Synopsis: Every cute little girl has a dirty little secret but, Tasha Davis's secret was explosive. All she ever wanted was to be normal like other young girls but that became impossible from one minor indiscretion. When Tasha's act-of-love turned criminal she is forced to face her worst fears - the victim's mother And while speaking to an audience that wants nothing more than to rip her to shreds, she reveals everything!

Rating: 5 stars *****

My thoughts:

One of the things that struck me as amazing about this book was the fact that the Author took on such a controversial topic. To me taking such a hard topic on in itself is a feat of strength and abilities no one can begin to describe or portray. The fact that the author took a unique twist in this book also shows a more cunning ability than what I as a reader is used to seeing.

I found that when I learned about this book I had a biased knowledge of how HIV and AIDS can be spread, how insensitive we all are to the actual epidemic, and how close minded one can be regarding the nature of the diseases existence, not to mention the low scope I pertained to in thinking about how the carrier or victim for that matter, may think or feel just by existing with it.

I was taken back by the horrible way in which Tasha had contracted the disease. And as Tisha led me on the path of getting to know her character Tasha more one on one, I had the prejudiced thought that she had received it from her mother…that her mother had been unfaithful while on one of her business dealings. I had never really suspected her father of having it. He seemed fine…but it was all a perfectly crafted centerpiece of a bigger picture.

How could one not feel sorry for a girl who unknowingly contracted such a deadly disease through no fault of her own? And who could ever read such a story without heartache?

I can say Tasha’s attitude and naïve behavior throughout the book somewhat angered me. The fact that she didn’t know what she had in the beginning up until she was on her way to becoming a young adult angered me even more.

But who can say how one would behave or react when their life was doomed from  when they were newborn? How can we determine how Tasha could feel or act or deal with such a curse?

No matter the empathy I felt for such an innocent child, she somewhat lost that spark for me when she had made a decision that would not only affect her life but someone else’s as well. From the moment I began reading to the very end I was enthralled in this story. The Fear of Knowing is by far a great read no matter the emotional upheaval I felt while following Tasha and her story of life and its faculties.

There was really no issue with this piece other than Not knowing what would become of Tasha, her friends and family. But a little Birdie is looking out for a sequel or continuation of this story.


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