Miss Perfect: Shaw Family Saga, Book 3

Their desire for perfection will be… shattered

Charlene Shaw embodies perfection as a highly-acclaimed actress. Within her gilded walls of beauty, she is scrambling to save her daughter, Raven, from sins she can’t even fathom. This is her self-imposed curse for abandoning Raven as a child.

Raven Shaw is captivatingly gorgeous but burdened by a closet of skeletons. After a rough childhood, she is finally living life. Jon, her best friend and the only man she’s ever loved, has returned. Yet, a stalker looms just out of reach, blackmailing her for Jon’s fortune. She’d do anything to keep this man–even if it means turning to another… Mysterious, handsome Tyriq may have the key to erase her deepest, darkest secrets forever. Yet, this savior might threaten her mind’s rationale of “happily ever after” with Jon.

In this intense third installment of the Shaw Family Saga there will be blood, murder, and a beloved …will be shattered.

About the author

 Nicole Dunlap holds a Bachelors Degree in Psychology and Child Development, and a Masters Degree in Educational Counseling from Azusa Pacific University–mantra Jesus first. She counsels in the inner city of San Bernardino; motivating teens dealing with depression, pregnancy, gang membership and abuse. She has been self dubbed the “gumbo genre” novelist, because books shouldn’t be lightly seasoned… Her stories revolve around family and relationships, women’s issues, drizzled with drama, peppered with suspense, and finished off with aromatic notes of romance. The Shaw Family Saga pays homage to dysfunctional mother-daughter relationships, with well developed characters that readers can root for; love them, hate them, cry for, and most of all, yearn to flip through the pages to the end of that character’s journey.

Website: NicoleDunlap.com

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Miss Perfect

Excerpt – Sins of the Father

There hasn’t been a time I can remember where she wasn’t sick or in pain. As she grew older, her body seemed to take on the shape of a penguin, her back arched, knees bent, and her hands flopped over at the wrists angled towards the floor. Father had to be my rock, since mother couldn’t tend to me the way she used to; her body no longer allowing her to hold or caress me.

I remember the days when she used to cry, her eyes begging me to understand how much she longed to touch me, to place her hand on my face to feel its texture, to smooth her fingers through my hair to braid it.

She couldn’t help me with prom, couldn’t even hold a camera to take a picture. Mother couldn’t even dress herself, the task daunting as her fingers barely moved anymore.

Her arms were frail but littered with little lumps from the nodules underneath her skin. She barely talked or went out into the sun due to the inflammation of her glands in eyes and mouth.

Most often she ate through a straw and even when that became too much, was given an IV drip to keep her fluids up. Father or I applied her eye drops thrice a day to ease the dryness in her eyes.

As I opened the fridge taking out a pack of chicken cutlets, I thought of how important my father has been for both of us. He has attended every ballet recital, spelling bee, soccer event, tennis tournament, acceptance speech, graduation…any monumental element in my life, since mother could not.

And on top of all the excruciating childhood memorials, he still made time to work sixty hours a week, and attend every wellness care, chiropractic and therapeutic doctors visit with mother.

He still made time to help with her daily routine. When the part time nurse we hired needed to leave early or take an extra day off, father would be there to take over. He never let me miss a class, seeing my friends, or school event to care for mother.

It was the guilt that kept me home instead of going to UCLA in California like I wanted. It was the thought of not giving back to the people who cared for me so deeply that kept me home, attending the local Georgetown University so that I could help. 

I got a part time job at Stella’s boutique between Wisconsin Ave and M Street, father’s position in the bank being influential in getting the job.

I was able to have lunch with him sometimes since our jobs were so close, attend my classes, complete the household chores, hang out, work, and be there for my parents. It’s the least I could do, since father gave his life basically, for my mother and me.

It was because of this dedication to our life and family, that when the pounding on the door interrupted my meal preparation, when the police stormed in with big bold letters SWAT on their back, helmets on their heads, guns in their arms pointing here, there, everywhere, that the reality of who and what my father really was didn’t seem plausible.

I denied everything they said. All the accusations were wrong. My father was a sweet, humble, hard working, brilliant, loving husband and father. My father was not a rapist, neither was he a narcissist. He definitely wasn’t a killer, their killer…The Potomac Creek Killer.

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Book Synopsis

‘Well, what do all mysteries have?' said Aunt Isobel. 'Money, mistresses, and murder.’

1783 – and Lichfield society is enthralled by the arrival of dashing ex-officer Orville; he charms his way into the salons, grand houses and even a great inheritance from extrovert Sir Morton. 

1927 – and detective writer Julia Warren returns to her home in Lichfield to work on her next novel. Initially she hopes to find plot material from the past and set it in the present. Aunt Isobel, while making preparations for the annual midsummer ball, has managed to root out an old journal from 1783 which might prove a source of inspiration. Once Julia starts reading her ancestor’s journal she becomes absorbed in solving the mystery surrounding officer Orville. Detective fever takes over, and she moves from reality to legend as events from the past seem set to re-enact themselves in the present, and she finds herself unravelling more than just the one mystery. Who was Orville? Who was the agent, Oddman, set to spy on him? And who is helpful Mr Grenall ? 

Pagan gods don’t walk away just because you stop looking at them. The Gronny Patch sleeps. Perhaps it dreams. Or perhaps not …

A complex, multi-layered story unlike any other, full of whimsy, horror, and mystery, shifting between the centuries and from source to source, until all the threads are finally drawn together by the imperturbable Miss Warren.


‘Where is Bunty?’

‘Collecting some friends of hers from London, she said,’ supplied Aunt Isobel. ‘I hope they aren’t those rather noisy young people she brought up last time, but still, it is meant to be a party.’

‘Oh I should think they are I mean Bunty only likes noisy people: saves her doing a lot of the talking.’ Charlie could produce a lot of nothing verbally for a good deal of the time and then suddenly come out with a perceptive line when you least expected it.

The leaves of the weeping fig began to tickle Julia’s neck; she shifted, and glanced back at the journal. ‘And you mentioned a mystery about one of the two sisters . . . I don’t remember ever hearing about that before.’

‘Yes, I wish I could be more helpful; I probably wasn’t paying enough attention at the time—it was something to do with the Journal, however, I do recall that much.’

‘I wonder what that could have been.’

‘Well, what do all mysteries have?’ said Aunt Isobel. ‘Money, mistresses, and murder.’

‘Goodness—murder as well? That would be handy.’

‘Oh well, I don’t know in this case in particular—although, come to think of it, an unexplained death did play a part, I believe . . . but as I say, I wasn’t all that attentive as a girl.’

Julia looked at the journal again. More and more it beckoned her to steal away with it and open its pages. ‘Did you say there were some more letters as well?’

‘I’m sure there must be. We can have a look this afternoon if you like. Do you need paper, by the by? I think I put some in your room, but it may not be sufficient.’

‘You did. It’s plenty to be going on with. If I need anything I can pop down to the village.’

Julia returned upstairs as soon as it was socially acceptable to do so. She enjoyed Aunt Isobel’s company enormously, but the little leather-bound journal kept slipping into view every other second. She made the honourable excuse of getting ready for the evening. It wasn’t anything grand, some old friends and relatives—notably, cousins Crewe (Anne and Richard from Fradley), and distantly related Frank from Morton Manor, with a few extras thrown in. She still puzzled over the inclusion of Mr Grenall, but put it down to her aunt’s ardent appreciation of anything or anyone connected with roses and peonies; together with her anxiety always to mix with locals as much as possible.

She sat down on the bed and opened the journal to look at the first entry.

“March 25th 1782

A cloudy, sullen day; everyone much out of spirits, and disinclined to be entertained; a little improved towards evening, when a game of piquet was suggested. Robert returned late from the Warringtons and enlivened us with the latest news and gossip. There is to be a performance at BlufflapManor soon, it seems likely we shall be invited—a comedy of sorts; Mrs Gently is failing fast and is not expected to see out the spring, and Mr Warrington has bought a new horse. Aside from this, little of any consequence was said.”

Julia felt absurdly disappointed by this start, and read on quickly. The next entry involved a walk in the morning and a visit in the afternoon from Mrs and Miss Drayton, where again ‘little of much consequence was said’; the entry after that described the ill-effects of a cold and the tedium of gruel. Julia began reading at random April the sixth, (outing in a carriage) May the 20th, (shopping in town), July 14th, (tea with the Draytons) until she stopped suddenly, feeling slightly nervous. She was looking for something and she didn’t know what it was. Ideas?Situations? That was why she had come home, and why she had been so eager to go through everything in the attic. That was supposedly why she was sitting on the bed, rifling through this little leather book when she should have been getting ready for dinner. But she didn’t feel it was that so much. It was annoying, but she couldn’t define her feeling. Her reviews described her as a perceptive and analytical writer, but these qualities appeared now to have deserted her completely. She decided to take a hold of herself and work her way through until she found what she was searching for. On she raced, turning page after page: Autumn saw chills and common colds in and out, winter was taken up with preparations for Christmas parties, dances and festivities, followed by uncertain weather and the blessed arrival of Spring.

The word came to her as she reached the entry for March 30th 1783. Recognition. She was searching for something to recognise. Finding a word for it only served to make her feel even more unsettled.

“March 30th 1783

Last evening at dinner there was some talk of the efficacy of sleep for certain disorders, Father’s friend Dr Gout making one of the party; this led to talk about dreams, and their meanings.Our brother Robert complained of having slept ill the night before; Mary, ever curious, would ask what he had dreamt of. ‘Oh stuff,’ he said vaguely, and took some time to be drawn out as he holds no great faith in the theory that dreams can have any significance for the life and actions of the sleeper.After many questions however she got it out of him that he had dreamt of trees and wind, and seen a face in a bush with leaves growing out of it. Father said that he must have taken too much cheese at table; the doctor seriously suggested that it foretold a visitor’s arrival. On further describing the kind of trees he had seen, and the general type of landscape, Father cried out: ‘Why, that’s Gronny Patch, Robert—have you been walking there recently?’

‘Not to my knowledge, sir,’ replied Robert, surprised.

‘Not trysting with young maids there? Take a care not to let your secrets out with your dreams!’ continued Father in high spirits, intending to make us all laugh—and indeed the suggestion of Robert taking any such steps for anything of the kind, when he has us girls always so particularly under guard, as it were, like some anxious sheep-dog, really did entertain us a good deal.

Later Charlotte, Mary and I speculated as to what manner of visitor might be expected, if the Doctor’s prediction should prove true, Mary naturally hoping for some young gallant with a good fortune. Charlotte wondered if tidings were to be brought, recalling stories she had heard of premonitions and dreams which portended death and the like, until Mary begged her to stop, as it was past midnight, and put her in mind of a Gothic tale, so she should never get to sleep.

I own to being unsettled as a result, and can only blame myself for the result: a late repose, broken early in the morning by a dream in all its details the double of Robert’s. I was walking in a copse, with wind about me, and, going round a tree, saw directly ahead, a face with leaves and branches growing out of its mouth and ears. I awoke in a great fright as daybreak was slipping through the shutters.I have refrained from asking Robert any more about his own dream today; it is probably best forgotten. However, I have decided to record only such incidents as these in future, and avoid as much dross as possible. This should make a great saving of paper and a more entertaining record.”

Julia read it through twice, feeling she had at least reached the beginning of something. The clock in the corridor outside chimed seven. Drinks, and then dinner.Julia snatched a dress out of the wardrobe.

About the Author


A Bustle attached to a keyboard, occasionally to be seen floating on a canal ...

After studying Early Music in Italy followed by a brief career in concert performance, the Bustle exchanged vocal parts for less vocal arts i.e. a Diploma from the Accademia di Belle Arti di Venezia.
Her inky mess, both graphic and verbal, can be found in various regions of the Web, and appendaged to good people's works (for no visible reason that she can understand).

At present exploring the mysteries of Northumberland, although if there is a place she could call true home, it would be Venice…while the fields of Waterloo hold a certain resonance for her as well…

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Pack your bags! We're going on a trip. The second installment of the Eternal series is about to be released! Like Witches? Love Vampires? What about a mysterious and magical island that can only be seen with a magic password? You can go there. I can take you. C'mon! *waves arm* I'll help you pack!
About the Authors: Kristie Haigwood (a.k.a. K.S. Haigwood) is currently writing her 8th novel. She lives in Arkansas, US. She is the mother of 2 awesome kids and 2 great dogs. She is happily married to her soulmate who thinks reading is a solid waste of time. Opposites attract. Kristie’s works include 'Save My Soul', 'Forbidden Touch', 'Eternal Island' and 'Hell's Gift' (available on Amazon in ebook and print). 'Eternal Immortality', 'Eternal Inception', 'The Last Assignment' and 'Good Side of Sin' are all releasing soon.
Ella Medler is an author and playwright who lives in Cornwall, UK. She likes to experiment with different genres and is passionate about the human nature. Her works include the satire Martin Little, Resurrected, and the action thriller Blood is Heavier, both part of a series. Blood is Power is due for release in May 2013, and Martin Little Takes Epic Action, in summer 2013.


ABOUT THE ISLAND A place where vampires rule, witches play, danger lurks and dreams really do come true. Eternal Island is a paranormal suspense novel, deeply rooted into myth. Vampires and magic form a unique backdrop to a love story with long reaching consequences. Human girl Ariana Lochalan finds herself transported from the relative calm of her ‘Nowhere, Arkansas’ life into a diametrically opposite existence when she discovers she is a powerful witch and meant to wed High Vampire of Eternal Island, Abe Cambridge. Despite first-sight magnetism, the two protagonists are being pushed apart, obstacles tripping them at every step, outside forces interfering and threatening their peace, and ultimately their lives. A world rich in magic and intrigue, Eternal Island is the first instalment of a saga which has love at its core and delves through the mire that is human nature in a turmoil of feeling and emotion. Would courage, resilience and love be enough to bring together two soul mates? How much would you sacrifice to save the one who owns your heart?

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To be Maria

Author- Deanna Proach

Genre- Young Adult

Release Date- 5/1/13


Seventeen-year-old Anya Preschnikov wants to become a famous actress but she's faced with two problems. Her father ignores her and doesn't have any money to support her. At school, she's bullied on a daily basis, yet she believes that she will gain her stepping-stone to stardom if she's accepted by her peers.

All of this changes when Maria Hernandez--an immigrant from Spain--comes to Peach Valley Senior High. Maria knows what it takes to fit in. She's assertive, confident and she dresses suggestively, characteristics that all of the popular kids admire. Yet she sees in Anya what no one else sees: beauty and talent.

When Maria extends her hand of friendship, Anya is elated. Her rise to popularity is about to become a reality, but it ends at a house party when a boy's rude comment sends her into a rage.

Desperate to belong somewhere, Anya and Maria seek new friends outside of school. They meet Alex and Marissa, a young couple who eagerly welcomes them into their world of parties and drugs. Anya and Maria soon find out that Alex is a drug dealer, but they are so lured by his wealth, good looks and aggressive confidence that they can't resist his friendship. They don't know that Alex's gang is at war with a rival gang--one that's run by Anya's older brother, Adrik--until one incident puts their lives in danger's path. To make matters worse, Alex won't let Anya and Maria out of his sight. The two teens are forced to make a decision that's a matter of life or death.


Jolee Bellissa
is a 21 year old English major graduate living with her soon-to-be penniless
inventor father, Moe, in Highlands Ranch, Colorado. All that's waiting for her
in this 'bubble' of a town is a relentless suitor, Gage Aristade (son of a rich
accounting CEO and notable playboy), and a part-time job at the local Tattered
Cover. When  she sees a job listing for a literature and poetry tutor for a
shut-in adult student in Aspen, room and board paid with a $1000 a month
stipend, she figures she has nothing left to really lose.
  Adam Emile
is a 33 year old eccentric artist, whose paintings' beauty is only matched by
their disturbing choice of focus. Scarred by a horrific childhood and holed up
in the mountains to keep from embarassing his wealthy and famous father, he is
beginning to lose all sense of reality. As a last resort, his personal nurse
Chip has put out an ad on Craigslist, under the guise of tutoring, for a new
friend for his patient. Will the beautiful young woman who answers the ad change
Adam and break the curse of his mental depravity? Or will the secrets he harbors
drag them both into madness?

About the Author
Elizabeth Rose is a twenty-something college
student in Denver, Colorado, double majoring in Religious Studies and English.
Though "'Till the Last Petal Falls" is her first full-length novel, she has been
published in poetry since her junior year of high school. To date, she had
appeared under her real name in over twelve journals, both in print and online. 

Site: thesingingroses.com

DWED Interview....

DWED: First, tell us a little about

ER:  Thank you for hosting me. In my fiction writing I go by Elizabeth Rose, and I'm currently twenty years old. I'm the
middle child of six siblings, and I have five nieces and nephews. (Can you tell
we're Irish Catholic?). I've been writing poetry under my birth name
professionally since I was in high school. I am graduating from Regis University
with a double major in English and Religious Studies. My favorite color is
purple. I love to line-dance. I also enjoy watching movies, a lot. Usually ones
in foreign languages. I run on coffee. I'm a very reckless person. My life is
very interesting- sometimes tragic, but never boring. I love to write. 
DWED: Have
you always aspired publish a novel?

ER: Not until recently. I've always been more of a poet than a fiction-ist,
and so it used to actually be this kind of 'oh, that would be nice' kind of idea
in my head. When I got into college, I began to branch out and challenge myself
with how far I wanted to take my writing- both in medium and in purpose. Poetry
has been good about portraying my own experiences in a way that is relateable to
my reader, but I wanted to make something that would have more of an impact on
not just my reader, but on the mainstream as well. And so I set off to write the
'Once Upon a Reality' series- where I modernize the fairy-tales that are
commonly told to young girls and apply them to woman's social justice issues,
such as domestic violence, childbirth and child-rearing, women with
disabilities, sexuality and gender identity. 
DWED: Would
you say the journey was easy or hard? Why?

Depends on the point of the journey. Conceptualizing and planning out the story
was easy, and it was fun to write the action-packed scenes. It was hard to write
the character development scenes, and it was hard getting the manuscript typed
up and then edited for submission. The submitting to small publishing houses was
both fun and hard- I got rejected a bit before being accepted for publication,
but the process was all so exhilarating that I don't begrudge

 DWED: Who or
what would you say inspired
‘Till the Last Petal

Personal experience is what spurred on the narrative, but the idea for the
book came from reading a Tumblr post about critiquing Disney princess movies
through a feminist lens. I found myself agreeing with the poster on some point
and disagreeing on others- I was so involved with the idea of it that I drafted
several response posts. But in seeing other responses, I found that most people
in the conversation were having a really hard time relating to each other
(usually between those who had been very violently affected by sexism versus
those who had not), even though they were using the same stories as starting
points to talk about. So I set out to write a series in which I would explain
certain injustices or phenomenon using the very same fairy-tales that had
directly or indirectly led to their perpetuation- in this case, domestic
violence and the story of Beauty and the Beast.
you a part of a book club or organization?

Does my University count? I'm a member of Regis' poetry club, and I also do
most of my 'writing' talk with the English department here. 

DWED: Let’s
delve into your writing. Can you tell us more in-depth about
‘Till the Last
Petal Falls
The novel is a psychologically driven woman's fiction story that plays
on our collective memories of the Beauty & the Beast story in order to bring
forth new meaning from an old classic. A lot of the meaning comes from not
knowing what the characters will do next, so I can't give away too much, but
here goes:
 It follows the story of our heroine, Jolee, who has become exceedingly jaded with
her life in Highlands Ranch, Colorado. When she gets the opportunity to become a live-in tutor for a mentally deranged shut-in in Aspen, she jumps at the chance.
While living in mountain isolation, Jolee will be faced with many difficult
choices: love or her own safety, logic or romance, her old home or her new one;
her dignity or her beloved's salvation. 
does ‘Till the Last Petal Falls stand out? What does it offer and more
importantly what can viewers find within it pages?
I've read a lot of Beauty & the Beast re-tellings, and it surprises
me how few of them will even venture out of the 'magical transformation' device
in the plot. My version is entirely modernized, with no magic whatsoever. I
think that's one of the things that helps convey how a situation like the one in
Beauty and the Beast tends to play out in reality, and to show how much our
childhood imagination relies on the idea of magic to search for one kind of
ending without honestly looking at the way that the world is. I promise, it's a
lot less depressing than it sounds- another point of the novel is to recognize
that, sometimes, things can end up more 'magical' or miraculous than not, even
without all of the sparkly FX. 
was the concept of ‘Till the Last Petal Falls
Like I said, this novel was born out of a sense that a lot of the issues
that women face today are talked around in such an aggressive manner that hardly
anyone is listening. I've always been fascinated with different version of
popular fairy-tales (Gregory Macguire, Terry Pratchett, The Looking Glass Wars
series, Briar Rose) and the power of fairy-tales to open up to multiple,
powerful interpretations is something I've always believed in. So
'Till the
Last Petal Falls
was born out of the marriage of those two ideas- wanting
to say something important in a way that has been proven to make people

 DWED: What
can we look forward to seeing from you throughout 2013?  
currently working on the second installment of the 'Once Upon a Reality' series,
tentatively titled
To Dwell in Dreams.
This second
installment will delve into the questions of post-partum depression, the
baby-boomer mentality, and prescription-drug withdrawal through the lens of
Sleeping Beauty. 
What other avenues are you using to promote your work and

ER: I have my own website (
and of course I'm participating in this Book Blog Tour.  I also have a LinkedIn,
a Facebook (
facebook.com/thesingingroses), Twitter
(@thesingingroses) and Tumblr (
singingroses.tumblr.com). It's
not just for promotion, though. I really enjoy being able to connect with
readers and other authors to see what kinds of things can be accomplished
through fiction. 
DWED: What
would you say to all aspiring authors like yourself?
In your journey to being a
writer, resist the urge to make yourself into an island. Put your work out there
for criticism. Even if you don't think you'll be taken up by the bigger
'traditional' printing houses, submit your manuscript to a couple of agents and
small presses. Learn from their rejections. Be surprised by their acceptance!
Talk to other authors, and don't forget to network genuinely. No one helps
someone who isn't willing to help others. Be prepared to pay your dues to the
industry if you want to make it a living. Treat this like a vocation, not a
hobby, and you'll be halfway there. 
there anything we haven’t covered that you would like your readers and potential
readers to know about both your work and yourself?

ER: Feel free to e-mail me at any time. I really do enjoy talking to my
readers, whether that be about my writing specifically or about topics that they
think might fit well in the series and whatnot. I'm very approachable, I
promise. Also, 10% of all of my author royalties from
the Last Petal Falls
will be donated to local battered women's shelters in
Colorado. So, read for a good cause! Get yourself a copy. 

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Synopsis:  The mass consciousness is at a point where it knows there has to a better way.  People may not know what it is but they are beginning to open up to the possibility they can learn what this better way is.  Being in the Realm of the Secrets that Ms. Doolin relates, is being where you want to be by knowing you are already there but just temporarily forgot until someone who loves you, shows you the way.  There are numerous authors helping our brothers and sisters get clear with their intention, and helping them to get clear with changing their thoughts and changing their perception about themselves and their lives.  Once our community of family gets it, families will no longer choose to be or live in a fear.  Kids will be happier, kinder, more loving because parents will learn how to support self-esteem in their children, confidence building by positive words, actions and deeds.  It only takes one person at a time to get it and share it with others, through love.  

Secrets that seem to be secrets to the public are revealed in Daya Devi-Doolin's book for the well being of everyone, so they won't give up and loose sight of their dreams, desires, purpose and goals.  Author Daya Devi-Doolin is encouraging her readers to keep on and to not give up before they take their next step forward that may very well be the last necessary one through the doorway of IT for them. 

The formulae shared in her book are basic Universal laws but not generally taught or known.  Mrs. Doolin shares these with the intent to propel people to the fulfillment of their dreams quickly, easily and basically effortlessly with faith and how to direct their feelings to the fulfillment of their dreams. 

This book highlights some of the experiences in her life, to show the reader how  life can be enhanced as well by getting to the bottom of how the Laws of the Universe works. 

There are many paths one can take in life but eventually, they will only lead you to the place, The Only Way Out Is In: The Secrets of the 14 Realms to Love, Happiness and Success, mentions, where you will find peace, happiness, abundance and love.

This book presents the principles that are universal and cannot be claimed by anyone person as theirs.  But you can claim the qualities for yourself and become these qualities totally and completely.  This book helps the seeker to transform her life today.  It shows and guides the reader how the Law of Being, sometimes called the Law of Attraction has worked in my life and how she can have it work more consciously for herself too.  It gives directions on how to Be in the various realms and qualities of substance, thereby changing one’s life by changing their perception of whom and where they think they are.

This book works on its own merit of vibration with intention of vibrating at the needed frequency of assisting one in going within and living his or her Truth.

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The Only Way Out Is In: The Secrets of the 14 Realms to Love, Happiness and Success

ISBN 1877945145

Price: $19.95 USA

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Customer Testimonials

"Dear Daya,
            I wanted to take the time to tell you my story. As I said in my brief message the other morning, once I started reading "The Only Way Out is IN", I couldn't put it down. Amazingly each time I pick it up and read something just at random I seem to magically find more there. Now I understand more about how Spirit moves you. 
            About three weeks after my surgery I developed hives. I increased my antihistamines since I seemed to have these allergic reactions up to four or five long periods a year now. They didn't go away. I manipulated my diet etc and went crazy trying to figure out what it was. I was referred by my Doctor to an Allergist who then matter of factly told me it wasn't allergies. I was stunned. We tested for autoimmune diseases and sent blood samples for allergies just to make sure we weren't missing anything and all the while increased and added meds until we had to resort to adding steroids which made me miserable to say the least. I tried reducing the meds after the course of steroids only to be frustrated once again by hives. I felt like a zombie and a crazy woman since there was no clear diagnosis and not intention by my Doctors to pursue it further other than to offer more meds and the next step was immunosuppressants. Which I knew I could NOT possibly take and work in an ER. I finally sat down and gathered my thoughts and made a decision.

            Nothing in western medicine had really worked and I didn't feel comfortable taking that many meds for such a prolonged period. I racked my brains for a solution and instead found one in my heart and soul. I decided to stop the meds, use energy and vibrational healing such as Reiki and sound healing (binaural beats and tuning forks) as well as get back to my roots so to speak and asked Holy Spirit to move through me and take this on. I found I couldn't control it. The more I tried the worse it was for me.

            About this time was when I picked up your book, "The Only Way OUt is IN", and it affirmed for me that I had made the right decision. It also helped me make a life decision: I had planned to certify as a Professional Organizer. I remembered through my soul searching that I always said that if I could do anything, I would take those women that are in bad points in their lives and help them "get" a better life. Through you I found, "A Course in Miracles" and it felt right to me. I also found coursework that I can complete mostly at home for Ministerial Training and Counseling.  When I decide to take on a new project I usually feel jittery and "stressed". This feels right and it's a calm peace that had come over me. I noticed that you are involved in Unity Church and for whatever reason I searched for Unity Church in Billings. The first program series I clicked on is a series of talks about the similarities between Dalai Lama and the founder of this Unity Church. Perhaps its an olive branch...
              By the way, I haven't had any hives from the moment I picked up your book and no one in western medicine can explain it. :-)
              Thank you for taking the time to share your experiences, your insight, faith, and spirit.  It made the difference in a life.
With compassion always,
Miriam, Billings, MT"

"Hello Daya
            I have just come from the beautiful expression that is your
online oasis. I found your site to be engaging and enriching.
I celebrate your true nature for yours is a path written in the stars. 
           Thank you for sharing who you are for by doing so you elevate
the soul to great things. Your life and work have merit and
meaning as they are designed from spirit. You have my utmost
respect and admiration.
I wish you joyful guidance and
transcending wisdom all your days.
            May you know your life’s purpose as you experience your truth
and may yours be a journey of empowering vision where every
moment is a miracle and every breath a blessing.

Yours in Seeds of Kindness"
Micheal T. 


Healing Process,


Norma J. Rasmusson "Jean Rasmusson" (Osteen, Fl USA) - See all my reviews

Every morning I am reading this book I am truly inspired by it. I have read many inspirational books and I have to put this one at the top of my list. Recently I have been operated on for breast cancer and although I have been healed from the cancer I have a lot of anger I have had to deal with believing the cause was from the wrong doing of others to me, but because of your book I am learning to have a whole new perception of my life and how I deal with others. I am truly grateful Daya for your sharing and giving to the world a wonderful insight of how to love and healing of ourselves. I will be reading your book many times over.
Jean Rasmusson Osteen, Fl 


Check out Feed My Need for an exclusive interview with me, done by the ever creative Larissa Hinton!


DWED Interviews Rebecca D. Myers the author of “My Journey to Heaven and Back” a non-fiction/Spiritual novel about her near death experience and how she overcame the obstacles surrounding it.


About the Author


Rebecca was born in New York, New York in 1956, but raised in New Orleans, LA. Rebecca loves that New Orleans Creole cooking and the great po-boys sandwiches. In 1985 she moved to Milton FL in 1985 with the love of her life and her two children.

Rebecca attended college in 1996 and received her Associate of Science Degree and Registered Nursing, which was a life long dream. She is now retired and writing her second book.

Rebecca wrote My Journey to Heaven and Back because of her near death experience. It is her hope that someone will be blessed and will discover that death is just a transition and nothing to fear. She was writing a book on her abuse when her near death experience happened and felt compelled to write My Journey to Heaven and Back first and put the abuse story on hold.

Rebecca has a finally found true love with her husband of 28 years and is blessed with a great marriage.


My Journey to Heaven and Back


“My Journey to Heaven and Back” is about a near death experience and a very inspiring love story. Rebecca’s encounter with death started because of surgery. All seemed fine and going as planned, but on the second day Rebecca suddenly stopped breathing. Her husband at her bedside immediately went for help. Staff arrived and “a code” was started. While staff was trying to revive Rebecca with medical interventions, her husband, Gene, was outside in another area pleading and praying for God’s divine intervention.

Gene’s pleas and prayers did not go unnoticed. His love reached into eternity and Rebecca heard his pleas. Would she decide to return to the love of her life or stay in a peaceful love filled atmosphere she recognized as “Heaven”? Not an easy decision.

Rebecca takes the reader on a journey of her life in which there were other times she eluded death. Her book was written to inspire those who are afraid to die. Death is a reality that everyone will face. How we face it is up to us. It is her hope and desire that no one will fear death after reading her descriptive and inspiring story of her near death experience.



DWED: Tell us a little about yourself:


Rebecca: I'm Rebecca D. Myers, Milton, FL. Mother of 2, married 28 years this March. I love to cook, sew and write. I am a new grandmother to a beautiful five month old little boy. He just melts my heart. I love cooking New Orleans Creole food and am thankful for my heritage from New Orleans. I really love Mardi gras and miss it. I am strong in my faith and love to read the bible and encourage people. I'm a retired R.N. and miss working as a nurse. 

DWED: What inspired you to write?



Rebecca: I wanted to help and encourage someone. I believed I had a story to tell and maybe could help someone lose their fear of dying. I have to admit, I was afraid to die, but since my journey I have no fear of death whatsoever. I wanted others to know they do not need to fear death.



DWED: How did “My journey to Heaven and Back” come about?




Rebecca: Well, actually I was writing a book about my abuse when I experienced my near death experience and felt compelled to write about the experience first.

DWED: Is there, would you say a specific influence in your life that inspired you to publish this book?




Rebecca: Yes. I was definitely influenced by the experience of seeing and being in heaven. The sights, singing and feelings were unbelievable. I tried my very best to describe it. But, honestly no matter how hard I tried, I'm afraid I still did not do justice to the experience. Just to feel God's presence is definitely un-describable. I wish everyone would experience what I did. My life will never be the same.



DWED: Are you on a book tour or using any promotional devices to help push “My Journey to Heaven and Back”?




Rebecca: No, I am not on book tour. To be honest I am brand new to publishing and have not had time to explore all the opportunities that are available. I am learning everyday new things.

DWED: Was it hard to put your experiences on paper? Also, was it hard finding the nerve to publish?




Rebecca: It was not hard for me to put my experiences on paper at all. However, getting them in correct order, correct wording and punctuation is a completely different story. I read the book so many times before publishing I just about know it my heart. Publishing took me in another direction. I had to learn the ins and outs of publishing. There is a lot to discover when taking on publishing responsibilities. Luckily, the internet is full of information and advice which is very helpful.

Of course formatting e-books was brand new to me and pushing the enter button for the first time made me very nervous when placing it on the very first site.

DWED: Has the book had any positive feedback? Negative?



Rebecca: I have had nothing but positive feedback thus far. It warms my heart that complete strangers would be so kind. It definitely has been a humbling experience.

DWED: Do you have any hobbies?




Rebecca: Yes, I do. I love to sew and make crafts, cook and write. However, because of illness I do not do much cooking or crafts. I used to do a lot, but my body has slowed me down.

DWED: How are you doing now?




Rebecca: Since I wrote My Journey to Heaven and Back I have been extremely busy trying to promote it. Promotion takes up so much time. I do know that word of mouth is the very best type of promotion. I've been told my many that a writer does not become famous usually until they die. Well, done that. So...

DWED: What are your current Projects?




Rebecca: As of now, I am finishing my book about my physical, emotional, mental, and sexual abuse as a child and an adult. I want abused victims to know they can survive. There is hope for them. They are of value. There is help out there for them. They are not alone. 

DWED: Is there anything you would like to say to your audience?




Rebecca:  I would like to say thank you to those that have purchased My Journey to Heaven and Back and for their encouragement. Also, if someone is afraid of dying they need to buy the book. I believe they would find an answer to some of their questions. Be prepared the book takes you on a short journey of my life which is an insight to my next book about the abuse.

I would also like to ask the audience to please place your review of any book you read on Amazon. Reviews are so important to authors rather positive or negative. A positive review puts a smile on my face and in my heart.

Thank you so much for inviting me to be a part of this. I thank you for your valuable time and energy you devote to interviewing authors. It takes a very special person to be dedicated to promoting others.

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