It has been an unbelievable year for me! In April of last year I found out I was pregnant. I had a very difficult pregnancy so I do ask in my most humbled voice, for your forgiveness for the lack of posting.

I had deaths in the family, as well as many joyful arrivals, not just myself but through cousins and siblings. It was a packed year.

In December I gave birth to a beautifully plump baby boy who is the center of my small family’s world.

I have had so many changes, additions and minor sacrifices within the last few months. But I have not forgotten about you all, my audience. I appreciate the words of kindness and hope you can forgive me the brief silence that has been DWED.

Now that things are back in full swing I promise to bring many reviews, thoughts, ideas, and topics that will keep all entertained. So stay tuned after this brief announcement for more.

Oh, and a Happy Belated New Year and all the other holidays I have missed. Time sure flew by didn’t it????

DWED would like to introduce Kush Designs, a fashion company that is focused on showcasing the inner beauty of both men and women through creatively developing clothing that tastefully highlights the person’s inner spirit.

The company is re-launching this coming fall and is looking to flourish within its prevalent field.

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---Message from the Owner----
What We Need & What You Get
I will need 8,000.00 to start running my business and day to operations, this will be broken into , expensis for fabric, machines/sourcing factories , advertising and building the brand.

I plan to offer t-shirts as a quick sell items, in order to build capital for the growing brand. I am offering free items as well as discounts on custom-ed pieces. The greater the donation the greater the discount.

If my goal is not met I will donate the funds to several charities i am affiliated with.

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I have already built a strong fan base around the brand and have become very inspirational in my love and support of others. Many see me as an inspiration for their own self growth.

Other Ways You Can Help Getting the word out about KUSH and lyfestyle brand is so important and is an extention of the loving support you can share. As i hope to continue to be a surce of strength and healing to others

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RE-LAUNCHING IN SEPT 2013 AURA energy clothing custom made for men & women


Working directly with my clientele in character assessment through getting to know “YOU” consultations, energy healing practices and meditation sessions to enable my customer to better understand the type of garments they are energetically connected to in style and color complimentary to their personal energy and aura, I will tailor my inventory to meet the specific needs of my clientele to promote healing and love of self.

Company Overview

Monique Siders (Nubia Sunshine) of Brooklyn NY; Fashion Designer, Stylist and Owner of KUSH Design. In designing I love creating garments that are uniquely designed to fit the customer’s personality and inner essence. Like taking the inner being and wearing their true self on the outside to share with the world. In my Reiki Healing practices, I learn and understand how to use universal love energy to heal the bodies mind. Loving who the YOU, we BE


KUSH design LLC established in Creating garments spirit essence. Teaching/providing energy healing soul styling the body to illuminate the aura… Lyfestyle Brand

General Information

KUSH Design is a design company established to basically make over the body, spirit and body. Teaching and providing energy healing and making over the soul styling the body to illuminate the soul… Spiritual body makeovers!! I am certified Level 1 Reiki healer, well versed in Yoni breathing and a student of crystal healing, and chakra meditation classes, also adding my experience as a stylist and ...a designer to provide my clientele with spirit energy healing w/crystals and complete with a body makeover in providing garments that bring out the inner aura. In designing will be creating garments that are uniquely designed to fit the customer’s personality and inner essence, similar to taking the inner being and wearing their true self on the outside to share with the world. With the Reiki Healing practices, I love to learn and understand how to use the universal love energy to heal the bodies and minds of those who are suffering, whether it be mental or physical. I’d love to incorporate the two in a feel good look good as my true self. Promoting loving the who the YOU, you be

One of the many issues in this country besides Violence is the rising number of teen pregnancies. After hearing in the news that our government is pushing to have the morning after pill ready and available for use by girls as young as fifteen, I decided to give my own thoughts on this epidemic.

While I understand everyone’s frustration and anxiety in regards to a Teen’s sexuality and pregnancy, I think the general idea that is being construed amongst adults is: Our teens are sexually inactive…until they turn up pregnant.

Yes, you may have the talk with your teen in hopes to scare the bejesus out of them or give them an iota of common sense and decency, the reality of the matter is, they will still be curious, they will still feel pressure, and they will still act.

I think in order for us to control this epidemic, we must first come to terms with the fact that teens have more on their minds than academics and make-up.

For instance, I grew up in Brentwood New York, where teen pregnancy, even ten + years ago was an issue and more of a normal way of life. I am not condoning it by any means, but I did work for my high school in the counselor’s office setting up meetings, writing passes, and making up reading packets for the pregnant teens at my school.  

Some of the young girls, mostly the Hispanic girls, were married young and were starting their family with their husbands. They were finishing school and would soon go on to living their lives as is natural for their culture. The Black pregnant teens were either conned by some Casanova roaming the halls looking for his next victim, abused and/or raped and forced into their pregnancy, or suffered from lack of a father figure and searched for love in the wrong places. While the groups were always of mixed nationalities, there was always a unique story behind their predicament and it helped to serve as a mental birth control for myself.

Around that time I had been going through my own inner battle. I was blossoming and my nerves were on edge. I was becoming aware of my body and a new craving to me known as desire.

Every teen goes through this but at different times based on their body’s schedule. I experienced it from the age of fifteen, but due to my own personal demons I mostly ignored it until I was about seventeen and my body was persistently telling me what it wanted.

It was a blessing to me to be able to work with the pregnant teens in my school because as they say (and I can attest to how true it is) mind over matter. And my psychological recognition of what was going on around me empowered me to abstain.

However, that can’t be said for all teens. What we as parents and all other adults need to realize is not all teens can control their urges. More often these urges mixed with peer pressure, lack of self esteem and motivation can have a disastrous outcome. And parents aren’t always to blame.

I hate it when people say “it’s a lack of home training” or “what are their parents teaching them?” or “where were their parents? Why can’t they control their kid?”

We as parents, can give our children the “talk” the “tools” and the knowledge. But as the saying goes- You can lead a horse to water, but you can’t make it drink. There are countless parents who do give the talk, who give their children promise rings, take the pledge and try motivational tools to help them abstain. But you can’t control or influence every aspect of the child’s life, especially when they are not within your care 24/7.

Teens go to school, they have friends, and they may or may not partake in after school activities. And if they misbehave what options of punishment do they have? Take away the x-box, take away the cell phones, ground them, take them to counseling….that’s all well and good if you have a child that will react positively to these punishments and actually listen. But what if they don’t? What happens? They end up humiliated, regretful, pregnant or with an STD.

This is life. And what we have to understand is sometimes you can give your child the best of everything- education, love, materialistic items, care…but ultimately it is their life and they will live it regardless of their parents beliefs, rules or thoughts. And we HAVE to let them make mistakes. If you have given them every bit of knowledge you possess, what else can you do?

You can’t lock them up, that’s child abuse, and endangerment and lord knows what else. You can’t slap the crap out of them or they will run away and call CPS. You can take away everything that you worked so hard to give them, but ultimately what is that solving? What will that do but give the hormonal adolescent more ammunition to go out there and do horrible things to themselves and their lives to spite you as a parent?

So instead of focusing on what is out of our control, let’s focus on arming ourselves with the proper knowledge, advice and ways to give them one thing we can do- Make them aware by being aware ourselves.

We have already come to terms with the fact that with their body’s changes they will experience different thoughts and desires. What we need to do now is familiarize ourselves with these desires, their world and come up with the best informative tool to give them a better perspective. What I see this as, is giving them “Life Priority Goals” something like a life schematic to help them find reason and rationality when faced with their teen life obstacles.

Important obstacles they face in regards to sex are listed below in priority that I feel is important. The last obstacle will feature the “Life Priority Goals”

1)  Hormones, cravings and desires- give a detailed explanation for what this is, what it may feel like and how to determine if it needs to be satisfied. As parents we know what this feels like, our bodies are used to it but it may be frightening to them. And if not properly explained the minds curiosity may get the best of them and they could act.

2) Peer Pressure- Let them know that they don’t have to do exactly what their BFF is doing. Set rules and goals. Example- Cary may be able to wear make-up at 16 because her parents allow it, but we had a talk and our household decided that seventeen is the best age for us. If you stick to that stipulation and aren’t doing it behind my back but being honest, withholding and listening to our households guidelines, not only will you be able to wear the make-up we allow, but we can also add a trip to the mall for a make-up lesson at Macy’s and I will allow your curfew to be amended with an extra half hour.
In other words give incentive for positive milestones and obedience.

3)      Predator awareness- Now I don’t mean the predators we worried about when they were young children, although they should still be weary of them. I am talking about that over hormonal boy or girl in their school that bounces from victim to victim, telling them what they want to hear, buying them things and then ultimately professing their love or hate when they are ready for the consolation prize. This goes a long way with arming your teen with positive body image, self esteem and verbal/visual cues to look for in this type of predator. Teens are naturally unsure of themselves, especially in this day and age where looks are a deciding factor in friendships and courtships. Unhealthy relationships flourish when one is in self doubt or hatred and we must recognize any signs of this in our teens in order to prevent it.

4)      Mental/Emotional/Physical priority- I waited until my early twenties when I was in college to finally allow myself to wallow in my urges. By making teens aware of their mental state, emotional state, and physical state in that exact order, they will be able to make a better judgment call for when they are ready. Explain that while their body may be ready, they need to be absolutely sure they can mentally and emotionally handle it. If they have any type of doubt then they are not ready. They especially need to be aware that once they open themselves to sexual activity at such a young age they are setting themselves up for disappointment, heart ache, lack of commitment, and ridicule. This would be a great time to include cyber bullying, reputation and rumors, and the mental affects serious relationships, attachments and remorse will have on their psyche. Also explain the pressure one is putting on their body’s expectations for more and how the lack of a committed partner can adversely affect them. Relationships come and go but dealing with lack of fidelity or frequent partners will ultimately hurt them more mentally and emotionally than they are ready to acknowledge.

They may even try to argue that they have had “boyfriends” or “girlfriends” and can handle it. But adding sex to an already emotional mixture is not healthy for them or their frail egos. Hey, even adults can’t handle break ups mixed where they had an intimate relationship. How can they expect to handle it? I am not downing their intelligence or maturity in no way, but they have enough time in their life to experience this part of adulthood. Express the need for time and exploration. Enjoy the milestones of being a teenager without adding more stress to it.

5)      Birth control/STD/Pregnancy- I believe after you have the most important talks as listed above, you can then broach the subject of Birth control, protection against STD’s and pregnancy. I believe this should be saved for last because ultimately we have to consider that sometimes when broaching this subject teens might take it as a “hall pass” to perform the act- go out and just do it. By tackling everything else first, we have led the way to a more open minded, thought provoking stimulant that may very well make them think twice and give them the tools needed to make an adult-like conscious decision to abstain.

6)      Sex on Life’s Priority Goal List- Once the talk has finished, have them write down goals for their life. And once they have thought and focused on the path they want to be on, ask them to write where on that priority list they see themselves fitting in sex. You may have asked yourself why would they do this or will they answer honestly. They may or may not, but I will tell you this, they will have thought it through enough by writing this list to see what means the most to them and if ultimately sex can wait.

With me, I waited until I was out of high school, away from friends who were active, away from pressures of being a teen and focused on new pressures like college, work, and finding myself before I thought about doing the deed.

When you have your life in perspective you will have a better idea of what milestones are important to you and where everything will fit in its own time. By sharing this tool with our teens and loved ones, we are giving them a moment to sit back and see their life the way they want it. We aren’t forcing our views on them, demanding anything of them, or pressuring them to do anything other than look at the bigger picture.

By giving them an in-depth talk, we are also opening communication on topics that they may feel scared or worried to approach. We don’t want them going to friends; unless they have their path all together and prioritized they won’t be able to give solemn advice.

Also remember as a parent we experienced these same feelings ourselves, we made our own mistakes, but it is a way of life and showing our teens how to manage is the best tool we can give them. They don’t need criticism or harsh words. If they have already had sex, say you just want to make sure everything is alright, mentally and emotionally, because who knows, they may have met their first predator and need a shoulder, not a wagging finger of judgment.

The major thing we have to tackle with our teens is lack of communication because of misunderstandings. Teens have so much pressure, judgment and insecurities from their peers, they don’t need someone who is supposed to love them to kick them when they are down. They need love, support and guidance.

Some of the things I didn’t cover in this article is Religious aspects and reports on teen pregnancy. While I feel they are important, I wanted to give an authentic and genuine article of a different perspective. Not another read filled with ratios, statistics and garble nobody is really interested in. However, if you would like to know what we are up against, take a look at the CDC website for information on the epidemic- http://www.cdc.gov/teenpregnancy/

Some other good articles and sites on the topic:


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How to Talk with Teens about Love, Relationships, and S-E-X : A Guide for Parents - 02 edition by Amy Miron and Charles Miron http://www.textbooks.com/BooksDescription.php?BKN=561671&kpid=9781575421025M&utm_medium=cpc&utm_term=9781575421025M&utm_source=googleshopping&kenshu=687e30c0-db87-5068-a23b-00001400a7da&gclid=CMWUo_2cjLkCFRGg4Aod2QgAZg

I Want to Talk with My Teen About Love, Sex and Dating By: Dr. Karl Wendt, Shannon Wendt

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Take the pledge as a parent taking an active role in making your teen aware. We can give them they tools, show them how to fly, but it’s up to them to make the effort and succeed in their life.


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In 1972-before the internet, before the porn explosion-Deep Throat was a phenomenon: the first scripted pornographic theatrical feature film, featuring a story, some jokes, and an unknown and unlikely star, Linda Lovelace. Escaping a strict religious family, Linda discovered freedom and the high more »-life when she fell for and married charismatic hustler Chuck Traynor. As Linda Lovelace she became an international sensation-less centerfold fantasy than a charming girl-next-door with an impressive capacity for fellatio. Fully inhabiting her new identity, Linda became an enthusiastic spokesperson for sexual freedom and uninhibited hedonism. Six years later she presented another, utterly contradictory, narrative to the world-and herself as the survivor of a far darker story.

Kick-ass 2

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When we last saw junior assassin Hit Girl and young vigilante Kick-Ass, they were trying to live as normal teenagers Mindy and Dave. With graduation looming and uncertain what to do, Dave decides to start the world's first superhero team with Mindy. Unfortunately, when Mindy is busted for more »sneaking out as Hit Girl, she's forced to retire - leaving her to navigate the terrifying world of high-school mean girls on her own. With no one left to turn to, Dave joins forces with Justice Forever, run by a born-again ex-mobster named Colonel Stars and Stripes. Just as they start to make a real difference on the streets, the world's first super villain assembles his own evil league and puts a plan in motion to make Kick-Ass and Hit Girl pay for what they did to his dad. But there's only one problem with his scheme: If you mess with one member of Justice Forever, you mess with them all.

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This film tells the story of a White House butler who served eight American presidents over three decades. The film traces the dramatic changes that swept American society during this time, from the civil rights movement to Vietnam and beyond, and how those changes affected this man's life and family.

Riddick, Rule the Dark

Released: September 2013

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Trayvon Benjamin Martin Feb 5, 1995- Feb 26, 2012

Originally, I was not going to get into the mix, state an opinion or talk about the Trayvon Martin Case. But as I peruse facebook and twitter, I find there are many angry people out there in regards to the Not Guilty Verdict George Zimmerman received for the murder of Trayvon Martin.

I don’t want to view this case from a racial or civil rights point of view. So far I have viewed it from the point of a mother who has a son. My first born happily for me was a boy.

It breaks my heart to think about how I will someday have to approach this subject with my son. I know it won’t be easy as I will not only have to explain the meaning behind his colored skin and how that will ultimately affect his life, but how to approach maturity and sex in a responsible manner, and let’s not forget violence.

As an African American male in the United States my son will have to endure racism, sexism, hate, racial profiling, stereotypes of black men, lack of resources in the black community and I must include the pressure to survive poverty and make something of his self, should he choose to do so.

And as my son struggles through life to find his place in society, he will also endure the fateful pressures of being a teen and surviving puberty. Measurements of his body parts and if it will be sufficient enough to please a woman, drug and alcohol consumption pressures, graduating, dating, learning to drive a car…things we have all faced growing up.

These pressures I am sure we can wade through together, as I have coped with them. Mind you, I can only show him and teach him so much because I am his mother and have never experienced life from a male perspective, but I will try my hardest.

But how do I explain the results of the Trayvon Martin case and how this sets the black culture apart from others?

I know that last question may seem to be racially motivated and I know I stated I am not in a racial point of view on this topic, but I have to face the facts. My son is black. I am black and Trayvon Martin was black. The Black community is outraged.

And frankly I only decided to write this article because of the remarks stated by Juror B37.

As a woman I would like to ask her to put herself in the shoes and heart of Trayvon’s Mother. I don’t care what race or creed George Zimmerman lives by, but I can say one thing to this said Juror. Come step into a black community setting and then tell the people there that George had every right to fire that weapon to protect himself.

This is how I explain my thoughts to you Juror B37 and how I will one day try to explain this to my son.

So please read carefully because I am going to break this down for you in a mother’s point of view. No, scratch that a BLACK mothers point of view.

We come from a culture that is statistically and stereotypically faulted for black on black violence. For those who honor responsibility and humility we try to teach our children that violence is only necessary when there is a threat to ones well being and life. Now George said he felt threatened by a teenager armed with skittles and a soft drink…and a teenager who used his fists.

I cannot tell you Juror B37 how many mothers who lost their sons to gang violence, gun violence, knife fights or what have you, pick your weapon of choice, wish their son had chosen to use his fist as a means of protection instead of a deadly weapon. Look up any past article on a black man or boy being killed by a weapon and I can tell you, it’s sad.

The use of weapons instead of words to settle a dispute is mind boggling. So much wasted precious life taken away from young people who just need guidance.

Now let me tell you WHY people are angry that you chose to acquit a man who was obsessively taunting Trayvon on his walk home.

Trayvon didn’t call for help but spoke to a friend. Lord how I wish he would have dialed 911 instead of talking to his lady friend. Because then the world would know his side and every misunderstanding that happened that unfortunate night could have been handled correctly on all sides. In fact, my first statement to my son will be to call 911 try to walk away and if that doesn’t work- then and only then ---Stand your ground.

Now we are being told as viewers that Zimmerman called the police and reported Trayvon as a suspicious character in the neighborhood. He was told NOT TO FOLLOW Trayvon that they would handle it. Zimmerman chose to follow trayvon. In my eyes this is an act of aggression and failing to listen to instructions. For a man who wants to be a police officer he should know better than to disobey orders.

The fact that Zimmerman made the conscious decision to follow Trayvon makes him the aggressor in this situation. He could have asked trayvon what he was doing in the neighborhood before harassing the boy. He could have stayed in his car and let the police do their job, because he is not a law officer and should not be trying to apprehend suspicious people. In my eyes its like he was trying to impersonate a cop and that is supposedly against the law. He did not have the authority or right to do what he did. And being part of the neighborhood watch he should have known the proper protocol for encountering suspicious individuals. Should there be any threat of danger you call the proper authorities and LET THEM HANDLE IT.

Also Trayvon was walking! Walking! He didn't go into any yards, knock over trash cans. He didn't vandalize any property. He walked fast when he realized he was being followed. How is that a crime? How is that suspicious?

And if George was paying this much attention to the teen, how come he didn't realize the teen was on his cell phone? How come he didn't stay back and wait for Trayvon to do something, anything worth this type of surveillance?

Further more I find there is a flaw in the law of “standing your ground”. Because Zimmerman was the aggressor, Trayvon had every right to defend himself should Zimmerman make a move.

And I do not believe Trayvon struck first. I believe that Zimmerman based on statements he made to the dispatcher and the fact that he took it upon himself to continue to follow and harass Trayvon, and the fact that he is obsessed with law enforcement, went over the line and probably grabbed, shoved, held onto or any form of contact to Trayvon, and since the boy was scared, thought this man was crazy and felt threatened, may have pushed, shoved or forcibly moved Zimmerman’s hand off of him.

That to me is a misunderstanding on Trayvons part but I would believe it to be a defensive tactic because we all can see that Zimmerman has a screw loose.

Why was this man following him? Why was this man blatantly disregarding the advice to stand down and let the cops apprehend and/or question trayvon if he was a menace to the neighborhood? Why didn’t Zimmerman ask a simple question of “are you from this neighborhood?” before he trailed Trayvon?

I swear I feel like I could be watching the discovery channel with an episode of a lion hunting his prey. Tackling him and moving in for the kill. How the hell do you justify what Zimmerman did? Do you lack common sense Juror B37? This man is obviously confused about his duty as a civilian and a neighborhood watchman. He obviously took the law into his own hands and forced an unpleasant situation into a brutally aggressive one resulting in the murder of an innocent boy.

You allowed Trayvon’s past to be a factor in your motivation for providing the wrong verdict but failed to take into account how Zimmerman conducts himself in normal society.

I ask you this, do you think Zimmerman would have stalked Trayvon if he had been a grown man? No I think not. He took advantage of a teenager. And yes I said Stalked because that’s exactly what Zimmerman an adult decided to do that day. He took it upon himself to apprehend Trayvon. And if he decided to “apprehend” Trayvon, then he is in the wrong. He is not a cop. He cant and has no authority to apprehend anything or anyone.

How are any of us, especially his parents supposed to cope with a wrong verdict? How can we view Justice as mercy and salvation for innocents who cannot speak for themselves when you have so blatantly destroyed it?

How the hell am I supposed to tell my son that he can be killed for walking home from getting a snack and visiting friends?

How am I supposed to tell my son that not only will he be unjustly persecuted for having dark skin his entire life but that he will also have to be faced with violence because of bigoted prejudice on behalf of years of stereotyping, statistics, and the fear of what we are as a race?

How can anyone on that Jury explain to trayvon’s family that they let this man go because he felt threatened by a weaponless kid who he stalked, who he victimized, who he profiled wrong? Who he didn’t even take the time to yell out and say “hey do you live around here?” if he took the time to ask that one simple question instead of taking it upon himself to scare the hell out of a helpless teen who did nothing to him, trayvon would still be alive.

You, Juror B37 and your fellow peers who decided on this verdict have justified racism, prejudice, hate, and lack of humility. This is why people are saying its racism. This is why they are crying for a civil suit. This is why the Black people in America are outraged. No Zimmerman may not be racist, but his motivation for harassing Trayvon was. And you have further put this country in a condition to publicize hate. To try and rationalize your opinion for giving a not guilty verdict by the means of the stand your ground law is absurd. Zimmerman was wrong. And so are you. And you have stepped so harshly on the hearts and caused heartache for so many mothers wishing to shield their children from such disgrace. Thank you for opening up wounds that were just starting to heal. You have set this country back a few decades.

Moral of my article? I didn’t mean to draw the race card. I simply meant to prove some points.

1. Stand your ground law has a flaw. Because Zimmerman harassed trayvon, and trayvon lived there, he should have had every right to defend himself against Zimmerman without being shot. Trayvon had the right to stand his ground because he felt threatened by the aggressive harassment of Zimmerman.

2. Regardless of whatever went down, Trayvon used his hands as weapons, Zimmerman used a gun. The unfairness in that battle tells it all. If Zimmerman was black, it would be seen as another black on black crime and swept under the rug. If Trayvon had a knife I could see Zimmerman’s defense, but he had nothing. SO how threatened could the man feel by a teen’s fist?

3. If Zimmerman was really into law enforcement he would know that officers use every means necessary to apprehend a suspect, from physical fighting, pepper spray, batons, and last form of defense is their gun. The LAST form of defense is their gun Zimmerman. You would not have had to fight with this boy if you had listened when you were told to walk away, you didn’t have to follow that poor boy. And you wouldn’t have felt your life was in danger if you hadn’t aggravated the situation.

4.There was some speculation as to who was heard screaming for help. I wish they had had a behavioral profiler do a study on Zimmerman and Trayvon. Because if we go by things Zimmerman has stated, his obsession with becoming a police officer, his use of cop language, his indifference to the situation, and his provocation of the situation can tell anyone with a brain that those cries for help was Trayvon not Zimmerman. Zimmerman has proven he has a temper, not only that, but an over inflated ego that when provoked by any means of insult, he will strike. If at some point Trayvon had the upper hand in the fight, this would have made Zimmerman even more aggressive and could be the very reason at that moment he pulled out his gun.

5. Zimmerman is older, heavier and had more training than Trayvon. If he was studying and preparing to become a police officer that would mean he had the known how, the training and knowledge of defensive tactics to take down or apprehend a criminal with brute force, without having to draw his weapon. Even if Trayvon did get the upper hand at some point, Zimmerman would have the skill to take him down. The fact that he drew a weapon at all shows he needed power and authority and his ego and pride were at stake. He wanted to be a law official so badly, he hated the fact that “these assholes keep  getting away” so much that he took his hatred out on that poor boy.  Anyone that can’t see that lacks common sense.

His blood is on your hands Zimmerman and may god have mercy on your soul.

What you and these Jurors have done to this country is added another sliver of pain to it. You have opened up wounds we all thought were healing, that we were progressing from. You have given every mother of a son another reason to fear for his life. How dare you. You should be ashamed.

I ask you this Zimmerman…Look your mother in the eyes and ask her what would she say, do or feel if You were Trayvon and Trayvon were you. If she had to bury you because of an unjust murder…Do you think your not guilty now?

What would you say to a man that took the life of your only son Zimmerman? How would you feel? Would you think this was justice?

Signed, an Angry Mother who fears for the future of her son.

I remember reading, years ago, the results of a study that suggested how many people have a story they want to write. I can’t remember the exact statistic, but it was something like one out of every ten Americans dreams of someday writing a book. I also remember this article saying that almost every one of these wannabe authors ambition was no more than a pipe dream. He went on to explain how incredibly difficult it was to actually write an entire book. And if that wasn’t enough, he added that finding an agent and getting published was tantamount to winning the lottery.

If I wasn’t already intimidated enough at the thought of writing, this certainly did the trick. Years went by before I decided to try my hand at it. And like so many things we postpone in life, once I completed my first novel, I couldn’t believe I had waited until then.

Here’s what I learned out of that experience.

The fear of doing something is always worse than the actual experience. Don’t let yourself be intimidated. If you feel the urge to write, then do. Writing an entire novel is not as difficult as it may seem.

The first step is to come up with an idea for a story. This can come from a news report, or a headline, or even just a daydream, and it usually starts with a ‘what if?’ For example, you might read an article about some recently found treasure, and you ask yourself, ‘what if somebody was to find a treasure that hinted at some great lost civilization?’

The next step is developing the main character and placing them in this what-if setting. For example, you decide that your main character is a priest and his concern will be that the treasure might disprove some part of the bible. Here you already have the makings of a great character and a suspenseful story. 

I should add that one of the mainstays of an engrossing read is a main character who is conflicted. The story can be filled with suspense, but if the main character is not torn between decisions, much of the suspense will be lost.

I am convinced that every person who dreams of someday writing has already experienced a few of those what-if moments.

Now do yourself a favor and go write down your thoughts before you forget them. Who knows, you just might be the next best-selling author. It all starts with writing that first line.

All my best,

Monique Domovitch

P.S. Let me know when you finish your first chapter.
DWED Reviews Looming Murder By Carol Ann Martin

Synopsis:  LOOM WITH A VIEW  
Della Wright has come to peaceful and picturesque Briar Hollow, at the foot of the Blue Ridge Mountains, to realize her lifelong dream of owning a weaving studio. To promote her new business, Dream Weavers, Della is offering weaving workshops for all levels of ability. In her first class, she meets half a dozen of the town’s colorful characters, who seem as eager to gossip as to learn how to work a loom.
But when a shady local businessman is found murdered, Briar Hollow suddenly appears a lot less idyllic. And when one of her weaving students is suspected of the crime, Della can’t help getting entangled in the investigation—with some help from her criminologist friend, Matthew. But can she weave together clues as well as she weaves together yarn—and stop a killer from striking again?



Rating: 4 stars ****



My Thoughts: It has always been said that curiosity killed the cat. In the case of a sketchy accidental death and the murder of a prominent real estate mogul, Della Wright seems to be landing safely on her feet at every turn.

After facing a dramatic life change, Della moves to the small town of Briar Hollow to start fresh and live out her dream of owning and operating a Weaving Shop. But little time has passed before she is intrigued by the small yet quirky town with its vivacious cast of inhabitants, and a murder she unknowingly stumbles upon.

I found it entertaining that Della seemed to put herself in harms way despite the open threats to her well being. It was as if she needed more in her life other than operating a Loom and teaching others how to weave. It’s like she felt empty.

Despite this, the Author had a way of directing the story that kept my rapt attention, and I found I couldn’t put it down. I was far gone wanting to know who had actually committed the murder and if Della might come face to face with this unknown killer.

The whodunit feel of the book was riveting, and the end had a very well put shock value because the culprit and their reasoning for the murder were unexpected.

Judging a book by its cover is something we all do. How can we not? When there are dozens of books that pop up when you search for your favorite genre and you don’t have time to read every synopsis, you look for an eye-catching cover and start there. Authors don’t like to believe that their captivating writing and intricate characters might be passed over because they might not be as creative as others and may not be able to afford a professionally designed cover, but it definitely happens.

When my novel, “Inquest,” was first published, it was published with a traditional publisher. Unfortunately, that relationship ended prematurely and I was faced with republishing on my own and not having much time thanks to being in my last year of dental hygiene school. I had promotional commitments I didn’t want to miss out on and ended up having to rush through the cover design. I wasn’t completely pleased with the new covers, but I knew they would have to do for now until I had more time to redesign them after graduation. That planned changed when a lovely reviewer made the comment that even though she loved the book, she thought the so-so cover wasn’t going to draw new readers because they just didn’t grab anyone’s attention. Obviously the redesign couldn’t wait.

The original covers all featured people, which is hard because you either have to find the perfect stock photo, or find a model willing to work within you budget. I didn’t want to hassle with either option, so I decided to nix the people and go with a symbol instead. This took some serious Photoshop hours to design the three symbols used for the covers in the trilogy and a search for the right kind of fire to use as a backdrop, but in the end I felt much more satisfied with the redesigned covers than I did with the original.

So, what do the symbols mean?

The first book in The Destroyer Trilogy, INQUEST, features the chaos symbol. The chaos Libby is thrown into after her Inquest reveals her as the hated Destroyer, forces her to hide her talents in order to keep herself alive.

SECRET OF BETRAYAL, the second book in the series, features the symbol for renewal and rebirth. Once Libby makes her decision, rebuilding her life to fit her new purpose means rescuing the group of Ciphers being held in the spirit world and claiming them as her army.

The final book in the series, DARKENING CHAOS, features a new symbol, a combination of chaos and rebirth. At the end of Libby’s journey she struggles to balance her dual purpose without everything falling apart around her.

Thank you so much, Krystal, for inviting me to your blog today!


DelSheree’s Blog

DelSheree’s Website








DelSheree Gladden lives in New Mexico with her husband and two children. The Southwest is a big influence in her writing because of its culture, beauty, and mythology. Local folk lore is strongly rooted in her writing, particularly ideas of prophecy, destiny, and talents born from natural abilities. When she is not writing, DelSheree is usually teaching yoga, coaching gymnastics, reading, painting, sewing, or studying about teeth as a Dental Hygiene student. Her works include Escaping Fate, Twin Souls Saga, and The Destroyer Trilogy. DelSheree's newest series, The Godling Hunger Series, follows Vanessa and Zander Roth, siblings with an uncontrollable hunger for pain and suffering that will either gain them limitless power or lead them to their deaths

I had always wondered about the contrasting relationship between Harry Potter and Professor Snape. One could never tell if Snape hated Harry just because of his lineage, or because he possessed his mother’s eyes.

And what was the nature of Snape’s relationship with Lily Potter? One would have thought they were best friends, but how could Snape expect to have kept that friendship alive with his deteriorating attitude and his dwelling into the dark arts?

As readers delve into the seven novels outlining the story of Harry Potter and his quest to find his past and destroy Lord Voldemort, we also find ourselves being shown a more dynamic picture of how it all began.  At first we are all given sight into the prophecy unknowingly given by Professor Trelawney and overheard by Snape who then brandished this information to Lord Voldemort. But Snape had not heard the entire prophecy and thus his error led to the killing of Lily Potter and her husband James whom Snape despised.

Now there are many speculations into why Snape had done this. Into Why Lord Voldemort had chosen to go after Harry instead of Neville Longbottom who was also born around the same time and could have also been the “chosen one”.

I however thought that maybe, given the fact that Snape loved Lily Potter in a more obsessive way, that he would have told Lord Voldemort it was in fact Harry Potter the prophecy foretold about in order to rid the world of James Potter and Harry so that he alone could comfort Lily and she may very well fall for him instead.

The obsession Snape had with Lily was not only uncomfortable but fatally fanatic. He never read the signs in all his years of knowing Lily that she would despise anyone who delved into the dark arts. He never took her kind and delicate nature into consideration, only seeing what he himself wanted to see. His obsession soon became emotionally battering as his jealousy of James Potter turned him against Lily. So one, seeing as how he always reacted when James was around, could conclude that with the announcement of their marriage and having bore James’s son, Snape would seek revenge not only on James Potter, his son Harry, but Lily as well.

Could Snape, in such an obsessive rage have set up his beloved in a moment of fury as he had once done when he called her a Mudblood? Had he told Lord Voldemort about Harry in his peak of rage, and then felt terribly guilty later about what he had done?

But then Snape turned a new leaf. Upon the death of his beloved Lily, he promised Dumbledore he would help protect Harry should Lord Voldemort rise again. But that promise didn’t stop Snape from making every moment spent in Harry’s company a pleasant occurrence. In fact, Snape made a point to bully Harry, encouraging Harry to snap back in order to give him detention or remove points from the Gryffindor house.

So how could one truly believe that Snape had anything but hate towards Harry Potter?

There were so many contradicting instances where the reader, had they not paid close attention, could undoubtedly become confused.

Snape hated Harry but kept a close eye on Professor Quirrell in the “sorcerer’s Stone” at the bequest of Dumbledore. Snape trained Harry with Occlumency, a strengthening of the mind in order to keep Lord Voldemort out, at the instructions of Dumbledore. Yet during each lesson, he disdainfully chastised Harry so much the boy nearly broke. It was Snape who made sure Harry could retrieve the sword of Gryffindor, it was Snape who worked as a double agent between Lord Voldemort and Dumbledore & the order of the phoenix in order to  help the order stay one step ahead of Voldemort, and to keep Snape as his most informative so as not to suspect fraud.

And when Voldemort killed Snape, in his last moments of life, he made sure he gave Harry his memories in order to give him the last message from Dumbledore that would end Lord Voldemort.

Even as we looked into Snape’s memories, we found that he had a peculiar way of showing his feelings. So much so that readers have to decide for them selves if they believe Snape really cared for Lily and that her death had really destroyed his resolve to entertain dark magic.

We follow Snape as he relives the reasons for his hatred of James Potter a man that bullied him and stole the love of his life. We find that Snape, so much like Voldemort, blamed others for his misfortune instead of looking at the clear picture in front of them.

Snape, being that he had known Lily the longest, had ample opportunity to show his care of her. He knew her better than Potter and yet he chose to explore the dark arts, chose to become a death eater, chose to work alongside the Dark Lord instead of following a better path with the love of his life.

One can only speculate if Snape somehow had the ambition to be an evil ruler himself, as he named himself the half-blood Prince. I had no doubt it wasn’t just his lineage that brought on this name. He must have had ambitions to conquer the magic & muggle world.

He should have known that walking this path would put off Lily so much so that the bullying from James Potter and his friends seemed innocent at best.  Why then, didn’t Snape prove his love? Why didn’t he do more than stand outside the Gryffindor Portrait hole refusing to leave? He should have done more than say “sorry”.

Instead at the breaking of their friendship, he delved more into the dark arts. And from there the history of his misdeeds continued. Until that is, he became the sole source of information that caused the death of the woman he so called loved.

This also led me to wonder, if the horrible way in which Snape died, was poetic justice for his misdeeds throughout his life. It also puzzled me, if the manner of his death was the reason Harry so quickly forgave him.

After all the way in which we followed Snape throughout the series was a little misleading. He was almost like two personalities; struggling with his grief while being more humbled, and the wicked Snape we knew from the beginning; a bully, a liar and a conniving miscreant.

While this behavior can be justified, he was in fact working against Voldemort, I still wonder if he had really changed. Had he really somewhere in his duty to watch over Potter, began to love the boy as if he was his own? Had he cared? Had the purity of his acts of good finally broken through to him and he changed for good?

One can only Ponder the musings of Severus Snape a man who once coveted the dark arts like a blanket, but loved to a point of obsession a woman so far out of his reach it was devastating.  And one must wonder, had Snape not been the one to tell Lord Voldemort about the prophecy setting off a chain of events leading up to the death of Lily Potter, if he would eventually have changed his ways for the better.

I would like to hope so.