well as the disease. However, Jude Law’s character Alan Krumwiede, made this very difficult for him.

You will feel a mixture of love for many of the characters, anger at some, and sympathy for an epidemic that brought out so many of the vile natures in society it can only be described as perfect entertainment.

While I know this movie is not that far back in our past, I do believe it embodies a creative interpersonal way of highlighting the vicariousness of human nature and how far fear can unravel the intricacies of our lives.


Genre(s)- Fiction, Fantasy, Romance
Released- ISBN 1480127973

ISBN 13 9781480127975

Things are seemingly perfect for Hadley Christensen and Dominic Morris. They’re engaged, both of them have promising careers in the medical field, and they’re happier and more fulfilled than they have ever been. When Hadley heads off to work one morning, she realizes things aren't as they seem. While staring into the headlights of a fast approaching oncoming vehicle, life as she knows it is forever altered. Her last breath on Earth is only the beginning. 
She isn't about to die.  
She is already dead.  
No one else knows but they are all dead too. 
This powerful realization forces Hadley to leave Dominic behind and exist in another realm. Neither soul handles the painful separation well, nor can their bond be broken. Even in death. Hadley is given the rare privilege to make contact from the other side, desperately hoping to convince her beloved of his true state and ensure they be together once more.  
This Morning I Woke up Dead takes you on a journey of discovery as two souls fight against their undeniably difficult situation of being tormented and separated by different realms of existence, proving that those who are destined to be together will not be kept apart by a beating heart.







Rating- **** 4 stars


My thoughts:

When reading Cutter I was very emotional. Not just because it touches a lot of topics from Teen Drinking to Drugs, to partying and being destructive. But it touched a topic that hit me in a way I cannot describe- Cutting or in clinical terms Self Mutilation.

The emotional discord found inside of the main character Jessica, had me in tears through most if not all of the book. This kind of displaced feeling, sorrow, depression, abandonment is something I think most of the average teenager goes through. I have also felt similar feelings growing up.

Cutter shed light on so many issues affecting teens, from peer pressure to anxiety, self pity, insecurity, lack of self value. It shows that these sorts of feelings can be found in any class, middle or otherwise and it is a serious if not life threatening station.

I felt so strongly for Jessica that I wished I could help her somehow. I also felt like there was just too much being thrown at this young girl that it would only be a matter of time until she did something catastrophic.  It was an undeniably heart wrenching read, and I do hope all those that delve into the pages have at least a few boxes of tissues.

This is definitely a book to read to your daughter or sister, loved ones. Even young men should know the dangers of peer pressure. I also think it will be an ice breaker to broach topics that sometimes as parents we feel we can’t approach with our kids. This is an eye opener, it will make all aware of these dangers, the emotional toll they take, and give us a better understanding of what steps to take should someone close to us have these issues or circumstances.

It also brought to light how as parents we don’t see the damage we can do to our child, with words or lack of them. Without affection or even a minute to just talk about menial things. Kids crave attention no matter the age and if we take a second out of our busy lives to recognize them- it will go a long way.

I realize I have went on a tangent, but after reading this book I have opened my eyes to see a bigger picture I didn’t know or realize was there. These things do happen whether we want to see it or not. And although I have two toddlers right now a boy and girl, I know that if or when (thought I pray not!) I ever have a crisis on my hands, or just when they reach the age where these sorts of situations are around, I can make this book a family read to talk in-depth about what to do, how to act and should they slip that we can discuss it. That we can find a safer way to cope.

The only fault I could find in this book was the end left me incomplete. I needed more, and hope there is a continuation of Jessica’s story so that I as a reader feel that she has had some closure. I wanted to know more about her group and individual therapy. I wanted to see if her friends stayed true or if they fell off somehow as her support system. I wanted to know if there was change in her family structure.

But other than that it was a very touching read. I would recommend this to everyone.

****** For those who know anyone with a condition that is or can be described as self mutilation, please seek help for them now. Don’t give up on them and continue to be a supportive hand. Not everyone has the same walk of life, we deal with situations differently. Take the time to listen, help them as much as you can and most importantly don’t give up on them. And if at all possible, read this book together. Sometimes it takes an outside source to show others they have a problem, and could give them the motivational tools to seek help.******

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About the Author

Deidra D. S. Green has frequently been quoted as saying, "Writing is like breathing. Without it, I'd die..." Deidra continues to be fascinated by the power of the written word. She has always written, and most recently decided to share her craft with the rest of the world. Deidra has authored several highly praised public works including "The Twisted Sister Series", "Exiting Gracefully", “Woman at the Top of the Stairs, "Here Comes Katrina", and "From the Outside In". Deidra has also penned a number of novellas and short stories including “Trent”, The “A Letter to My Mother” series, “The Candy Man”, “My Own Mister”, “Bearing Witness”, “16 Doors”, “48 Hours”, “Insatiable” and “Cornered”.

Deidra has continued her literary prowess as a freelance writer, literary coach, ghostwriter and professional editor, as well as authoring several books for all age groups. In 2009, she founded The Mahogany Writers Exchange (MWE), a writing group for adults interested in honing their writing craft. MWE became a virtual literary writing group in 2012.

Deidra continues to move in her passion and embrace all her writing journey has to offer. She has several projects slated for release in 2013 including The Suddenly Single Series, “Sick, Sicker, Sickest”, “Dark”, and “Interstate 64”, another in the thriller genre. 

DWED: First, Tell us a little about yourself.

Deidra: Wow, where do I start? I am a mother of two wonderful children, VcToryann C’Mone and Kamerron DeAnthony Alexander. I am the founder of my company Reflected Gifts, Inc. where I provide a variety of literary services. Prior to striking out on my own, I retired with 18 years of service in child welfare. And last but certainly not least, I am a published author!

DWED: I was very touched by the background story on how you started writing, can you tell our readers about that?

 I think most writers say they have always written and for me that is also true to some degree. I have always written privately; maintaining journals, scribbling down ideas, writing in diaries. I never wrote for anyone other than me. What prompted me to start writing for others to read was a poignant word from my brother Patrick Muhammad. I had written a poem for him as a birthday present a few years ago that he dared to read out loud, much to my dismay. I was mortified and hid my face in shame as he spoke the words I intended remain private. Midway through the piece, I heard my brother’s voice crack. I peered through the fingers shielding my face and noticed he had gotten choked up. Then I paid attention to the fact that it was absolutely quiet in the room of 60 plus people with the exception of a few others I noticed were tearing up and crying as well. I was mortified feeling like I had ruined the previously happy mood of the party. He finished the piece and thankfully moved on to opening the remainder of his gifts. Later on that evening, he pulled me to the side and said to me, “You have a story to tell and no one can tell that story but you.” Now mind you, he is my younger brother and my first thought was, “what does he know?” But something about what he said stuck with me.

I pondered his words over the next couple of days and decided I would make a public declaration into the atmosphere. I spoke to the Creator and said, ‘if there is something I am supposed to do with this writing thing then I need a clear, unquestionable sign from you. I have to admit it was more like a challenge; a way to prove that my brother really didn’t know what he was talking about. That very night I sat straight up in my bed. It was 3:30 in the morning and my mind was flooded with words, thoughts and ideas. I brushed it off and reasoned that it must have been something that I ate. The second and third night it happened again. Between 3:30 and 4:00 in the morning I sat straight up. Ideas, thoughts, words, story plots, one-liners flooded my mind. I tried to ignore it and found it hard to sleep. By the fourth night, I physically got up out of the bed, went to my desk and wrote down everything I was thinking and finally was able to go back to bed. By the seventh night, I thought it a bit weird but still got up wrote everything down and was able to sleep. By the ninth night I had moved the notebook closer to my bed so when I awoke, I rolled over, turned out the lamp next to my bed and jotted down the flood of ideas that plagued my thoughts. By the 13th night, I had pulled the notebook in my bed and was scribbling in the dark hoping that what I wrote I would be able to read the next day. My brother spoke life to my gift and the Creator gave me a clear sign. That was two years ago. Needless to say, I have been writing every since.


DWED: What are some things that inspire your stories?

I am still writing from that notebook from two years ago. There were so many wonderful ideas that came out in my time of awakening that I still have yet to pen. I am always inspired by that time in my life. Of course I have had other ideas and inspirations since that time. It doesn’t take God writing in the sky all the time for me to get an idea. It can be the simplest thing – something spoken or not spoken; things I’ve seen, people. I love to watch people so much of my inspiration is drawn from human interaction.


DWED: Who would you say has been a major influence in your life?

Life has been a major influence in my life. I have learned so much about who I really am as a person because of the things I have experienced. My family is also a major influence. They keep me grounded. To them I am just mom, daughter, sister, cousin, niece, granddaughter. My relationship with the Creator is everything. He is at the center of all that I am and all that I do.


DWED: What are some of your favorite genres?

I am a huge fan of psychological thrillers, suspense and true crime.

Review Rating- **** 4 stars


My thoughts-

Warm bodies was a very good read. I enjoyed the whole Zombie falling in love with his meal. I did however, find it very weird how well spoken he was versus how etiquette deficient the love of his life was. I mean Julie was rough around the edges, although very modern; she had emotional baggage, rude ways. She was not someone I would have thought he would fall in love with. But she did have a quirkiness that kept my attention.

The book was funny, serious at times. The threat of being eaten alive, the threat of the bonies- which had me laughing throughout the book. I have yet to see the movie, but I am sure it will be good.

I was annoyed that we couldn’t get a clear picture into how R died. And I kept asking myself why was he different? Why was he able to articulate half a sentence when other Zombies could only groan?

I wish I had more to go on with R, M his close friend seemed to have more of a personality as he was a Zombie ladies man. M dreamed of intimacy while R had a vague sense of himself. R was a loner; he liked music and things he stole during hunts. I just felt like if I had a better scope of who R really was I could fully relate to the story.

I mean I get it, he is dead, doesn’t remember his past, lives vicariously through the brains and memories he has eaten, but at some point after eating all those brain cells he should have given us some insight into something. It annoyed me how in-depth we got to know Perry one of his victims. We got to see Perry’s memories, hear him speak to R and I get that is how R began to develop as a half dead person with feelings, but it was just frustrating at some points.

Going into the love portion- I thought it was cute. I found myself imagining R staring at people and groaning. His face twisted with death. But I didn’t quite get the feeling that you would expect when dealing with romance. I could see them in my minds eye, but I didn’t go “Awwww” or connect the way I thought I should. I mean it left me puzzled because if R really felt for Julie, it should have been felt deeply by the reader. I mean he did risk his safety for her, he exposed himself for her. But in terms of getting to feel them grow in love, enjoy it and bask in it was something that was definitely missing. I wish the book had given more detail into their love. It felt dead. But after being annoyed I realized, that was the point. R was dead, he was just beginning to feel alive and for him to feel even a fraction of want, need, lust or love for anything other than eating a human was very transcending.

So that’s why this book is a good read. Isaac is a very well written author and that’s why I give this book 4 stars-It takes you on a rollercoaster of emotions as you try to figure the dead out only to realize rationality is foreign to them because the dead cant be rational. To even hear thoughts or words from them is a feat and although I wanted to toss the book just to get the frustration out, I ended up finishing it with a groan and a smile. I still can’t wait to see the movie.


Dapper Carter's 8 Rules of Dating- Author Alan Mitchell