Dapper Carter’s 8 rules of dating

By Alan Mitchell



Rating ***** (5 stars)
******Please note this is a book for Mature Audiences only******


Alright Ladies, this is a sexy saucy read that will leave you wanting more. I really enjoyed the book; it made me blush at some points when the graphic details reminded me of a XXX movie. Alan has a knack for making the reader feel overdressed when reading this book.

Despite the R-rated material I found myself wanting to slap the crap out of the title character Dapper Carter who seemed in denial of his faults throughout most of the book. Dapper was a serial cheater who should have been happily married. He had a dime piece high school sweetheart turned wife that he took for granted cheating on her the night before their sixth anniversary. I mean come on, the man was a total scrub with no job living off of a wife who loved him through thick and thin, turning a cheek to his infidelity until the day he woke up to an empty house and one fork to eat with.

And what did Dapper do? He did what most men do, blame the wife for his troubles, blame the world for his divorce and decide that he lost the best thing in his life after she left him. He didn’t have this epiphany while he was having sex with strippers.

As I read I felt sorry for Dapper, I really did. But as the story went on he took me on a whirl wind roller coaster of emotion. The man made me angry- putting on weight and sleeping on his best friends couch because he was depressed. He made me shake my head- he was feeling a little desperate chasing a vegan who really was more concerned about  preaching on the detriment of eating meat than going on a date with him, or dating a single mother of several kids whose father turned out to be gay. The book was hilarious at some points, Dapper’s best friend Caesar had some of the most bizarre comments to help Dapper out when in reality Caesar is portrayed as an egotistic jerk with loads of money and a bizarre appetite for foreign women. Caesar was no better off than Dapper; he was constantly sleeping with hordes of women coming out of his room to tell his best friend to shape up only to go back to sleeping with said women. No role model there.

In the end we are given a crash course in how a man’s mind works, why they put themselves in impossible situations and how they view dating women. As Dapper progresses in the book we learn that he had to go through this divorce to get back on his feet. His wife babied him too much, pampered him until the point I was beginning to believe the cheating was a cry for help. The man only got back his confidence once he found a hole in the wall apartment and was able to see the real value in taking care of ones self. He got a job, worked his butt off and eventually found himself.

In the end I found I began to like Dapper, not for his imperfect nature, but because he showed a potential to be a great person once he got back on his feet. I could identify with him and that’s the hook that caught me. Wonderful job Alan, this is truly a good read.

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