I remember reading, years ago, the results of a study that suggested how many people have a story they want to write. I can’t remember the exact statistic, but it was something like one out of every ten Americans dreams of someday writing a book. I also remember this article saying that almost every one of these wannabe authors ambition was no more than a pipe dream. He went on to explain how incredibly difficult it was to actually write an entire book. And if that wasn’t enough, he added that finding an agent and getting published was tantamount to winning the lottery.

If I wasn’t already intimidated enough at the thought of writing, this certainly did the trick. Years went by before I decided to try my hand at it. And like so many things we postpone in life, once I completed my first novel, I couldn’t believe I had waited until then.

Here’s what I learned out of that experience.

The fear of doing something is always worse than the actual experience. Don’t let yourself be intimidated. If you feel the urge to write, then do. Writing an entire novel is not as difficult as it may seem.

The first step is to come up with an idea for a story. This can come from a news report, or a headline, or even just a daydream, and it usually starts with a ‘what if?’ For example, you might read an article about some recently found treasure, and you ask yourself, ‘what if somebody was to find a treasure that hinted at some great lost civilization?’

The next step is developing the main character and placing them in this what-if setting. For example, you decide that your main character is a priest and his concern will be that the treasure might disprove some part of the bible. Here you already have the makings of a great character and a suspenseful story. 

I should add that one of the mainstays of an engrossing read is a main character who is conflicted. The story can be filled with suspense, but if the main character is not torn between decisions, much of the suspense will be lost.

I am convinced that every person who dreams of someday writing has already experienced a few of those what-if moments.

Now do yourself a favor and go write down your thoughts before you forget them. Who knows, you just might be the next best-selling author. It all starts with writing that first line.

All my best,

Monique Domovitch

P.S. Let me know when you finish your first chapter.
DWED Reviews Looming Murder By Carol Ann Martin

Synopsis:  LOOM WITH A VIEW  
Della Wright has come to peaceful and picturesque Briar Hollow, at the foot of the Blue Ridge Mountains, to realize her lifelong dream of owning a weaving studio. To promote her new business, Dream Weavers, Della is offering weaving workshops for all levels of ability. In her first class, she meets half a dozen of the town’s colorful characters, who seem as eager to gossip as to learn how to work a loom.
But when a shady local businessman is found murdered, Briar Hollow suddenly appears a lot less idyllic. And when one of her weaving students is suspected of the crime, Della can’t help getting entangled in the investigation—with some help from her criminologist friend, Matthew. But can she weave together clues as well as she weaves together yarn—and stop a killer from striking again?



Rating: 4 stars ****



My Thoughts: It has always been said that curiosity killed the cat. In the case of a sketchy accidental death and the murder of a prominent real estate mogul, Della Wright seems to be landing safely on her feet at every turn.

After facing a dramatic life change, Della moves to the small town of Briar Hollow to start fresh and live out her dream of owning and operating a Weaving Shop. But little time has passed before she is intrigued by the small yet quirky town with its vivacious cast of inhabitants, and a murder she unknowingly stumbles upon.

I found it entertaining that Della seemed to put herself in harms way despite the open threats to her well being. It was as if she needed more in her life other than operating a Loom and teaching others how to weave. It’s like she felt empty.

Despite this, the Author had a way of directing the story that kept my rapt attention, and I found I couldn’t put it down. I was far gone wanting to know who had actually committed the murder and if Della might come face to face with this unknown killer.

The whodunit feel of the book was riveting, and the end had a very well put shock value because the culprit and their reasoning for the murder were unexpected.

Romance, humor, family drama, with a touch of Buddhism. Sound interesting?

When approaching life's problems, Sophie sees in black and white. That is, when they're someone else's problems. So when it comes to her sister, Sophie is sure she has all the answers, and offers them without hesitation. If only her sister would listen.

Then, through a series of chance encounters, she meets Sam, who is witty, kind, and downright unflappable. Sophie has the overwhelming sense that she's known him before, and as a relationship builds between them, odd visions invade her mind. Though she tries to dismiss them, their persistence will not allow it.

As someone who is quick to judge others, she is intrigued by Sam's ability to accept people as they are. She begins to see him as a role model, but try as she may, his accepting nature is difficult to emulate. 

Will Sophie ever be able to put her hasty judgments aside and realize not every problem has a simple solution?


Rating: 4 stars ****

My Thoughts:

This book was simplistically great. One of the things I loved about it was how it flowed. There were funny moments, sweet moments and gracious moments which allowed me as the reader to feel connected with the storyline and characters the entire book.

Shelly as an author, I believe, has a skill that allows the reader to constantly connect and stay connected as she paints a vivid picture.

My favorite character was Christian, Evie’s husband and friend. His inner conflict is what drew me to him and kept my rapt attention, although Sophie hated his guts and had no kind words for him throughout the story.

What I love is that we see so many different personalities and beliefs mixed throughout the story and its never changing. Everyone stayed true to their place, their beliefs and their core personality, although we saw major change in Sophie as she found love within another and allowed herself to really feel loved. We watched as she finally accepted one can have flaws without judging them, but accepting them.

This was a great read.


Sophie wandered into the kitchen where Christian was standing, clearly tortured in his own home. 

“What’s up?” Sophie asked, slapping him on the back.

“Hey, Soph.”

She did sort of feel sorry for the guy, pitiful thing that he was, but she often wondered if much of his manner was for show. She supposed only Evie knew for sure, and maybe his mother as well. Christian had conventional good looks—thick, wavy brown hair, nice skin. In Sophie’s opinion, he had no personality whatsoever. Evie must have seen something in him that Sophie didn’t. He never drank, which was probably a good thing due to whatever mood issues he had. But at the same time, Sophie thought he could use something to loosen him up.

“So whatcha been up to, Christian?”

“Not much,” he answered. “Been helping Mom around the house, doing some yard work.”

“Really?” How nice. You can help your mom with yard work, but you can’t help your wife with your own damn house! Making an effort to have a positive conversation with him wasn’t going to happen here. Now she was just pissed off. “Well, I gotta get this drink over to Edward.”

As she passed her mother, they exchanged meaningful glances. Abby approached her son-in-law to attempt her turn at friendly dialogue. Maybe she would have better luck than Sophie.

Later that evening, Sophie sat with Lisa, her friend and fellow teacher, as she picked at a bowl of Chex Mix.

“Come on. It’ll be fun,” Lisa persuaded. “I’ve been married five years, and I still get out more than you do.”

“So what? Why is it so important that I get out more?”

“Well. . . .” Lisa hemmed and hawed. “Jerry has a friend I want you to meet.”

Sophie ended her search for melba toast in the Chex Mix and gave Lisa an annoyed sigh.

“Just agree to meet him,” Lisa added. “He’s a cool guy.”

“I’ll go, but only if you promise not to fix me up,” Sophie insisted. What was it about married people and their deep-seated desire to pair up their single friends?

“You haven’t dated anyone for at least six months,” Lisa pointed out, as if it were some atrocity.

“Lisa, I’m tired. I think you’ve forgotten what it’s like, and the last thing I want to do is meet some guy in a bar.”

“Oh, give me a break! You’re not going to be meeting some guy in a bar. It will be someone that Jerry and I know, and it will be at Murphy’s. Remember Murphy’s?” Lisa jibed, poking her in the ribs. “We used to go there all the time when we were in college.”

Ughhh,” Sophie groaned. “No set ups. It has to be casual.”

“They’ve got Karaoke now,” Lisa said in a sing-song voice.

“Is that supposed to entice me, or make me run away screaming?”

“Okay, no set ups. Some others from work will be there too, so it will be very casual.”

Sophie sipped her drink and watched Evie approach Christian across the room. He looked nauseated, stressed and self-conscious. Evelyn reached up and lovingly straightened his collar as if he were a little boy, and then said something that seemed to put him at ease. He grinned stiffly and put his arms around her.

Sophie was fascinated by their dynamic, wanting to be a fly on the wall to their conversation. Anything to understand why her sister stayed in this relationship.

Evie cocked her head and gazed up into Christian’s face, asking him something. His smile disappeared, and so did he as he retreated to the bedroom. Evie nervously skimmed the room and when her gaze met Sophie’s, Sophie averted her eyes, pretending to be ignorant of the exchange.

Christian wasn’t seen for the rest of the evening.


Synopsis: Paige Scott spent her childhood shuffled between relatives who ignored her, and her adult life hiding in her crumbling marriage to wealthy David Davenport. When David suddenly thrusts her into a remote, impoverished world, Paige is forced to face the betrayals of her past - not to mention the colorful townies of her present. Unexpected friendships and her discovery of running propel her on a jagged and comical journey toward learning how to truly live.


Rating: 3 stars ***



My Thoughts:

While I did not fall madly in love with this novel, I did enjoy reading it. There is just something fresh about starting over, especially in a quirky small town where everyone knows every minute detail about its inhabitants and their lives.

I had a couple of issues with the beginning as Paige found herself deserted by her husband. I mean, at first she thought it was a joke, laughed it off. And not a minute after when it dawned on her that he may not be coming back she immediately fell apart. For me, this gave me an instant dislike of her. I would assume that anybody deserted in a foreign town would immediately call someone for help, advice, call their jerk of a husband and ask for some details as to what the heck he was trying to accomplish by making this devastating prank. I mean, it would have been great to know, as a reader, at that particular moment, that Paige could not call David because he never talked on his cell while driving, or that she had no real friends or family. We didn’t find this out until almost a few days later when she decided to call her uncle. And we didn’t find out that David didn’t talk while driving until the book was almost over. Another issue I had, was the fact that we later found out she could call one her Uncle’s old maid whom she called a friend and maybe she could have helped…like in the beginning and not towards the end?

I hated that Paige seemed so helpless and simple minded not to mention lack of common sense to have even tried to reach out from the beginning. She did nothing but skulks and mourns for a husband she sure as heck wasn’t in love with, hadn’t been intimate with in a while. I mean, I just didn’t get it and I had to re-read the beginning to make sure I wasn’t missing anything. I wasn’t. Same scenario ten minutes later and I was still peeved.

I found at first it was hard to connect with Paige because she instantly pissed me off, I wasn’t as a reader given any reason to like Paige, relate to her plight, be pissed at David instead of her. In that instant I sided with David. Paige was just…just…very very maddening.

I mean that is no reason to desert your wife but I could see his point, when we later found out why he left her although there is more to his reasoning.

Besides this first setback for me in the book, I continued although skeptically. But I came to love other characters in the book and found myself wanting to know more about them. Soon Paige redeemed herself by becoming more human and relatable, but it was like a roller coaster. One minute she was a good strong solid lead character and in the next I was pissed at her again for some reason or another.

But who could not love Deidre the neighborhood mother hen who took in stray children off the streets, fed the hungry, and showed Paige how to look for meaningful things in life. There was also Darnell a well rounded (literally) bar keep who had a troublesome younger brother whom he cared immensely about.

And who could not love the horribly broken Bryce or Al who Paige took in off the streets to help with home repairs in exchange for shelter and food.

Once I connected with the cast of miscreants who lived in the small desolate town, I began to understand Paige a little. I followed her story of discovery and began to get into it.

This wasn’t my favorite read, but it wasn’t horrible. It had a nice pace, good flow and the Author has a great writing technique. If only Paige had been more developed in a way that connection could be maintained, it would have been an awesome read.

Embryo by Author J.A. Schneider

Synopsis: “Maria Moran's first inkling of trouble was the coppery taste in her mouth. It came suddenly, a rushing whoosh of something that made her gag, and when she reached to wipe her mouth, her hand came away smeared with blood."

So begins this thriller about a young intern, Jill Raney, determined to investigate tragedies and terror at a famous fertility and genetic engineering hospital. When two pregnant women die and a fetus is delivered with severe chromosomal abnormalities, Jill's superiors - including handsome, smitten-with-her resident David Levine - insist there's no common link.

But her suspicions deepen with the grotesque murder near the hospital of another pregnant woman - her belly drained of amniotic fluid. And when a woman miscarries in the hospital and then disappears, Jill frantically searches for her - following a terrifying path that seems to link all the victims: Is someone playing with life...and the structures of human life itself?

An unforgettable tale of suspense with a shocking denouement, Embryo takes you deep into the mind of malignant genius.

Rating: 5 stars *****

My Thoughts:

I am not really a fan of Medical thrillers as the terms and jargon used is so out of my league and I often get lost within the pages. I can say however, that the author for this novel, although she held true to the genre, made it very hard not to want to follow this book. From Page one she kept my rapt attention, anything I thought I wouldn’t understand, she explained thoroughly as if someone had instructed her to break it down in layman’s terms.

The characters were very well developed from the helpless embryo’s, to saddened couples trying to conceive, to the doctors and their perverse attitudes, down to how they looked in scrubs and masks. It was almost like being in a hospital and watching the goings on… except, well there was danger. There was deceit, there were lies and fowl play. It was a mash up of terrifying events and a snooping overly curious Intern, Jill Raney, who I was almost positive was about to be fired on numerous occasions.

We are led with Jill down a perilous path as a Mad Doctor uses his influence and science lab to construct a devastating plan… we find there are both good and bad consequences of his actions.

We follow Jill as she falls head over heels for David Levine a brilliant resident who at first seems to be a bit too sure of himself. They are both caught between lack of sleep and a raging enemy.

Since I don’t want to give the story away, we will carry on to book 2.


Synopsis: They thought the nightmare was over. Intern Jill Raney and the man she loves, obstetrical resident David Levine, barely escaped death at the hands of a madman on the steep roof of an old part of the hospital. The awful scene, captured by overhead news choppers, became a media obsession, run horrifyingly over and over. Jill and David are now reluctant "celebrities" - and the targets of every wacko who wants to share in the attention.

Rating: 5 stars *****

My Thoughts:

We left Jill and David thinking it was all over. They fought the good fight, saved countless lives and yet…even still with lack of sleep the ever so curious Jill has found a way to get them into more trouble as she finds herself the target for another plot of evil.

While I read I began to wonder why she didn’t just find another internship, move away start fresh. Instead she braved the elements with her beloved David once more as women began to be brutalized and sent to the ER with messages on their bellies meant for the two love birds.

Who was after them now?

J.A. Schneider really connected her audience with this sequel. We find ourselves following Jill as she uncovers so much more than she bargained for to not only save innocent women from being attacked on her behalf, but a helpless innocent life that started out as a miracle.

Both Books were edgy, well written and well rounded. I would recommend these books to anyone who loves shows like Trauma life in the ER, Grey’s Anatomy etc… you can really connect with the story and characters as if sitting in front of the television and watching it happen in real time.

Synopsis: Every cute little girl has a dirty little secret but, Tasha Davis's secret was explosive. All she ever wanted was to be normal like other young girls but that became impossible from one minor indiscretion. When Tasha's act-of-love turned criminal she is forced to face her worst fears - the victim's mother And while speaking to an audience that wants nothing more than to rip her to shreds, she reveals everything!

Rating: 5 stars *****

My thoughts:

One of the things that struck me as amazing about this book was the fact that the Author took on such a controversial topic. To me taking such a hard topic on in itself is a feat of strength and abilities no one can begin to describe or portray. The fact that the author took a unique twist in this book also shows a more cunning ability than what I as a reader is used to seeing.

I found that when I learned about this book I had a biased knowledge of how HIV and AIDS can be spread, how insensitive we all are to the actual epidemic, and how close minded one can be regarding the nature of the diseases existence, not to mention the low scope I pertained to in thinking about how the carrier or victim for that matter, may think or feel just by existing with it.

I was taken back by the horrible way in which Tasha had contracted the disease. And as Tisha led me on the path of getting to know her character Tasha more one on one, I had the prejudiced thought that she had received it from her mother…that her mother had been unfaithful while on one of her business dealings. I had never really suspected her father of having it. He seemed fine…but it was all a perfectly crafted centerpiece of a bigger picture.

How could one not feel sorry for a girl who unknowingly contracted such a deadly disease through no fault of her own? And who could ever read such a story without heartache?

I can say Tasha’s attitude and naïve behavior throughout the book somewhat angered me. The fact that she didn’t know what she had in the beginning up until she was on her way to becoming a young adult angered me even more.

But who can say how one would behave or react when their life was doomed from  when they were newborn? How can we determine how Tasha could feel or act or deal with such a curse?

No matter the empathy I felt for such an innocent child, she somewhat lost that spark for me when she had made a decision that would not only affect her life but someone else’s as well. From the moment I began reading to the very end I was enthralled in this story. The Fear of Knowing is by far a great read no matter the emotional upheaval I felt while following Tasha and her story of life and its faculties.

There was really no issue with this piece other than Not knowing what would become of Tasha, her friends and family. But a little Birdie is looking out for a sequel or continuation of this story.


Genre: Vietnam War, Action/Adventure, Suspense/Thriller

Synopsis: In this suspense thriller set during the Vietnam War, Victor Ortega is a rogue CIA agent, and he needs someone to blame for his crimes. Recon Marine Ethan Card is the perfect patsy. As a teen, Ethan ran with a Chicago street gang, and he has a criminal record. He also has a secret lover, Tuyen, who is half Vietnamese and half French.

Tuyen is a stunning, beautiful Viet Cong resistance fighter. Since she was a young child, Tuyen has lived under the control of her brutal, older, sexually abusive half-brother, Giap, a ruthless and powerful Viet Cong leader, who has forced her to kill Americans in battle or die if she refuses.

When Ethan discovers he is going to be court marshaled for weapons he did not sell to the Viet Cong and Tuyen will be arrested and end up in an infamous South Vietnamese prison, where she will be tortured and raped, he hijacks a U.S. Army helicopter and flees with Tuyen across Southeast Asia while struggling to prove his innocence.

Rating- 4 stars ****


My Thoughts:

Who could not love an action packed war thriller with gripping scenes, romance, explosions and much much more? When first delving into this book I loved it. Lloyd started out with a bang giving me, his reader, a stunning opening that kept my rapt attention and a thirst to keep on going.

I followed Tuyen and Ethan as they struggled with the forces around them and found themselves on the wrong side of Military law and the unforgiving law of the Vietnam jungle. Not only were they being hunted by a traitor framing Ethan, but they were also hunted by Tuyen’s malicious half brother Giap and his crew, but also the refugees of the jungle who wiped out villages and took slaves.

While I loved the vibrant storyline, I became a little flustered with the language, racial slurs, vulgar suggestions, military speak. I found it hard relate at times because of the lack of connection. But regardless of this small setback it did not detract much from the following the story and enjoying it.

Tune in tomorrow for our exclusive interview with Lloyd Lofthouse, Author of Running with the Enemy.

Synopsis: Tormented while growing up for being dark-skinned, and the son of a womanizer who deserts his family regularly, Ken Ferguson longed for that feeling of being loved. Ken promised himself that he wouldn't be a manipulating, deceitful man like his father, but after being cheated on and dumped by the girl he thought he would one day marry, he begins his transformation. Fueled by anger, and tired of being the "nice guy", Ken drowns himself in one-night stands, threesomes, affairs with married women, and sleeping with one conquest after another. He adopts the philosophy of having no commitment and no attachments, but meets his match with Ashley, a girl that makes him want to stop his promiscuous ways. But Ashley turns out to do even more damage to his ego and his heart, wounding him deeply. With his philosophy reinforced, Ken spirals out of control and becomes a MONSTER. Sleeping with and mistreating random women he meets at bars and clubs, Ken uses sex to forget about his insecurities, his anger, and his sadness. Will Ken learn to let go of his heartbreaks, or will he be consumed by them and continue to be a MONSTER?


Rating- *** 5 stars

My thoughts:

Ok, I have to take my thoughts on this book and organize them very slowly.

Let me first start by saying, any woman who is a die hard man hater, you will only be reinforced in your passion to hate by the happenings in this book.

HOWEVER, let me reinforce my own point here. This is absolutely one of the most appealing, informative, thought provoking, and empathy twisting books I have read to date.

For one, Ken is a lovably sweet person who has been wronged in the most horrible way by a woman he loved very deeply. We have all been here before, heart broken , destitute, struggling to find the answer for why we were wronged and deciding that we have to change.

Ken experienced this same type of drastic behavior before taking it to the extreme where he became worse than the woman who hurt him. On top of it all, he was hurt again in almost the same cruel way.

While I didn’t agree with how Ken reacted to heart ache I could understand his mindset. It was almost as if he was a wounded starving animal searching for sustenance, and who could fault him for acting in an instinctual animalistic way when kicked as he was down?

Not only did I find myself torn between loving Ken and hating him, I found that if he wasn’t hurt he wouldn’t have accomplished so much in his life that had been lagging in the background as he searched for love. Ultimately he found success, money, strength and most importantly confidence.

One of the things we lack when hurting is a sense of confidence and I found that this made Ken much more relatable. If he had just turned into a monster slut I think he would have lost the audience. But the fact that he built a confidence in himself despite not knowing it outright forged a link between me as a reader and him as a highly dimensional character I wanted to know more about.

There is so much more to this book than the characters. The dialogue is very engaging, the situations are realistic and ever changing to keep me interested. And overall for a debut novel, it was refreshing. It kept a good pacing that flowed from start to finish.

The bonus was seeing inside the mind of a man trying in earnest to protect him self by forging the only protection that is basic in his mind- Being a player and distancing him self from people. While many may not agree with this tactic, we cannot argue that it is seen and felt everyday,  That these same occurrences aren’t happening right now somewhere to someone.

Very good job Ben, this was a great read.

Genre: Action/Adventure, Mystery/Thriller/Suspense, Crime Thriller

Synopsis: Working Tokyo nightclubs is easy money for beautiful and troubled American Val Benson - until a client with a rather unusual hobby - painting the private parts of his female liaisons - reluctantly gives up a map to a stash of Japanese war loot and tempts his favorite girl into a dangerous treasure hunt. 

The Congressman's daughter is not the only one interested in the map: yakuza, bent cops, human traffickers, rogue CIA agents and her father are hot on her trail, snapping at her high heels. 

So begins the dark, epic journey of a new anti-hero of Asian Noir, a protagonist both ambiguous and courageous, and utterly unreliable. From comfort women and tomb-raiding in Japanese-occupied Burma to the murderous echoes of the Vietnam War, long forgotten crimes come roaring back to life, as Val leaves a trail of destruction and chaos in her wake.   


Together with her best friend, the equally unreliable nightclub hostess Suki, Val travels through Tokyo, Hong Kong and Bangkok to the Thai-Burmese borderlands for a dramatic showdown with her pursuers. Finding the treasure before everyone else does is her only hope for survival, and perhaps redemption.


Rating: 5 stars *****

My thoughts:


My first thought when reading the title, was that this book was going to be weird, maybe even funny or comical in some way. I know I judged wrongly before even reading. Gaijin Cowgirl is a mixture of historical fiction, vividly packed scenes and a bite of suspense that will leave the reader on edge.


We follow Val Benson as she peruses through Tokyo connecting with old friends all the while making new ones. It is here that she gets her hands on an old map that leads to unspoken treasures. While I don’t agree with her methods of retrieving the map, I was a little bit peeved with the artist who made a habit of painting female genitalia; I thought this act of thievery gave the novel a more sinister appeal.


And it didn’t stop there.


Val finds herself hunted by others as she uses the map to seek the treasure in the Thai Jungle. As I do not want to spoil the thriller packed suspense of this novel, as going into more detail will do, I will tell you this. If this had been a movie, it would definitely not disappoint.


Jame’s writing style is fascinating; he gives the reader a thrill ride type story line before packing them with a heavy punch. He doesn’t leave anything left unturned and his book was very satisfying.

 Genre: Women's Fiction, Relationships, a Dash of Supernatural

Synopsis: When her newborn baby Lily dies suddenly, Claire Edwards runs away to live in a lighthouse she had fallen in love with as a young child. The lighthouse is reputed by some to have magical powers, but Claire isn't looking for a miracle. She just wants an escape from her husband Jim's colder way of grieving, and from their apartment filled with the tiny clothes and stuffed animals they had collected over the past few months. But once Claire is situated in the lighthouse, it begins to illuminate things for her in a new way and she's suddenly forced to rethink her views on life, death, and her marriage. 

Rating: 4 stars ****

My thoughts:

One of the most heartbreaking occurrences in life is to lose a child. While the storyline brought me to tears, I followed Claire as she struggled to grasp the inevitable, her crumbling marriage, her grief and her future.

Who could really see what their future will be when they have lost something as close to their soul in nature so drastically? I loved the flow of Lisa’s writing style and how she capitalized on the exploration of grief and loss and how it affects one’s life, relationships and purpose.

It was a delicate topic to touch but she did so eloquently. This is definitely a book where tissues should be close at hand. It is also one that opens the mind to situations and occurrences one would not dream possible, but knows it happens. I loved this read.

About Lisa Ellis: 

Lisa Ellis is a writer whose short fiction has appeared in a number of literary journals and magazines. FINDING LILY is her first novel. She has a master's degree in journalism from Boston University and provides health content regularly for hospitals and websites in New England and the tri-state area.

Lisa's Website: LisaDEllis.com

Lisa D. Ellis on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/lisadellisauthor  

Lisa D. Ellis on Twitter: https://twitter.com/LisaEllisauthor  

Synopsis: A nationally recognized expert on compulsive behaviors explains the phenomenon of craving and gives us tools to achieve freedom from our seemingly insatiable desires by changing our actions to remap our brains.

When we find ourselves wanting something strong enough, we'll do just about anything to get it--sometimes at the expense of our bodies, brains, banks accounts, and relationships. So why do we sometimes have the irrepressible feeling that we need something--such as food, cigarettes, alcohol, or sex-- that we really just want? And how do we satiate that feeling without indulging it?

In Craving, Omar Manejwala, M.D., translates the neurobiology of this phenomenon into real and accessible terms, explaining why we just can't seem to get enough. He then gives us tools and guidance to find satisfaction without giving in to our cravings. Dr. Manejwala explains:

how and why our brain drives behavior

how to change the part of our brain that fuels our cravings

the warning signs that craving is evolving into addiction

why craving is the most difficult component of addiction to address

why certain groups are so effective at changing behaviors, receiving encouragement, and remaining accountable



Rating: 5 stars *****



My Thoughts:

I was very excited to get into this book. While many like myself crave for things, it is hard to understand why and how it can be an unbearable occurance.

I am a mother, I remember back during my pregnancies my friends never understood why I had the urge to eat “Mustard” or why if anyone touched my flaming cheetos chips I’d be so quick to tell them off.

While that phase was very understandable, I found myself intrigued about how I still had cravings even after my pregnancies were long over.

Dr. Omar Manejwala not only breaks it down for his readers, he gives infinite insight and details into this natural phenomenon that most people mistake as a minor thing, when it can be more than that. Dr. Dr. Omar Manejwala also gives the reader insight into harmful addictions and why they are so uneasy to cure, why the addicts have relapses and how the brain can set these addicts up for failure.

I had never thought that much about my compusilve eating and I can admit I have been one to self diagnose and be like “oh I’m fine after I eat my craving I wont take in any more bad calories, I can manage this” but after reading Craving, I was able to not only embrace the faults and set backs I have given myself, but also appreciate that I am not alone, I have tools now thanks to Dr. Manejwala, and can work on finally knocking that hump off my shoulder.

For any one who has a family member or friend suffering from an addiction that is both harmful to their health as well as affecting the structure of the relationship, I highly recommend this book. Because you will gain a better understanding of the disease and the affected persons mind set, you will also understand why they keep bouncing back and falling under the drugs spell worse off than they had done before.

Craving is not only a guide, but a constructive tool in understanding the human mind and how to overcome certain obstacles one may face with addiction whether it is food or alcohol. And for those who do not believe food is an addiction, I dare you to pick up this book and think again.