Harry Potter Trailers (All Eight) - by Alex Todd

Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone - 0:04
Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets - 2:31
Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban - 5:43
Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire - 6:37
Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix - 8:58
Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince - 11:09
Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 1 - 13:33
Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2 - 15:59

Harry Potter Trailers (All Eight)

Molly Weasley vs Bellatrix Lestrange

Harry Potter VS Lord Voldemort - Final Battle Hogwarts courtyard

Released- August 13th 2004

Main Characters-

Sanaa Lathan- Alexa Woods

Raoul Bova- Sabastian de Rosa

Lance Henriksen- Charles Weyland

Plot- During an archaeological expedition on Bouvetøya Island in Antarctica, a team of archaeologists and other scientists find themselves caught up in a battle between the two legends. Soon, the team realizes that only one species can win.

This movie was in my opinion better than Freddie vs Jason. The two most complex and highly dangerous killing machines face off and human’s are the key to ensuring the battle can begin.

The storyline was a little shaky…Predators came to earth thousands of years ago teaching Man how to build and sustain, using these humans as sacrifices to breed their enemy- the Alien’s and fight to the death.  It put me in the mind of how does it all fit? In the original Predator movie, it didn’t start out like this and the Predator was running around killing people. I still have yet to grasp on to why the Alien’s need humans to breed them. It doesn’t make sense. How can their race sustain if they need a human body to breed their babies? But whatever works on scaring the crap out of people. It still made for an intriguing and fun movie to watch.

The graphics were sick (amazing). I often wondered throughout the view, how the costumes for both Alien and Predator was made, how the scripted fight scenes are tidied up with technology and who the heck thinks up these disgusting disguises that look so real and menacing.

Sanaa Lathan who played Alexa Woods, was on her game as the leading female. Her character served as a guide to safely get construction workers through the icy peril of Antarctica to where a mythical pyramid lay in wait, a highly prestigious archeological find. The site turned out to be the amphitheatre for the killing game between Alien’s and Predators.

Raoul Bova who played Sabastian de Rosa, was a dedicated Archeologist enlisted to help with his vast knowledge of the Mayan and Aztec cultures in order to help with the infiltration of the Pyramid and its treasures.

Lance Henriksen played Charles Weyland, a sick business tycoon who funded as well as attended the perilous trek to the dig site and its pursuers. He made you hate him all the while evoking a sense of pity at his declining health.

Each character in the movie was well scripted and acted. I connected throughout the entire movie and had to watch it again. It was just that good despite the plot flaws and lack of sense.

Great movie to see for a date.

Contagion is a medical thriller that was released in 2011. The film grossed over 8 million on its opening day and continued to gross highly throughout its run.


The plot of the movie starts off simple- an unfaithful business woman played by Gwyneth Paltrow returns home from a business trip with a cold.  As we follow the story line things take a dark and deadly turn. Unbeknownst to Gwyneth whose character is named Beth Emhoff, she is carrying a deadly virus that has never been seen before. The virus kills both her and her young child, leaves her husband devastated and begins a pandemic throughout the nation where many die before scientists can even begin to trace its origin and find a cure.

If you haven’t seen this movie yet, I highly suggest it. It has a unique quality to how it was filmed, different story lines that connect beautifully. Jude Law’s character I absolutely hated. At first he seemed like he wanted the best for the viewers of his blog, but refused to help a pregnant friend who contracted the virus and later died. He was a jerk, plain and simple.

Lawrence Fishburne’s character, Doctor Cheever, was a very heart warming worker for the CDC that encompassed humility throughout the picture. He was a dedicated and humble person who worked diligently with staff as well as media to stop the spread of panic and fear as well as the disease. However, Jude Law’s character Alan Krumwiede, made this very difficult for him.

You will feel a mixture of love for many of the characters, anger at some, and sympathy for an epidemic that brought out so many of the vile natures in society it can only be described as perfect entertainment.

While I know this movie is not that far back in our past, I do believe it embodies a creative interpersonal way of highlighting the vicariousness of human nature and how far fear can unravel the intricacies of our lives.

If you are in your late twenties to early thirties you may remember a learning show –Where in the world is Carmen Sandiego? In fact as I write this article, I can hear the theme song. Funny right?


So as I thought long and hard about what to post today I thought I’d take it way back,  when I was in grade school and I couldn’t wait to get home to tune into this program. And not to mention that the show had returned in 2011, the brand has multiplied in its vast reaches to youngsters around the globe, and still maintains its unique quality of showing children the basics of geography.

I remember how vividly entertaining the show had been. How enthralled I would be that the thought of sitting through commercials angered me back then, because I just wanted to know where Carmen was, and if I was smart enough to figure it out.

I didn’t know back then that the franchise had spread out and explored different venues: from Where in the world to where in the USA, Where in Europe, Where in Time, Where in space, Where in Word, where in Math and many more. The brand also extended itself into comics and books, Card games and Board games, and as of July 2012 Jennifer Lopez was said to potentially star in the title movie based on the character.

Its amazing what can happen with a pencil and a dream, this character was just some lonesome thought at one point, brandished to life by a score of children’s love and adoration. And finally it has peeked into something substantial.

Intriguingly enough, you can follow Carmen Sandiego on Twitter, facebook, and even purchase the game if you have a Wii console!


Website: www.carmensandiego.com

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/carmensandiego

Twitter: https://twitter.com/carmensandiego


Today I want to acknowledge black history month and what it means to me.

I had been so busy with the blog; writing and promoting my books as well as reviewing books that I had almost let the month slip away.


When I think of Black history I have a barrage of mixed emotions. First, its pride for all the sacrifices made for a Black woman like me to have such a joyfully encompassing freedom here in America. Next is sadness. There were so many horrible acts committed against the black culture that it is depressing to even think on it. I am also sad because well, prejudice and discrimination is still out there, ever present in our society and its heartbreaking. And last I feel disappointed, in myself, in the lack of structure and perseverance in this culture, in what we have taken for granted.

So bear with me as I fully disclose and explore these feelings. I hope to give you a greater understanding and insight into why I feel these mixed emotions.


As a black girl growing up, I had been blinded to color, race and ancestry. I had grown up in the melting pot of Brentwood, a very culturally diverse neighborhood on Long Island, NY. I didn’t see any of my friends as black, white, Spanish or Asian, they were just my friends.

My mother, bless her heart, has always told me that personalities make the people. She didn’t say “Krystal you are black” or “Krystal our people used to be slaves.” In fact I didn’t know there was a difference between myself and the people surrounding my life until I learned about slavery in elementary school. I remember sitting in my seat as we read our Social studies textbook and for the first time in my life, I realized I was different. I saw color, hair texture, eye color, and most importantly I saw shame.

I remember crying after I went home asking my family about our history. My mother was very instrumental in explaining to me that my roots, where I derive from, is America. Therefore I am American. Yes, I do know my family has Native American in our genes, we are black but who knows if our bloodline can be traced back to Africa, and somewhere in all that mixture we have Irish in us. That’s what I was told. But back then and even today I am American. My skin tone is Brown, well more like cinnamon, so there you have it. I am a Brown American.

It wasn’t until I had deemed myself less fragile to think about my history, that I was finally able to read about all the amazing things Black Culture has done. I mean who doesn’t know about Martin Luther King Jr., or Rosa Parks, or Malcolm X. Muhammad Ali, Maya Angelou, Langston Hughes….I could go on and on. So once I was finally able to broach the subject, very lightly I might add, I discovered a world of potential, Pride and success. I was proud, even though I refuse to go back. I still have not watched Roots to this day. I have watched Rosewood, Queenie, and Red Tails, but that’s as racial as I can watch.


I am sad that this world is so culturally divided. I am a mother and I don’t see how I can explain to my children where they come from if I can’t even deal with the disgrace I feel when broaching this subject.

I am sad that even though we have come so far, we let hate, violence and color stimulated views distort our way of living. Not that I want to compare- but look at the Jewish Culture, this race survived a brutality against their people and they thrive daily. They work as a unit and are so constant in their purpose. But I feel, and some may argue, that the Black Culture has forgotten that we are still struggling. We may have won the war people, but we are losing the integrity of our cause.

I will say we took a large step towards progress with the appointment of Barack Obama to the presidential seat. And Michelle is one of the most active first ladies to hit the scene. But we still have so much work to do.

I am talking about - stop the drug pushing, gang violence, wife killing, baby snatching and molesting, living off of the government and blaming society for our problems- work to do.

We need to stop allowing stereotypes and statistics lead our culture. To me this is a great sadness and we can’t fault anyone but ourselves. Sometimes we let the word “no” or the phrase “I can’t”, get the best of us. And I think we have been so tired of fighting we may have let the towel slip.

I may be wrong, we have so many organizations, not only the NAACP, working for us, but we still have a long long way to go.


Remembering back to when I realized I was different, it had been from the shame of being a different color than what was perceived as the right color. It took me years to realize, I was different because of being me, my personality, my fashion sense, my insecurities to things that really didn’t matter.

We are all human; we have eyes to see, one nose, a mouth which we use to eat, speak, and smile. We have two ears to hear with, hands, feet and organs that allow us to live. The only difference in appearance is our body structure and skin tone. But hey, hating my skin pigment makes no sense really because we all have that too- pigment which is one of the main factors that decides the tone of the skin. So go ahead, hate my pigment, I however have learned to live with it, accept it and even embrace it. This would be my biggest disappointment if I couldn’t live with my own pigmentation.

So while I am still disappointed in the fact that we are still as a nation culturally divided, I will not let it affect me anymore. I have come to the conclusion that we are a flawed species.

Our species, humans, are imperfect by nature. We have a mind that works in mysterious ways. Our thoughts can be considered genius or defective. We have insecurities, hopes and dreams, wants and desires. We all have a way of life that we are comfortable with. There is a need for change and I am sure it will come. I wish it would happen right this moment, that equality as we were promised in the Constitution was more than a hollow promise. Trust me, in every rule there is an exception, this is made when people bend it to their purpose and not for others. Perfection is still but a dream to all. So I pray for the day when we can work together as Americans, not as a color coded entity.

For my part, I will live each day in celebration of being able to live freely. I will not forget the lessons of history but I will definitely not be the one to help repeat it. Instead as my piece to honor the people who paved the way for me, I strive to stay colorblind for this is the only way I know how to live. It is the only way I would want to.

And when the time comes for my own children to learn about their history, I will be sure to tell them, it is the character of a man or woman that defines who and what they are, not their skin. That we were born and raised as Americans; we live in a country where we are free. And our history is the story of how we came from a broken past and trekked on to a promising future. And it is only promised when we do well unto others no matter the culture they come from. This is the lesson we should have learned from the struggle of many races forced to live with racism as their background. Its what, and this is what I believe, they would have wanted for all of us.

Today’s Throwback Thursday highlights two inspirational women in the entertainment industry who have been influential in many areas in a creative sense to their followers. And yes, I am a huge fan.

Tia and Tamera Mowry started off in a show you may recall “Sister Sister” about twins separated at birth who find each other by mishap at the age of fourteen. As the show progressed we fell in love with Tia’s take no prisoner’s genuinely good personality and Tamera’s eclectic fun spirited personality. The two galavanted through the series as they tackled teenager woes with an adolescent glow.

The show focused on many issues, from makeup and boyfriends, to race and familiatiry. To combining a household of strong willed individuals; in short it touched many topics that still affect our nation today.

After the show ended the sisters did many projects; from going to college at Pepperdine University while taking small roles in Films. On one set Tia met her husband Cory Hardrict and they now share a beautiful son. Tamera recently married fox correspondent Adam Housley and gave birth to their first child.

The sisters have not let the changes in their family structure hinder their careers; they have a reality show that tapes on the Style Network currently signing them for another season. Tia left her concurring role on The Game, a drama series that was picked up by BET after being dropped from the CW. She played a lead role in ABC Family’s The Mistletones during the holiday season of 2012; she also has other projects in the works. In the past year she has written a book about being pregnant and a DVD on Yoga.

Tamera while having a short term role on Strong Medicine has starred in small roles of TV movies as she worked on perfecting her craft and establishing her home with Adam Housley. She has been a pioneer in helping the families Wine business thrive all the while learning the business herself.

Both women are outstanding in their quest at self discovery, happiness and bonding with their family and loyal fans. They are truly humbled by their success even though sometimes it is hard to re-establish their individual personalities while being recognized as star studded twins. Together they have produced a product for Mothers having problems with produciong breast milk, the product "Milky" is a Fenugreek tea that helps women with these issues.

They tackle the many issues of being in the spotlight with grace; upon having Cree affectionately known as “Cree Cree” on their reality show, Tia had to deal with public insults to her sons looks. I will not post these insults as the nature is very degrading. But the stylish diva tackled the insults in such a tactful grace it was admirable. I know she wanted to go “oh no you didn’t?!” but it shows how much more genial and Lady Like she is.

Tamera has had her own issues with public bashings. Having an interracial marriage has opened up a can of worms most American’s shy away from. Being called racial slurs for having such a loving devoted relationship is in itself heart breaking. There was one episode that brought me to balling tears as she spoke about the crude remarks posted on popular media sites about her life. The concern was how her child would be affected. For those who do not know, Tia and Tamera are mixed; their parents are an interracial couple. And I don’t see how that should be a problem. But others may not say the same. Bring in the public eye is no easy task, especially when it comes to ones family. In the episode aired last season a pregnant Tamera opened up to her twin about the posts being said about her relationship and her fear of how her child would be affected by such remarks. In her words (I may not have this entirely correct as I am quoting from pure memory) “Its one thing when it’s me or Adam, but it’s entirely another thing when its your child.” Tamera choked up as she wiped away tears.

One of the things I love so much about both women, is their grace, their humbled personalities and they fact that they stay true to themselves. They laugh and joke. You can understand them, they are not fake. I swear I wish I was their best friends, that I knew them personally, they have the best advice, concern, and appreciation for their life that is contagious.

So as an adoring fan, I give to them my gratitude by writing this piece. They are not perfect, can be sometimes hardheaded or stubborn as hell. But they appreciate the blessings they have, their share their love, and are the epitome of what I am trying to show on this blog.

We can take a lesson from learning how to balance our lives from these two. Good job Tia & Tamera and congrats on all your success, in everything you have done.

Tia & Tamera Mowry


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