Timeless Conflict

By Ute Perkins

Rating ***** (5 stars)


Timeless conflict is by far one of my favorite reads to date. While I am not going to gush about how perfect the book was, it did have some faults; however the story line, plot, characters, and conflicts were some of the works best qualities. I would definitely be the first patron should this book catch a movie deal.

First let’s go into the style of writing. Ute Perkins in my opinion is a cross between Stephen King, James Patterson and Dean Koontz which are all very dynamic suspense thriller type authors. From the opening in chapter one a reader will find themselves hooked. I was so caught up within the pages of this novel that I found myself unable to put it down. I mean I literally walked around my house chasing after kids, cleaning this and that one handed, with my eyes glued to my Nook. It was horrible! I even tripped twice, truth I swear! Absolute truth!

I pride myself in giving very honest reviews and insights into the books I review, and let me tell you, I love James Patterson, I can’t read Stephen kings novels at night and I absolutely love Dean Koontz. They are by far the best in their genre and Ute Perkins I think should be added to that list.

Detectives Marcus Reading and Travis Russell put me in the mind of two brothers working together on a gigantic puzzle all the while being distracted with their conflicting personalities. These characters are not one dimensional; Ute did a fantastic job giving every victim, every scene, and every surface inside the book infinite details that feeds the imagination. I had no trouble enveloping myself within the story line, identifying with each unique character and seeing the scenes within my minds eye as if I was really there smelling the fresh scent of blood or watching Marcus become annoyed with Travis as they picked each others brains while attending to their crime scenes.

If you haven’t read this book, surely I say please do. Ute Perkins is a very well written author who has yet to see his due. Very well done Ute, and I thank you very enthusiastically for such a great read. You have a new fan in me.

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