I am still very new to the blogging scene. I don’t have the facts of life, knowledge of all things worldly or a PHD in Psychology. I can say I am a normal person. I go through life like a zombie in Resident Evil trying to figure out what the hell I am doing in this here life of mine.


As you can tell from my earlier posts, I write with a sarcastic tone. Sometimes I try to be humorous, crack a joke here and there, and see life from a lighter side. But we all know there really isn’t a lighter side. In the last year of 2012, we have seen so many stories about prejudice, violence, invasions, wars, thefts. So how can one even think there can be a lighter side?

So I have done some research people. Everyone has a darn blog these days. They have blogs for Women only, Men only; sex, children, books, and self help… so on. And what is the true purpose of all these blogs? Why do I have a blog?

Well, I know why I have a blog. At first it had been about me and my work. Suddenly it progressed into helping Women deal with the day to day stresses of our lives, how to cope and overcome. Now? It’s to help self published authors like myself get the exposure we so crave and deserve. It’s a vomit blog, it has everything. But is there really a need?

I would like to think so. In my search I tried to find out how to gain maximum exposure without seeming selfish and greedy. How do you get people to actually read the thoughts in my head or the words of wisdom I want to share?

Marketing. That is the tool, but to do so is a headache in and of its self. If I had the time I would log the hours I spend Googling crap I really don’t want to think about at the moment. I would pay someone to do it for me, but that’s not an option. How does one become successful at blogging?

A lot of the groups I am associated with on Goodreads have a category called “Follow for a Follow”. But even when you bring in followers, does that mean they value what you put out there? Are they really interested in your blog and what you put on there? No one likes vomit. It stinks, its gross and it’s ugh, so disgusting. But that’s how I relate it. Blogging is almost like vomit. You put so much out there; time, effort, passion. But what are we getting in return? A hollow follow?

My hope is that I gain a vast audience that actually reads what I write, what guest bloggers will share, read the books that I highlight on my page. Is this a shallow dream? Can it be captured? I do surely hope so.

I am not writing to offend. I am sure there are very helpful, insightful and fun blogs out there that get the audience they so desire. And I would love to hear about these blogs, to make sure I am not loosing my mind.

Care to share? Feel free to comment and tell me about your favorite blog.

P.S. As I researched my question, I found a post similar check him out


Hi Krystal...I just found your blog from your post on Goodreads. Not only are you offering a generous gift to us fellow writers and authors (with the review angle of your website), but your blog just might be the unique voice we've all be waiting to hear. I think as authors we have to remind ourselves that if we write from our passion and are true to ourselves, that there will be an audience for our work. It is only when we try to copy others that we are redundant (or vomiting as you say!) and that is unsatisfying for ourselves and everyone else. And yeah, I've tried the "follow your follow" thing and it too seems very hollow and unsatisfying...MOST of the time. Every now and then I find a blog or a book or a voice that stands out and I can relate to in a wonderful way. The challenge is not to do it just to grow your numbers or get sucked into thinking that the number of followers on FB are going to change anything!!! Anyway, thanks for your honesty and I look forward to future posts....Kathy


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