Is it possible for a heart to survive twenty five years of abuse on the most intimate level?

For anyone in a relationship, the words 'we need to talk' can only mean one thing. In the last twenty-two years, the McKenzies have been through it, survived it, learned by it, and grown stronger from it, because life didn't stop for breath when they needed it. Amongst the tears and the tragedies, the hopes and happiness, they've built something amazing: a happy family, a luxury lifestyle and a booming empire. Don't they deserve to have it all?

But for the perfect wife, those four sinister words mean something entirely different. They're a summons into a private world where what happens behind closed doors stays behind closed doors.

Faith has no doubt in Calvin's undying love for her. It's what kept her sane in the darkest hours. If only she could figure out what it is she does wrong... because it's rapidly becoming apparent their tainted love is running out of time.

Tainted Love is an intimate look at a side of marriage many people never see.


Are you having flashbacks of the lycra cat suit with the homemade ears, whiskers, and the feather boa tail, D? So you should, you made it! I didn’t tell you I’ve bought one this year and Gawd, it’s awful! I felt so self-conscious. Where do I start? It’s strapless, it laces up, it gives certain areas more and others less and it’s not suitable for public consumption! But it’s the only one I could find.

The three girls thought it would be fun to trick-or-treat at John’s. I did try telling them he wasn’t home. His truck wasn’t in the drive and he was supposed to call my cell when he was ready for Lisa to come home for her big surprise. So it was a surprise for us all when the door opened.

“Oh my! What a fright.” His eyes met mine and I nervously mouthed an apology, because Cal would have hated us turning up uninvited and unplanned. But John grinned. “Now what do we have here?” They giggled and I melted just a little. He had them eating from the palm of his hand. “Right, well, for the little devil, I have this,” and he held out his right hand.

“A hand shake?” Zoe was puzzled before she took his hand, and then she yelped. Mystified, she turned over his palm. “Wicked!” She grinned at the trick hand shocker.

You know how mischievous she is. She’s going to have hours of fun finding new ways to torture us with that.

As though he knew what I was thinking, his eyes found mine with a wicked gleam. I swear I had butterflies. “Now for the fairy princess.” He turned to Caitlyn. “I have this...” He reached inside the door and brought back his hands cupped together. “I found it when I was working on the beach yesterday and thought of you.”

“What is it?” Cate stepped forward and placed her hands on his. “Oh, it’s beautiful, John!” she cried, lifting a star-shaped shell from his hands. “Mom, look!”

You know how star mad she is.

“Wow!” I wasn’t looking at the shell. I was looking at the man who knew my kids as well as I did. “Thank you.” Again, his eyes met mine. Oh wow. D, my knees actually went weak.

“And for the little bunny, I have a big fat—” he swept her into his arms, “hug!” He squeezed as he swung her from side to side.

I think I could have melted into a puddle on the floor right there and then if it wasn’t for the porch railing I was leaning against. I always thought Cal was a good father, but in comparison to the police officer turned carpenter-slash-handy-man who gave his time up to restore derelict piers, Cal was nothing.

“Have you had a good birthday, Bunny Rabbit?”

“It’s been awesome!” Lisa smiled. “Kimmi made me rabbit shaped pancakes for breakfast.”

“Speaking of rabbits, aren’t you forgetting something?” John asked. She looked puzzled. “He’s in the garden.”

“Really? You got me a rabbit?” John nodded. Lisa squealed and wriggled to be let down from his arms. “You’re the best dad in the world.”

I stepped forward to stop my girls from going inside. “Leave them a few minutes.”

The three girls ran to the garden to see the new rabbit. John smiled at me and took my hand. “I have something for you, too.” I was surprised. I didn’t expect anything. “I'm sorry, Kimmi,” he said, and stepped closer. “You can’t turn up here wearing that and not expect this.” He pushed me up against the door. One hand slipped under my jaw toward the back of my neck as he stepped into my personal space.

And I... well, I froze.

D, every muscle clenched, my eyes twisted shut, and I prayed to God he wouldn’t hurt me. I didn’t even breathe.

“Okay,” John whispered, stepping back. But he didn’t pull his hand away from my cheek. “That was not what I was expecting.”

Air passed through my lips, long enough for me to breathe normally again. He let the silence continue while my heart rate slowed. I knew he could feel it beneath his hand. But what could I tell him? Honestly, what could I say? But this man... he’s got to be too good to be true.

“Kimmi,” John said, “The last guy really hurt you?” His thumb caressed my cheek and my face turned into his palm. “But…” He stepped closer again, not too close because he knew it would freak me out. “I’ve tried, Kimmi.” He tilted my chin so I could look at him, and I knew whatever he was about to say was really important. “And I…” His lips brushed over mine and my heart fluttered. “I just can’t wait any longer.”

Author Bio:

Erin Cawood is a commercial women’s fiction author, with a taste for dramatic storylines and a passion for strong lead characters she really gets behind, cheering on right to the very end of their story. Her focus? Taking romance into the darker, edgier side of contemporary fiction.
Erin lives in Leeds, UK, with her partner of thirteen years and their fourteen year old cat. She spends her days somewhere between the fiction world and the student world. Fascinated by web design and digial communication, Erin is studing a BA(hons) in New Media at the University of Leeds. Before returning to full time education two years ago, Erin worked at a theme park, a convenience store, a public house/restaurant both in the kitchen and waitressing, as an insurance agent and currently works part time in a customer contact centre.

Connect with Erin!

Beyond My Writing Space:

DWED: First, tell us a little about yourself.
I grew up in Queensbridge which is located close to Astoria in Queens. I moved to Freeport, Long Island at the end of 7th grade.

I currently work in Law Enforcement. Being in that profession allows me to meet people every day, and it puts me in a lot of situations that are interesting and I can learn from them.

I published my first book in 2008 entitled "Times Have Changed and Life is Strange. It is currently used in two schools on the Lower East side of Manhattan.

My favorite books are Richard Wright's Native Son, Eric Jerome Dickey's Cheaters, Milk in my coffee, and Between Lovers.

My favorite movies are Fight Club, Love and Basketball, He got game, Forrest Gump, Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind, Paid in Full, The Curious Case of Benjamin Button, Django Unchained, Pulp Fiction and Kill Bill volumes 1 &2.

I’m married to my wife Lauren and I have a daughter named Jaelynn.

DWED: Have you always aspired to publish a novel?
Yes, when I was in the 8th grade, my English teacher Mrs. Marcus gave the class a poetry assignment. My poem was on basketball. I don't remember what I wrote, but I remember my teacher was blown away by it. She encouraged me to keep writing. She was one of my most influential teachers, and I promised her if I ever wrote a book, I would write a poem about the Holocaust for her (She was Jewish, and had family in it) my dream was to publish a book. I continued to write throughout high school and college. My college professors told me I had talent, so I decided to go to open mic's and perform my poetry. Hearing people cheer for me and appreciate my words, inspired me to want to keep writing. My first published book was “Times Have changed and Life is Strange.” It was a poetry book. I wrote a poem for Mrs. Marcus called “Holocaust” keeping my promise. The poem “Ugly” from “Times Have Changed and Life is Strange”, is the poem that inspired me to write “Monster” I reflected on my life, and felt this would be a good story that would teach and possible change people’s lives.

DWED: Would you say the journey to publishing was easy or hard? Why?

I would say the journey was difficult. When I first started to pitch my novel to agents, I was turned down left and right. I felt like I wasn't good enough. I felt like quitting. One agent finally talked to me, and told me that while my writing was good, it wasn't great. He told me to make it in the book business I needed to be great. I thought long and hard about just giving up on my book, but then I thought about all of my friends, and even some strangers that thought that my novel was really good. I reminded myself that this is my dream, my passion, and if I sold one copy or a million, I would publish this book. I learned more about my craft by studying books on writing. The fact that I accomplished my goals of finishing the book and publishing it is a success for me. I self-published the book, but I have been blessed to receive great reviews for it. People are actually getting the points of my book, and I'm so happy that I have written a book that people are enjoying. When strangers message me on Facebook and tell me how much my book has changed their lives or how much they enjoyed it, I think back to those times where I wanted to quit. I'm proud of myself for believing in my own abilities, and accomplishing my dream after going through so much rejection. I may never be number one on the New York Times Best Seller List, but the fact that I can have an impact on the people who have read my book, makes me extremely happy.

DWED: Who or what would you say inspired “Monster”?

"Monster" is based off my life and experiences. After enduring some pretty interesting experiences, I believe that "Monster" is a story that can benefit everyone and it's a story that needed to be told. I was inspired to write it to teach people. I feel that people can learn from my mistakes. I wanted people to learn that:

1.      Every action has a consequence- It can be good or bad, but there is a result for everything we do.

2.      We need to take time to truly heal emotionally and mentally after a break-up. If we don't we are bound to bring that pain into future relationships.

3.      We need to be conscience of our actions. We never know the effects they can have on other people.

4.      In order to move forward in life, we have to learn to let go of negativity, and to forgive ourselves.

DWED: How was the concept of “Monster” born?

The poem “Ugly” from “Times Have Changed and Life is Strange”, is the poem that inspired me to write “Monster” I reflected on my life, and felt this would be a good story that would teach and possible change people’s lives.

DWED: How does “Monster” stand out? What does it offer and more importantly what can viewers find within it pages?

I think viewers will find that I poured my heart and soul into this book. I think people will realize that while I do what them to be entertained by the book, that I really want them to learn from it, and see that it is much more than smut. I think what makes my book stand out is its realistic dialogue, the lessons taught within the book, and it delves into the mind of why some men become womanizers.

DWED: At length how would you describe the feedback for “Monster”?

Monster is receiving great feedback. People from different states, even parts of Europe have emailed me ( explain how my book has changed their lives or they learned from it. To know that the words that I wrote can have such an impact on someone’s life, is an amazing feeling.

DWED: Would you say you have a unique style of writing?

I think I have a unique style because I try not to write about the typical urban fiction topics (Gangs, drug dealing, etc) there is nothing wrong with those topics, but I try to focus on things that almost everyone can relate to. I also like to share my poetry as a bonus in the back of my novels. I think it gives the reader a little more to think about and enjoy when the book is over.

DWED: what kind of messages do you try to instill in your writing?

The message that I try to instill in my writing is, as people we should always strive to be better. We should always want to become better versions of ourselves. I also want people to see that whether they like it or not, no one is perfect. At some point even the “good guys/girls” aren’t so good. I try to make my books very realistic.

DWED: Who is your favorite character in your book and why?

I would say my favorite character would be Ken Ferguson, because his character was based off of myself, and my past experiences.

DWED: Who is your least favorite character in your book and why?

I would say my least favorite character would be Jesse because her character was based off of numerous people in my past who knew who to press my buttons and annoy me.

DWED: What can we look forward to seeing from you throughout 2013?

You can look forward to me constantly working on new books to stimulate people’s minds with. I’m working on my next book “Love and Happiness”, and I plan to have it published by February

DWED: What would you say to all aspiring authors like yourself?

I would say to never give up on your dreams. If you want to be a writer, learn the craft. Research, read other successful authors, learn what makes them successful, take a class, read books, but never give up on writing the story you want to tell. There will be times when you want to quit, when you feel like your work isn’t good enough, and you are just wasting your time. When you feel like that, work harder. Learn what you need to improve. Listen to criticism, even if some of it is not flattering. You don’t always have to apply everything you hear in regards to criticism, but it is important to keep an open mind and to not have pride block you from improving. We can always get better.

DWED: Is there anything we haven’t covered that you would like your readers and potential readers to know about both your work and yourself?

I currently don't have a website, but here are the links to my author page, and my Monster's fan page:

Monster's Fan Page

Author Page

These are the links where you can purchase the book:

Android Devices:



Smashwords: : Make sure the adult filter is off or you won’t be able to find the book


DWED: First, tell us a little about yourself.

 Well, I'm forty-one years old, I've been married for seventeen years, and I have two teenage daughters and two canine babies. I'm originally from Gary, IN, but for the last twenty or so years I've lived in various parts of northern CA. I love to write, read, and talk (my husband can attest to that). My friends refer to me as the bootleg therapist because I'm always willing to listen to other people's problems and offer some sort of insight if I have it. I would describe myself as a homebody for the most part. Some of my best days are spent in a quiet house with a piece of cake and a good book. Just as a weird bit of information, I wrote Imagined Love, For the Love of Jade, and Love's Fool with Coraline playing in the background! I don't know what it was about that movie but I had to have it on when I wrote.


DWED: Have you always aspired to publish a novel?

 Yes! From the time I was in the first grade and my teacher chose my story as the best of the bunch and read it for the entire class I dreamed of seeing my name on the back of a book. I talked about it all the time so to have three published novels is most definitely a dream come true. I still hold them in my arms like babies.

DWED: Would you say the journey to publishing was easy or hard? Why?

It was definitely difficult . . . the rejection and the self-doubt that ensues. More than anything, though, I think it was a learning process that I wasn't willing to embark upon in the beginning, at twenty, when I wrote my very first book entitled Tricked. I thought everything I wrote was brilliant and rejected anyone who said differently. And that's exactly why those manuscripts are collecting dust in my garage! I had a lot of maturing to do and twenty years later I'm proud of the work I've produced and that I have a team that believes in me enough to offer me unconditional support. I appreciate the journey now in a way I couldn't back then.

DWED: Who or what would you say inspired “Imagined Love” & “For the Love of Jade”?

My life and upbringing definitely inspired Imagined Love and For the Love of Jade.  It was therapeutic to be able to put everything that was in my heart on paper. Although fictionalized, it was based on a lot of my own experiences so it helped me to bare my soul and leave it there for others to relate to and hopefully find healing.

DWED: How was the concept of “Imagined Love” & “For the Love of Jade” born?

The diaries that I've kept over the years gave me a starting place for Imagined Love. Then as I wrote, memories began to resurface as well as the emotions that went with them. Soon my creative juices got going and I was able to rewrite history, in a sense. I honestly never intended to do a sequel but after Imagined Love was published the characters continued to talk, so I continued to write. For the Love of Jade is definitely more fiction than fact and more of my idea of what the characters would do or say if they were in those situations.  


DWED: How does “Imagined Love” & “For the Love of Jade” stand out? What does it offer and more importantly what can viewers find within it pages?

 I think the emotions and heart behind all three of my novels is what makes them stand out. Within them readers will find real people dealing with real situations. And just like in real life, the characters don't always do or say the right thing. They have lessons to learn and journeys to travel just like the rest of us. All three novels offer hope and encouragement that no matter how bad things get, there's always light at the end of the tunnel. 


DWED: First, tell us a little about yourself.

Thanks for having me. I am a huge mystery and suspense buff so that's why I write the genre. I write interracial mystery/suspense so my books feature interracial couples, mainly black women and white men couples. I've always been a supporter of interracial relationships so writing about them comes from the heart. Alfred Hitchcock and Edgar Allan Poe are my idols and the reasons I love mystery and suspense. I've been writing professionally since 1997 when I was 19 years old. I was born, raised, and reside in Houston, Texas.



DWED: Have you always aspired publish a novel?

No. I didn't pursue writing professionally until I turned 19. I always loved literature and had a talent with writing, but it wasn't until then that I got the calling.



DWED: Would you say the journey to publishing was easy or hard? Why?

It's extremely hard to become published. I have always worked with publishers, never self-published and you have to go through tons of rejection before you might land an agent or publisher. It's well worth it to me. I love writing and I wasn't ever going to give up. I honed my craft, researched, and put in the work. I'm grateful it paid off.


DWED: Who or what would you say inspired Giving up the Ghost &The Season of Sin?

Giving up the Ghost and The Season of Sin are books one and two in my current series. The main characters Detective Brianna "Bree" Morris and Detective Steven Kemp originate from my '08 novel Melody. I began the series because I fell in love with the characters and wanted to continue them. That brought all the inspiration I needed.


DWED: Are you a part of a book club or organization?

I'm a member of the Authors' Guild.


DWED: How does Giving up the Ghost &The Season of Sin stand out? What does it offer and more importantly what can viewers find within it pages?

Well, for one thing I am not sure if many people are writing interracial suspense. That's a mixture you don't see everyday if at all. I’m also one of few black writers writing mystery these days and I think readers find that refreshing. With this series, you get passion and excitement as well as thrills, chills, and pure suspense. My novels are hardcore mystery and suspense, and I provide plenty of twists and surprises that'll have readers begging for more.

DWED: At length how would you describe the feedback for Giving up the Ghost &The Season of Sin?

It's been extremely positive. Readers, reviewers, and book clubs have been very supportive. People say they enjoy my work and it's a pleasure whenever I touch a reader. Of course, you always have someone who might not care for your work but nothing pleases everyone. The majority of people have enjoyed my books and they’ve been very supportive.


DWED: Would you say you have a unique style of writing?

I think all writers have a unique style because unless he or she is copying someone’s writing, a writer’s style comes naturally through them. I love writing dialogue and it's one of my strong points. I do minimal description. I only describe what I feel readers need to know. I'm not one who describes every single character or every inch of a room. I leave description for what's important and I do enough to set the scene. I've been told my characters are powerful and really carry the story. I write straight-to-the-point and only include the meat of the story.


DWED: what kind of messages do you try to instill in your writing?

People always ask me this. LOL!None to be honest. I write to entertain. I don't write with messages in mind. I write mystery and suspense so it's not exactly the type of genre you'd expect to find hidden messages. I just want to entertain readers and give them a story that they enjoy. If they see a message in my work then that's a beautiful bonus.


DWED: Who is your favorite character in one of your books and why?

Detective Brianna "Bree" Morris. She is the star of my current series. I love Bree because she is the perfect mixture of a woman. She is strong but she is also vulnerable. I think it's important for me to show her in that light, and present her weaknesses as well as her strengths. I do my best to make all of my characters well rounded and three-dimensional. Bree is no different. She is not perfect. She makes mistakes, and sometimes does the wrong things but she is as real as you can get. I think that's why so many readers enjoy the character.


DWED: What can we look forward to seeing from you throughout 2013?


The third book in my series, The Wild Life,will be released July 2013. I also have two releases slated for 2014.


DWED: What would you say to all aspiring authors?


They need to take their time and learn the business before trying to jump into it. They also need to take time, years if so honing their craft. They need to seek out all options and pick the option that will give them the best shot, not that’s the fastest way to get published. Speed has nothing to do with anything. People need to make sure they can produce books to a publishable level if they expect to gain readership. People need to make sure they learn all they can and be the best they can be no matter if they are seeking publishers or putting their work out themselves.


DWED: Is there anything we haven’t covered that you would like your readers and potential readers to know about both your work and yourself?


I appreciate readers who check out my work, and I encourage them to let me know how they feel about my work. I am also an approachable author who loves to hear from readers so feel free to contact me if you want.


The Season of Sin (Book 2) available now:


The Season of Sin:


Detective Brianna “Bree” Morris and her partner and ex-lover Steven Kemp are back. This time they are thrown head first into a gruesome homicide that brings forth as many secrets as it does clues.

Brianna’s psychiatrist, Dr. Nadia Hollister is stabbed to death in her upstairs bathroom. Brianna, who is at Nadia’s while the murder happens, is the only witness. Unfortunately she was knocked unconscious by the killer and only has the memory of the killer’s scent to go on.

Brianna and Steven sign on to help Homicide Detective Jayce Matthews solve the case. With Nadia’s journals as her guide, Bree learns that Nadia was keeping a devastating secret that has something to do with her adopted daughter. The renowned doctor was not whom she seemed to be and her secret may not have only got her killed but could ruin the foundation of her entire family.

The police hunt for suspects but Nadia’s secret could wreck the lives of many, all who have motive to kill her.

The deeper Brianna and Steven dig into Nadia’s past; the more they question whether Nadia was the true victim after all.





 About the Author:

Stacy-Deanne (Dee-Anne) is a published novelist of crime fiction and interracial romantic suspense. She started writing professionally in 1997 when she was nineteen years old. Stacy grew up loving the suspense genre. Her idols are Edgar Allan Poe and Alfred Hitchcock. Stacy´s books include Everlasting (Simon and Schuster, 2007), Melody (Simon and Schuster, 2008), Giving up the Ghost (Peace in the Storm Publishing, 2011), and The Season of Sin (Peace in the Storm Publishing, 2012).  Giving up the Ghost and The Season of Sin are 2011 and 2012 African-American Literary award nominees. Stacy was born, raised, and resides in Houston, Texas.


Giving up the Ghost:

The Season of Sin:

Genre: Crime fiction, mystery, interracial romantic suspense
Author sites:





Bio: Lantern in the Mist is my debut novel.  It is a trilogy about a strong American woman in the late 1800s and her struggle to survive in a man’s world.  Books 2 and 3 will be launched soon.

Like many authors, I started writing and reading at an early age. My “mentors” stretched from Jack London, Margaret Mitchell, and Anne Golon to Tennessee Williams. They took me to unknown worlds, expanded my imagination, and shared their gift of emotion and empathy for humankind with me.

My writing background includes careers in both journalism and teaching, and I currently teach writing in an entertainment media and arts university in Central Florida.

When I’m not writing, I’m reading, watching classic movies, or laughing with my Rat Terrier, Miss Eadie.

Site Listing: At Amazon:

Title of book: Lantern in the Mist

About Liliana: I’ve been a writer all my life. First as a journalist, then as a playwright and finally a novelist who never tried to be published the traditional way nor was “vain” enough to go through vanity press. I live my life trying to be faithful to myself, so when I perceived the independent writing niche was expanding and changing, I knew that was my way to go. All I want is to be read.

See our Review of Lantern in the Mist coming in May 2013!

DWED: First, tell us a little about yourself.

Annette: I grew up in a very small town in Northern Ireland, quite near to where the Bronte sisters' father, Patrick grew up in fact and our small library was called The Bronte Library. Being so small, there were no bookshops and once I'd devoured everything I could get my hands on in the library, I started writing my own stories so that I would always have something to read later. I only ever write the things that I would like to read myself.

I've been married to John for coming up to twenty one years now (where does the time go?) We met through a lonely hearts ad, this was way before the advent of internet dating was on the scene and got engaged nine months after we met.

I love travelling and seeing new places, although I get quite travel sick. New Zealand is our favourite place and we both hope to get to go there again one day. I love reading, no surprises there, but I also enjoy computer games such as The Sims and Dragon Quest and Japanese anime. Black Butler is my favourite at the moment.

DWED: Have you always aspired to publish a novel?

Annette: I'm not so sure that I've always aspired to publish, but I've always wanted to write. It's just something I have to do. There are so many characters and plot scenarios in my head that if I didn't write them down I'd go mad. They're all clamouring for attention and it's difficult to pick just one to settle on, I usually have 3 or 4 projects on the go at once and it can get confusing at times!

DWED: Would you say the journey was easy or hard? Why?

Annette: The writing journey, not so much, as I've always enjoyed doing that. But the publishing and promoting is a different game altogether. I've self-published some work, as well as had work with publishers, but nowadays nearly all of the promotion is down to the author, no matter what way you're published. It's a different mindset and I find it very difficult to write fiction and try and promote books on the same days. I do them separately, and leave days just for writing rather than promotion. I wish I could afford to hire a publicist and have them do all of the promotion, but I can't afford that so a lot of it is Do-It-Yourself. It takes time and effort, but if you get some sales out of it, it's worth it.

DWED: Who or what would you say inspired ‘Shadows of the Rose?

Annette: Since Shadows of the Rose is a collection of different genres and stories, I would have to say quite a few different things. But nearly all of my stories begin with the thought, What if? What if in the future that it was illegal to make love and the only way to have children was controlled by the state? That became the basis for the story Baby Blues. What if the man who was feared and hated as the most diligent witch hunter in the country was something else entirely? That became The Witch Hunter.

I get ideas from lots of things. Maybe a magazine or newspaper article sparks an idea, or perhaps something overheard in conversation. Or sometimes it's just something that's simmering away in the back of my mind for ages and needs an outlet.

DWED: Let’s delve into your writing. Can you tell us more in-depth about ‘Shadows of the Rose?

Annette: It's a collection of short stories and one novella. The book was first published in 2001 by Double Dragon Books. The novella in it, Leonae, is what would be termed nowadays as Urban Fantasy, but at the time I had never even heard of the term urban fantasy or knew that I'd written one, LOL! It's about a woman who discovers she is of an ancient race of beings called Leonae and she discovers she has powers such as mind-reading. She's also very sensitive to emotions, which has its downside when she goes to Pompeii and felt the emotions from the people who were about to die.

DWED: How does ‘Shadows of the Rose stand out? What does it offer and more importantly what can viewers find within it pages?

Annette: Short stories are enjoying a revival thanks to digital publishing, whereas before it tended to be only magazines where you could read them. My collection has lots of different genres within the pages, there is horror, romance, sci-fi, urban fantasy and more, so hopefully a bit of something for everyone. A lot of collections are themed or are only of one particular genre, but as I reader I read in various genres, so I hope there are some more people out there who like a bit of variety.

DWED: How was the concept of ‘Shadows of the Rose born?

Annette: I just wrote short stories and when I had quite a few gathering dust on the hard-drive, my husband suggested I see about getting them published as a collection. They probably would have stayed there if he hadn't nudged me in the right direction.

DWED: Is ‘Shadows of the Rose a part of a series or stand alone?

Annette: It's a standalone collection.

DWED: What can we look forward to seeing from you throughout 2013?

Annette: My romantic suspense, Drowning Rapunzel, was re-released in February by Pink Petal Books/Jupiter Gardens Press. Later this year I hope to have finished some more of my short stories or novellas, all of which are male/male romances.

DWED: What would you say to all aspiring authors like yourself?

Annette: Read and write, that's basically what you need to do. Good books will inspire you and even bad books will have you scratching your head and wondering if you could do better. Just keep writing and turn off the self-editor in your head. Just get your story down on paper or computer screen and once it's finished, then worry about spelling mistakes or typos; plot holes, or how one of your character's has suddenly got blue eyes instead of green. I read a professionally published novel years ago where in one paragraph the heroine was wearing trousers and in the next her boyfriend lifted her up and her skirt flared out ;)

DWED: Is there anything we haven’t covered that you would like your readers and potential readers to know about both your work and yourself?

Annette: I like to think I'm a storyteller, coming from Ireland that isn't unusual, it’s a land of tales, myths and legends. I'm not a very descriptive writer, I write in more of a narrative style, with just enough detail to set the scene and let the characters tell their story through their actions and dialogue. Sometimes I feel as if I'm just a conduit and they are channelling their stories through me. I usually let them, it is their story after all.

Thanks so much for hosting me on my book tour!

Author Bio:

Annette Gisby grew up in a small town in Northern Ireland, moving to London when she was seventeen. She writes in multiple genres and styles, anything from romance to thriller or erotica to horror, even both at the same time. When not writing, she enjoys reading, cinema, theatre and travelling the world despite getting travel sick on most forms of transport., even a bicycle. Sometimes you might find her playing Dragon Quest or The Sims computer games or watching Japanese Anime. She lives in Hampshire with her husband, a collection of porcelain dolls, cuddly toys and enough books to fill a library. It's diminishing gradually since the advent of ebooks, but still has a long way to go.



Romance reviews:


The young adult fantasy and paranormal romance author, Larissa Hinton, grew up in Virginia Beach, Virginia and Chesapeake, Virginia. She now lives in northern Virginia, but she always looks forward to going back to the sweet smell of the salty ocean.

Larissa has always loved writing since the age of 12 and hasn't stopped since. After many years of writing whimsical tales of romance and fantasy, she is now proud to be a self-published author. When she's not writing, she's teaching English at a local middle school.

When seen out of the classroom, Larissa is shopping for the next great Wii game, searching for undiscovered treasure (a.k.a. sparkly jewelry) and plucking some fresh fruits (or vegetables, dependent on the year) out of her small garden.

Larissa Hinton is currently author of Everblossom: A Short Story and poetry Anthology. However, be on the lookout for Angel Diaries (a paranormal romance) and Everblossom 2: A Second Anthology of Short Stories and Poems!

If you want to know more about this author, then check out her blog at and click on FAQs.

DWED:You wear many hats! You are a writer as well as blogger: can you give us more insight to other talents you possess?
Larissa:UNO card playing. I can beat anybody at UNO. :) 

DWED:How do you manage to do it all?

Larissa:Since this is my first year of teaching, I'm still learning how to balance my writing career and teaching career. So far I've learned not to wait until the last minute to do so. I've had to break that bad college habit.
DWED:Tell us about some of your work.
Larissa:Well, I have two works out right now. The first one is a collection of short stories and poems called: Everblossom. Here's the blurb:

An anthology that will quench your thirst for more than the ordinary. 

Everblossom is a journey through poems and short stories that may seem ordinary on the surface but dig a little deeper and the world not only shifts . . . It changes. 

The author who brought youIwishacana/Acanawishi, now brings you a dash of everything from dark fantasy to the paranormal to romance. So prepare yourself to delve into the three stages of the flower from bud to blossom then back to seed; you'll go through them all with a whole new perspective on what it all truly means.

A second collection of short stories and poems will be released soon called Everblossom 2: A New Breed. 

My most recent release is a Young Adult Paranormal Romance book called Angel Diaries: Volume One. Here's the blurb:

He was forbidden. Uncontrollable. Never to be seen, mentioned, or otherwise talked about. Until the nightmares began. Searing the screams, carnage and death into her skull. Forever.

Before this, Lindsey had a normal life. Somewhat. She had a boyfriend who was acting strange, an ex-boyfriend who has been too flirtatious and a best friend who turned psychic. 

Once upon a time, the hardest decision Lindsey had to make was who she would take to the upcoming Winter Dance: her boyfriend, Philip, or her ex, Luke. Now, she's not even human. She's an Angel. 

This book is recommended for 16 years or older due to adult scenes and situations.


About the Author

Deidra D. S. Green has frequently been quoted as saying, "Writing is like breathing. Without it, I'd die..." Deidra continues to be fascinated by the power of the written word. She has always written, and most recently decided to share her craft with the rest of the world. Deidra has authored several highly praised public works including "The Twisted Sister Series", "Exiting Gracefully", “Woman at the Top of the Stairs, "Here Comes Katrina", and "From the Outside In". Deidra has also penned a number of novellas and short stories including “Trent”, The “A Letter to My Mother” series, “The Candy Man”, “My Own Mister”, “Bearing Witness”, “16 Doors”, “48 Hours”, “Insatiable” and “Cornered”.

Deidra has continued her literary prowess as a freelance writer, literary coach, ghostwriter and professional editor, as well as authoring several books for all age groups. In 2009, she founded The Mahogany Writers Exchange (MWE), a writing group for adults interested in honing their writing craft. MWE became a virtual literary writing group in 2012.

Deidra continues to move in her passion and embrace all her writing journey has to offer. She has several projects slated for release in 2013 including The Suddenly Single Series, “Sick, Sicker, Sickest”, “Dark”, and “Interstate 64”, another in the thriller genre. 

DWED: First, Tell us a little about yourself.

Deidra: Wow, where do I start? I am a mother of two wonderful children, VcToryann C’Mone and Kamerron DeAnthony Alexander. I am the founder of my company Reflected Gifts, Inc. where I provide a variety of literary services. Prior to striking out on my own, I retired with 18 years of service in child welfare. And last but certainly not least, I am a published author!

DWED: I was very touched by the background story on how you started writing, can you tell our readers about that?

 I think most writers say they have always written and for me that is also true to some degree. I have always written privately; maintaining journals, scribbling down ideas, writing in diaries. I never wrote for anyone other than me. What prompted me to start writing for others to read was a poignant word from my brother Patrick Muhammad. I had written a poem for him as a birthday present a few years ago that he dared to read out loud, much to my dismay. I was mortified and hid my face in shame as he spoke the words I intended remain private. Midway through the piece, I heard my brother’s voice crack. I peered through the fingers shielding my face and noticed he had gotten choked up. Then I paid attention to the fact that it was absolutely quiet in the room of 60 plus people with the exception of a few others I noticed were tearing up and crying as well. I was mortified feeling like I had ruined the previously happy mood of the party. He finished the piece and thankfully moved on to opening the remainder of his gifts. Later on that evening, he pulled me to the side and said to me, “You have a story to tell and no one can tell that story but you.” Now mind you, he is my younger brother and my first thought was, “what does he know?” But something about what he said stuck with me.

I pondered his words over the next couple of days and decided I would make a public declaration into the atmosphere. I spoke to the Creator and said, ‘if there is something I am supposed to do with this writing thing then I need a clear, unquestionable sign from you. I have to admit it was more like a challenge; a way to prove that my brother really didn’t know what he was talking about. That very night I sat straight up in my bed. It was 3:30 in the morning and my mind was flooded with words, thoughts and ideas. I brushed it off and reasoned that it must have been something that I ate. The second and third night it happened again. Between 3:30 and 4:00 in the morning I sat straight up. Ideas, thoughts, words, story plots, one-liners flooded my mind. I tried to ignore it and found it hard to sleep. By the fourth night, I physically got up out of the bed, went to my desk and wrote down everything I was thinking and finally was able to go back to bed. By the seventh night, I thought it a bit weird but still got up wrote everything down and was able to sleep. By the ninth night I had moved the notebook closer to my bed so when I awoke, I rolled over, turned out the lamp next to my bed and jotted down the flood of ideas that plagued my thoughts. By the 13th night, I had pulled the notebook in my bed and was scribbling in the dark hoping that what I wrote I would be able to read the next day. My brother spoke life to my gift and the Creator gave me a clear sign. That was two years ago. Needless to say, I have been writing every since.


DWED: What are some things that inspire your stories?

I am still writing from that notebook from two years ago. There were so many wonderful ideas that came out in my time of awakening that I still have yet to pen. I am always inspired by that time in my life. Of course I have had other ideas and inspirations since that time. It doesn’t take God writing in the sky all the time for me to get an idea. It can be the simplest thing – something spoken or not spoken; things I’ve seen, people. I love to watch people so much of my inspiration is drawn from human interaction.


DWED: Who would you say has been a major influence in your life?

Life has been a major influence in my life. I have learned so much about who I really am as a person because of the things I have experienced. My family is also a major influence. They keep me grounded. To them I am just mom, daughter, sister, cousin, niece, granddaughter. My relationship with the Creator is everything. He is at the center of all that I am and all that I do.


DWED: What are some of your favorite genres?

I am a huge fan of psychological thrillers, suspense and true crime.



"Greenwoman Magazine celebrates garden writing in all its forms: fiction, creative nonfiction, poetry, commentary, biography, art, and comics! 

Daring and fun, Greenwoman is for the hip gardener who loves digging into the world of art and environmental thought that underlies gardening."

Greenwoman Magazine is a completely independent, one-woman-owned-and-run publication.  (Well, two-women, when Sandra’s daughter Zora, who is the Deputy Editor, has time from her full-time college work).


Greenwoman Magazine -

Facebook -


"I think this magazine will be one of the best gifts 2011 has given humanity and I’m absolutely serious about this. I hope you will check it out. When I did that, I clicked immediately on the subscription button and signed myself up. Now for those of you who know me, you will know this is significant because I have a very strict rule about not purchasing anything over the internet." —TammiHartung, author of Homegrown Herbs

“. . . I realized that this was a periodical loathe to box itself in or stoop to cliché. The topics would be familiar but the twists and turns would be unique because the human experience is unique."—Grace Peterson, "Gardening with Grace" blog                                                                                      

"Greenwoman is a fresh and hip magazine bringing the spirit of gardening to the forefront . . . It is unlike any other magazine I have read."—Elise Bowan                                                                                                             

“Greenwoman filled the gap in my life that I didn't know existed: a magazine that connected all my interests: the earth, gardening, and a feminine perspective. I couldn't believe my luck upon discovering it! Greenwoman will now replace some of my subscriptions that were only gardening, that ignored earth issues...Viva Greenwoman. —Elisabeth Kinsey, Greenwoman's Sex in the Garden columnist.

Rating *****5 stars

My Thoughts:
Green Woman Magazine is the epitome of creative craftsmanship. The magazine eplores the world of gardening with tips, tricks, and articles that gives even a newbie like me a guide as well as a stimulating read. What intrigued me is; it isnt just about gardening per say. It incorporates Poetry, short stories, as well as interviews. And I have to say for a one woman show, Sandra has done an amazing job.

I have to be honest, I do not have a green thumb, in fact i killed a cactus once. I am very ashamed of that but I felt empowered to try a hand at getting deep within the soil. to replenish a beautiful life force. Its simplistcally sweet and endearing to me, to have been asked to review this magazine. Its different, its stimulating, its relatable. I really enjoyed it and I will make it a point to feature this work once again on this blog. Its a creative vise that is both theraputic, relaxing, and cultivative for what we strive for here on DWED.

Great job Sandra, this is an amazing Magazine. I wish you all the best.

DWED Interviews the Editor of Green Woman Magazine

DWED: First, tell us a little about yourself.


Thank you for having this interview! Well, I’m the editor and publisher of Greenwoman Magazine, I live in Colorado, I’m married (I met my husband when I was 17 and we’re celebrating our 30th anniversary this May), we have two beautiful and brilliant daughters (ages 18 and 21). I write, I garden, I love art, and I love what I’m doing, publishing this garden writing magazine.


 DWED: Have you always aspired publish a Magazine?


No. It’s been in my mind for nearly twenty years, that publishing a magazine would be such a cool thing to do, but I never thought about it seriously until a few years ago! I published a zine for a couple of years,really enjoyed it, and I had many years of experience writing fiction and nonfiction. I’d had some things published, I’d been a guest columnist for The Denver Post one year, and I’d even read my essays on the local NPR affiliate radio station, but my work was not moving forward. Three years ago, after I sent a novel I’d been working on for years out to agents (with no takers), I thought: now what? I had loved publishing my zine (also named Greenwoman) and I loved publishing garden-related stories, both mine and others’.That was the most fulfilling work I’d done so far, so I decided to create a garden writing magazine.


DWED: Would you say the journey was easy or hard? Why?


It has actually been more difficult than I ever imagined. I knew nothing about publishing—and I naively thought that it couldn’t possibly be THAT hard. I was very wrong. The complexity is astonishing; there are hundreds of details to attend to as an editor, and when you add on the publishing part, and the art design part, and the marketing part—well, it’s ahuge undertaking. And it has just been me and my daughter Zora doing all of the work these last three years. Luckily, I had no idea what I was getting into. And I haveno regrets. It’s been the hardest job of my life AND it’s also been the most personally rewarding.


DWED: Who or what would you say inspired Greenwoman Magazine?


I fell in love with the genre of garden writing over twenty years ago when I picked up a book in a used bookstore, American Garden Writing, edited by Bonnie Marranca. I read these amazing essays from a varied group of famous writers: Thomas Jefferson, Alice Morse Earle, J. I. Rodale, Wendell Berry, Allen Lacy, Elizabeth Lawrence and many others. I was hooked, fascinated, enthralled. Garden writing was about far more than gardening—it was about science, philosophy, fashion, art, politics—gardening really touched on every aspect of the human experience. More than that, it made me want to garden, to get my hands in the soil. That was powerful for me. From that point on I knew I wanted to be involved in getting these kinds of stories out there in the world. At first I wrote about my own experiences, and later, many years later, I decided to trypublishing a magazine.


DWED: Are you a part of a book club or organization?


Not right now. I’m not much on joining organizations, mostly because I don’t have the time to participate.


DWED: Let’s delve into your writing. Can you tell us more in-depth about Greenwoman Magazine?


Greenwoman features all kinds of garden writing. We publish short fiction, creative nonfiction, poetry, interviews with artists who garden, biographies (of famous people in the plant sciences and culture), comics, essays—you name it. I wanted it to be a showcase of the diversity of the genre, and it is. We also feature art—drawings, photography, collage.


DWED: How does Greenwoman stand out? What does it offer and more importantly what can viewers find within it pages?


It stands out because it’s really the only publication of its kind. What I think it offers most is diversity, inspiration,a call to care deeply about the environment; it’s a unique place to  connect, through literature, to nature and to the art of gardening.


DWED: are there specific topics that Greenwoman covers?

The interviews, biographies, fiction, poetry, etc. are all a part of the magazine, but they vary as to exactly what is published in each issue. For example, we might skip having a biography in one issue or we’ll have three short fiction stories in one issue and one fiction story in another.We do have four regular columns, with their own columnists, in each issue. The columns are: “Slow Ride” (on slow living, contemplating life, and taking care of the earth, by Dan Murphy); “Hungry Chicken Homestead” (written by urban homesteader Bonnie Simon, who raises chickens, cans food, and does other fun things); “Sex in the Garden” (Elisabeth Kinsey’s exploration of a sexy aspect of gardening—for example, she’s written on the “dirtiness” of dirt, the voluptuousness of roses, and the erotic aspect of bulbs); and finally we have DB Rudin’s “The Creature Feature,” in which he explores the history and life of an insect or animal.


DWED: Does the magazine advertise?


We do have some advertisers. They have to be in an industry that is “green” and/or connected to some aspect of natural health, the arts, gardening, ecology, or nature.


DWED: How was the concept of Greenwoman born?


The name Greenwoman comes from a female version of the “Green Man.” The Green Man, as you probably know, is an ancient figure, known to most of us as a man’s face that is made of leaves. I became interested in this archetype years ago and learned that The Green Man was symbolic of mankind’s connection to Nature. I thought there should be a Green Woman and I couldn’t find an equivalent so I created my own. (Others have done the same thing in recent years, imagined a “green woman”, so I’m not the only one who was in tune to this idea.)

DWED: What can we look forward to seeing from you throughout 2013?

To me, quality of content is the #1 most important aspect of my magazine, so I look forward to keep working to make this the best publication I can. I want to keep an open mind, listen to readers, try new things, discover exciting new writers and artists. I am also going to be self-publishing that novel I mentioned before, this summer. It’s a YA sci-fi/fantasy book about genetic engineering. The protagonist is a 15-year-old girl named Zera Green—it’s called Zera and the Green Man.


DWED: What other avenues are you using to promote your work and yourself?

I’m doing one big print ad in a publication I have a lot of respect for, I’ve tried out a few blog ads this year, I’ve had a lot of fun doing this tour, and I’m currently giving away a free sample issue of the magazine (PDF version) on my website to readers who sign up for my mailing list.Last year I attended a lot of local events. I want to find time to do as many guest posts on blogs as possible. I try a lot of things and am open to everything. My advertising budget is pretty non-existent, so I do what I can by just working as hard as I can to get the word out.


DWED: What would you say to all aspiring authors like yourself?


I’d say that if you really love writing, and you have a passion for it, just hang in there and work hard. Stick with it, don’t give up. Art matters.


DWED: Is there anything we haven’t covered that you would like your readers and potential readers to know about both your work and yourself?

Yes. I truly love and respect and value all the writers and artists who are helping me in this project. This is a new venture, totally self-funded, a publication that is created mostly in the spare bedroom of my three-bedroom, one-bath home. (You do not get any more cottage-industry than that!) We’re still working on growing this magazine and trying to find our audience. I have a lot of gratitude for those who are sharing their talent with the magazine and its readers—and this includes my oldest daughter Zora, who has donated a lot of time to helping me with this publication. I could not have done it, I could not continue to do it, without them.


Jolee Bellissa
is a 21 year old English major graduate living with her soon-to-be penniless
inventor father, Moe, in Highlands Ranch, Colorado. All that's waiting for her
in this 'bubble' of a town is a relentless suitor, Gage Aristade (son of a rich
accounting CEO and notable playboy), and a part-time job at the local Tattered
Cover. When  she sees a job listing for a literature and poetry tutor for a
shut-in adult student in Aspen, room and board paid with a $1000 a month
stipend, she figures she has nothing left to really lose.
  Adam Emile
is a 33 year old eccentric artist, whose paintings' beauty is only matched by
their disturbing choice of focus. Scarred by a horrific childhood and holed up
in the mountains to keep from embarassing his wealthy and famous father, he is
beginning to lose all sense of reality. As a last resort, his personal nurse
Chip has put out an ad on Craigslist, under the guise of tutoring, for a new
friend for his patient. Will the beautiful young woman who answers the ad change
Adam and break the curse of his mental depravity? Or will the secrets he harbors
drag them both into madness?

About the Author
Elizabeth Rose is a twenty-something college
student in Denver, Colorado, double majoring in Religious Studies and English.
Though "'Till the Last Petal Falls" is her first full-length novel, she has been
published in poetry since her junior year of high school. To date, she had
appeared under her real name in over twelve journals, both in print and online. 


DWED Interview....

DWED: First, tell us a little about

ER:  Thank you for hosting me. In my fiction writing I go by Elizabeth Rose, and I'm currently twenty years old. I'm the
middle child of six siblings, and I have five nieces and nephews. (Can you tell
we're Irish Catholic?). I've been writing poetry under my birth name
professionally since I was in high school. I am graduating from Regis University
with a double major in English and Religious Studies. My favorite color is
purple. I love to line-dance. I also enjoy watching movies, a lot. Usually ones
in foreign languages. I run on coffee. I'm a very reckless person. My life is
very interesting- sometimes tragic, but never boring. I love to write. 
DWED: Have
you always aspired publish a novel?

ER: Not until recently. I've always been more of a poet than a fiction-ist,
and so it used to actually be this kind of 'oh, that would be nice' kind of idea
in my head. When I got into college, I began to branch out and challenge myself
with how far I wanted to take my writing- both in medium and in purpose. Poetry
has been good about portraying my own experiences in a way that is relateable to
my reader, but I wanted to make something that would have more of an impact on
not just my reader, but on the mainstream as well. And so I set off to write the
'Once Upon a Reality' series- where I modernize the fairy-tales that are
commonly told to young girls and apply them to woman's social justice issues,
such as domestic violence, childbirth and child-rearing, women with
disabilities, sexuality and gender identity. 
DWED: Would
you say the journey was easy or hard? Why?

Depends on the point of the journey. Conceptualizing and planning out the story
was easy, and it was fun to write the action-packed scenes. It was hard to write
the character development scenes, and it was hard getting the manuscript typed
up and then edited for submission. The submitting to small publishing houses was
both fun and hard- I got rejected a bit before being accepted for publication,
but the process was all so exhilarating that I don't begrudge

 DWED: Who or
what would you say inspired
‘Till the Last Petal

Personal experience is what spurred on the narrative, but the idea for the
book came from reading a Tumblr post about critiquing Disney princess movies
through a feminist lens. I found myself agreeing with the poster on some point
and disagreeing on others- I was so involved with the idea of it that I drafted
several response posts. But in seeing other responses, I found that most people
in the conversation were having a really hard time relating to each other
(usually between those who had been very violently affected by sexism versus
those who had not), even though they were using the same stories as starting
points to talk about. So I set out to write a series in which I would explain
certain injustices or phenomenon using the very same fairy-tales that had
directly or indirectly led to their perpetuation- in this case, domestic
violence and the story of Beauty and the Beast.
you a part of a book club or organization?

Does my University count? I'm a member of Regis' poetry club, and I also do
most of my 'writing' talk with the English department here. 

DWED: Let’s
delve into your writing. Can you tell us more in-depth about
‘Till the Last
Petal Falls
The novel is a psychologically driven woman's fiction story that plays
on our collective memories of the Beauty & the Beast story in order to bring
forth new meaning from an old classic. A lot of the meaning comes from not
knowing what the characters will do next, so I can't give away too much, but
here goes:
 It follows the story of our heroine, Jolee, who has become exceedingly jaded with
her life in Highlands Ranch, Colorado. When she gets the opportunity to become a live-in tutor for a mentally deranged shut-in in Aspen, she jumps at the chance.
While living in mountain isolation, Jolee will be faced with many difficult
choices: love or her own safety, logic or romance, her old home or her new one;
her dignity or her beloved's salvation. 
does ‘Till the Last Petal Falls stand out? What does it offer and more
importantly what can viewers find within it pages?
I've read a lot of Beauty & the Beast re-tellings, and it surprises
me how few of them will even venture out of the 'magical transformation' device
in the plot. My version is entirely modernized, with no magic whatsoever. I
think that's one of the things that helps convey how a situation like the one in
Beauty and the Beast tends to play out in reality, and to show how much our
childhood imagination relies on the idea of magic to search for one kind of
ending without honestly looking at the way that the world is. I promise, it's a
lot less depressing than it sounds- another point of the novel is to recognize
that, sometimes, things can end up more 'magical' or miraculous than not, even
without all of the sparkly FX. 
was the concept of ‘Till the Last Petal Falls
Like I said, this novel was born out of a sense that a lot of the issues
that women face today are talked around in such an aggressive manner that hardly
anyone is listening. I've always been fascinated with different version of
popular fairy-tales (Gregory Macguire, Terry Pratchett, The Looking Glass Wars
series, Briar Rose) and the power of fairy-tales to open up to multiple,
powerful interpretations is something I've always believed in. So
'Till the
Last Petal Falls
was born out of the marriage of those two ideas- wanting
to say something important in a way that has been proven to make people

 DWED: What
can we look forward to seeing from you throughout 2013?  
currently working on the second installment of the 'Once Upon a Reality' series,
tentatively titled
To Dwell in Dreams.
This second
installment will delve into the questions of post-partum depression, the
baby-boomer mentality, and prescription-drug withdrawal through the lens of
Sleeping Beauty. 
What other avenues are you using to promote your work and

ER: I have my own website (,
and of course I'm participating in this Book Blog Tour.  I also have a LinkedIn,
a Facebook (, Twitter
(@thesingingroses) and Tumblr ( It's
not just for promotion, though. I really enjoy being able to connect with
readers and other authors to see what kinds of things can be accomplished
through fiction. 
DWED: What
would you say to all aspiring authors like yourself?
In your journey to being a
writer, resist the urge to make yourself into an island. Put your work out there
for criticism. Even if you don't think you'll be taken up by the bigger
'traditional' printing houses, submit your manuscript to a couple of agents and
small presses. Learn from their rejections. Be surprised by their acceptance!
Talk to other authors, and don't forget to network genuinely. No one helps
someone who isn't willing to help others. Be prepared to pay your dues to the
industry if you want to make it a living. Treat this like a vocation, not a
hobby, and you'll be halfway there. 
there anything we haven’t covered that you would like your readers and potential
readers to know about both your work and yourself?

ER: Feel free to e-mail me at any time. I really do enjoy talking to my
readers, whether that be about my writing specifically or about topics that they
think might fit well in the series and whatnot. I'm very approachable, I
promise. Also, 10% of all of my author royalties from
the Last Petal Falls
will be donated to local battered women's shelters in
Colorado. So, read for a good cause! Get yourself a copy. 

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