DWED Reviews Christine Corretti Author of A Father’s wish: the tale of king Big Bear the Fat.

DWED Review: **** 4 stars

 A Father’s wish: the tale of king Big Bear the Fat is a children’s book, though I would recommend it for Kindergarten through first grade. I have two toddlers and had to split the book up between two nights for bedtime reading because their attention span is not that great.

We did enjoy the book immensely. There were hand drawn pictures, my son was able to pick out the “Bear” but called the wolf a “dog”. One picture displayed King Bear cuddling with the baby wolf which my son affectionately said “Awww look at the baby” to. It was touching.

The story was engaging almost like a folk tale of a Lonely Bear with immense power over his kingdom, but yearned for something a little bit more. He was a humble king that loved his country and citizens, he lavished them with feasts, yet something was still missing.

In A Father’s wish: the tale of king Big Bear the Fat we follow King bear as he finds an orphan baby Wolf and takes this baby into his home lavishing him with love until the day his real parents show up to find him and take him to his real home.

This book introduces the gentle side of suspense to young children. It shows them how courage, faith and how rewarding good deeds can be. It shows them how unconditional love can be. It shows the softer side of how using ones power and influence can aide in the safety and happiness of others.

This book is an engaging experience to teach ones child about Love, Hope, Faith and doing good for others. No only does it have lessons intertwined in the storyline, it also sheds light on the endangered Wolf population. It has a cause that will warm your heart even after reading the tale.

Good Job Christine, I look forward to reading this book again with my children and also to works from you in the future.

DWED Interviews Christine Corretti Author of A Father’s wish: the tale of king Big Bear the Fat.


DWED: First, tell us a little about yourself:

Christine:  Two years ago I finished a Ph.D. in Art History.  Since then I’ve been doing more drawing, offering my artwork for purchase online, writing children’s fiction, and marketing my creative endeavors like mad.

DWED: What is the inspiration behind A Father’s wish: the tale of king Big Bear the Fat?

Christine: A large brown teddy bear my sister Carolyn and I have had for 11 years was the inspiration for my book, A Father’s Wish: the Tale of King Big Bear the Fat.  Carolyn and I used to joke about him, how he’d look in a king’s crown.  Since he’s very large I coined the term “King Big Bear the Fat.”  With time, we elaborated upon the title by conjuring up scenarios about his would-be life as a king who loves to eat and enjoy life in his castle.  One other thing influenced my story: the persecution of wolves in this and many other countries.

DWED: Do you work closely with the organizations listed in the book?

Christine: I wanted to alert my readers to the fact that wolves are an endangered species and that they need our help.  A Father’s Wish has a list of U.S. and Canadian wolf sanctuaries that provide shelter and care for captive bred wolves and wolfdogs who have been abused and neglected.  These centers are great places to visit, and their websites are filled with pictures of beautiful canines.  You’ll be hooked on the animals once you see them online!  Here’s an example:  Full Moon Farm, North Carolina www.fullmoonfarm.org  

I spotlight a new wolf center each week on my Facebook profile page.  When I joined Facebook I befriended many wolf activists, and we share petitions that urge the government to end animal cruelty.

DWED: Did you create the illustrations in the book?

Christine: Yes, I made all the illustrations for A Father’s Wish myself.

DWED: Have you always been multifaceted in a creative sense?

Christine: I’ve always enjoyed drawing and creative writing; even art historical writing has a strong element of creativity.

DWED: What other talents do you posses?

Christine: Other talents?  I do my best at crafting and making jewelry (beading).  I’d love to try creating little objects like Easter eggs and dolls out of Polymer clay.  Etsy has the how-to videos for that!!

DWED: Have you always wanted to be a published author? Why?

Christine: Yes, I always wanted to publish books because I always loved to read and write!


DWED: Has promoting A Father’s wish: the tale of king Big Bear the Fat, been easy?

Christine: Book promotion is very time consuming and doesn’t always generate sales, but I’m determined to keep at it.            

DWED: What avenues are you currently using to promote A Father’s wish: the tale of king Big Bear the Fat?

Christine: I advertise my title on Pinterest, Facebook, Book Blogs (ning), and my blog/website.   If you are an Amazon author make sure to create an Author Profile Page so people can get to know/remember you.

DWED: What else would you like readers to know about A Father’s wish: the tale of king Big Bear the Fat?

Christine: My blog/website “The Chronicles of King Big Bear” http://www.chroniclesofkingbigbear.com/  features the ebook and paperback versions of my story as well as a selection of my artwork.  The blog tells stories from the king’s life; all, of course, are accompanied by illustrations.  Recently, I added Pinterest Pin it buttons to my posts and to the bottom of the website’s frame so viewers can share the drawings.

DWED: Are you working on anything currently?

Christine: Right now I’m writing a second children’s title, called Little Book of Puppies.  It’ll be filled with cute color illustrations.  Release date is late winter or early spring.  You’ll be able to find it on Amazon and Barnes and Noble.

I’m also writing a book on how to market your business on Pinterest.  There will be a load of info here, the results of much research and testing.

DWED: Do you have a favorite book or genre?

Christine: I don’t have a favorite book, but my favorite genres are mystery, horror, horror-mystery, children’s fantasy, and some Young Adult fiction.

DWED: Who would you say has been an influence in your life?

Christine: Animals inspire my creative writing the most, as you can see….

DWED: Is there anything else you would like to say to your readers?

Christine: One last note: if you are an author of a children’s book please tell me about your work and I will do my best to help you market it.   Please email me at cxc161@cwru.edu with “King Big Bear” in the message box.

Follow Christine on her Journey: http://www.chroniclesofkingbigbear.com/

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