Author- Ahmad Taylor
Synopsis:  Delve into the world Martin Thomas, world-renowned scientist and patriarch of the Thomas family from best-selling Sci-fi/Suspense/Thriller: Dark Side of the Moon (DSOM).

Book 1 takes you back to Martin's early years as a military recruit and carefully guides you through one harrowing mission after another until he finds himself working for ARCA, the same organization later suspected of kidnapping him in Dark Side of the Moon. Read about his first classified missions and how he met the only operative more intense than he is: his future wife, Susan.

Martin Thomas, is the first book in the Sea of Tranquility series: a History of Dark Side of the Moon. The compilation prequel to the best selling Dark Side of the Moon.
Rating: *** 3 stars

My thoughts:

This Novella was very interesting to say the least. It was short and sweet, but very hollow to me when it came to details and characterization. I felt like I was reading a teaser and while the storyline is a good hook, it still left me a bit incomplete.

Besides my thirst for more, I found Ahmad to be a very tasteful writer. He has the makings of being a lucrative if not objective writer. I liked the general outline, the plot and I found the scenes to be pleasantly written.

His depictions of military personnel, duties, mindset and functions gave me as a reader a definitive view into the direction he wanted the story to go. As this book is a prequel I know I will be looking forward to reading the main novel.