About the Author:
 J. L. Ficks was born in Chicago, IL in 1978. He was always a dreamy-eyed boy with his head stuck up in the clouds. He was raised in the windy city where he met his best friend and future co-author, J. E. Dugue. J. E. and he spent many fun-filled afternoons adventuring through empty construction sites, small suburban forest preserves and simply imaging together. J. L. and J. E. first dreamed up the monstrously large fantasy world of Covent while they were in high school.

J. L. Ficks graduated from college with a degree in English Studies and developed an even more feverish passion for writing. He worked as a freelance writer and ghost writer for 6 years until he finally decided he didn’t like writing other “peoples’ stuff.” J. L. Ficks trained to become a Catastrophe Adjuster and has since spent many years settling large insurance claims at major storm events all over the U. S. The increased perspective of helping in the rebuilding process of countless storms has matured him and granted him further depth which he has poured into the world of Covent. Not to mention he’s gotten very good at climbing rooftops and he likes to joke that in his off duty time he spends his days writing on rooftops…

Our Titles:
We have been introducing a new fantasy series called the Chronicles of Covent. It includes tales of multiple heroes and villains from our world. Covent, pronounced co-vent, sorry it sounds much better if you get it right, is one of the largest fantasy worlds ever created. We have over hundreds of characters, over fifty races, sixteen unique human nationalities and over twenty nations. So far we have released 2 books, Waiting Game and Kingsblood, revolving around a Dark Elven assassin named Shade. We will be releasing stories about other characters within the next few years including a series about the Elf Wars and miscellaneous adventure tales.

I hope to put out our next novel, The Last Field of Honor, which is the first tale of the Elf Wars trilogy by early next year. Please be gracious with this deadline since my wife and I are expecting another baby, and I promised her I wouldn’t let the book project get in the way. All tales we’re writing now are building to a grander tale we call the Triloriad, which we hope to be our crowning achievement.

Our Website
We are very proud of our website at the ChroniclesofCovent.com. Our website is VERY detailed and includes character, race, faction, creature and place descriptions. We have had a lot of artwork donated to the project by generous artists. And don’t miss our interactive map explorer that puts the main continent of Sylvane right at your fingertips! The release of every new book will update new character, race, faction, creature and place descriptions, so the website will be constantly growing alongside our world. Come visit us soon!

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