DWED would like to introduce Kush Designs, a fashion company that is focused on showcasing the inner beauty of both men and women through creatively developing clothing that tastefully highlights the person’s inner spirit.

The company is re-launching this coming fall and is looking to flourish within its prevalent field.

Helping others fulfill their dream through visual support is a goal here at DWED. So please feel free to check out the Facebook page for Kush designs as well as help the company as it begins a new journey to prosperity. Kush Designs has its own page on Indiegogo.com for viewers to show their support.

---Message from the Owner----
What We Need & What You Get
I will need 8,000.00 to start running my business and day to operations, this will be broken into , expensis for fabric, machines/sourcing factories , advertising and building the brand.

I plan to offer t-shirts as a quick sell items, in order to build capital for the growing brand. I am offering free items as well as discounts on custom-ed pieces. The greater the donation the greater the discount.

If my goal is not met I will donate the funds to several charities i am affiliated with.

Brotherhood Sister Sol organization

AIDS foundation

Pancreatic Cancer Foundation

The Impact Your contribution will make a difference in that it will enable me to share a lifestyle brand that will give my customers a voice in how they want to be seen and represented thru the inner beauty within. healing inside to show on the outside. Giving a sense of love to self personified to others in the community of love.

I have already built a strong fan base around the brand and have become very inspirational in my love and support of others. Many see me as an inspiration for their own self growth.

Other Ways You Can Help Getting the word out about KUSH and lyfestyle brand is so important and is an extention of the loving support you can share. As i hope to continue to be a surce of strength and healing to others

follow me on indigogo as I build a strong lyfestyle brand!! KUSH design LLC

Facebook- https://www.facebook.com/#!/pages/KUSH-design/138606732911908


RE-LAUNCHING IN SEPT 2013 AURA energy clothing custom made for men & women


Working directly with my clientele in character assessment through getting to know “YOU” consultations, energy healing practices and meditation sessions to enable my customer to better understand the type of garments they are energetically connected to in style and color complimentary to their personal energy and aura, I will tailor my inventory to meet the specific needs of my clientele to promote healing and love of self.

Company Overview

Monique Siders (Nubia Sunshine) of Brooklyn NY; Fashion Designer, Stylist and Owner of KUSH Design. In designing I love creating garments that are uniquely designed to fit the customer’s personality and inner essence. Like taking the inner being and wearing their true self on the outside to share with the world. In my Reiki Healing practices, I learn and understand how to use universal love energy to heal the bodies mind. Loving who the YOU, we BE


KUSH design LLC established in Creating garments spirit essence. Teaching/providing energy healing soul styling the body to illuminate the aura… Lyfestyle Brand

General Information

KUSH Design is a design company established to basically make over the body, spirit and body. Teaching and providing energy healing and making over the soul styling the body to illuminate the soul… Spiritual body makeovers!! I am certified Level 1 Reiki healer, well versed in Yoni breathing and a student of crystal healing, and chakra meditation classes, also adding my experience as a stylist and ...a designer to provide my clientele with spirit energy healing w/crystals and complete with a body makeover in providing garments that bring out the inner aura. In designing will be creating garments that are uniquely designed to fit the customer’s personality and inner essence, similar to taking the inner being and wearing their true self on the outside to share with the world. With the Reiki Healing practices, I love to learn and understand how to use the universal love energy to heal the bodies and minds of those who are suffering, whether it be mental or physical. I’d love to incorporate the two in a feel good look good as my true self. Promoting loving the who the YOU, you be

Let’s support those in need!

Sharing Love and Inspiration can lead the way to finding a cure.


J & Trey Productions presents “Inspirational Open Mic Night” at Love Jones Café

1920 Grand Ave, Baldwin NY on Wednesday August 28, 2013.

Door Opens at 8 pm- Admission $10

Bring a friend and send a message to those suffering from Lupus that there is hope and they have a strong community backing that believes they can overcome.


Excerpt – Sins of the Father

There hasn’t been a time I can remember where she wasn’t sick or in pain. As she grew older, her body seemed to take on the shape of a penguin, her back arched, knees bent, and her hands flopped over at the wrists angled towards the floor. Father had to be my rock, since mother couldn’t tend to me the way she used to; her body no longer allowing her to hold or caress me.

I remember the days when she used to cry, her eyes begging me to understand how much she longed to touch me, to place her hand on my face to feel its texture, to smooth her fingers through my hair to braid it.

She couldn’t help me with prom, couldn’t even hold a camera to take a picture. Mother couldn’t even dress herself, the task daunting as her fingers barely moved anymore.

Her arms were frail but littered with little lumps from the nodules underneath her skin. She barely talked or went out into the sun due to the inflammation of her glands in eyes and mouth.

Most often she ate through a straw and even when that became too much, was given an IV drip to keep her fluids up. Father or I applied her eye drops thrice a day to ease the dryness in her eyes.

As I opened the fridge taking out a pack of chicken cutlets, I thought of how important my father has been for both of us. He has attended every ballet recital, spelling bee, soccer event, tennis tournament, acceptance speech, graduation…any monumental element in my life, since mother could not.

And on top of all the excruciating childhood memorials, he still made time to work sixty hours a week, and attend every wellness care, chiropractic and therapeutic doctors visit with mother.

He still made time to help with her daily routine. When the part time nurse we hired needed to leave early or take an extra day off, father would be there to take over. He never let me miss a class, seeing my friends, or school event to care for mother.

It was the guilt that kept me home instead of going to UCLA in California like I wanted. It was the thought of not giving back to the people who cared for me so deeply that kept me home, attending the local Georgetown University so that I could help. 

I got a part time job at Stella’s boutique between Wisconsin Ave and M Street, father’s position in the bank being influential in getting the job.

I was able to have lunch with him sometimes since our jobs were so close, attend my classes, complete the household chores, hang out, work, and be there for my parents. It’s the least I could do, since father gave his life basically, for my mother and me.

It was because of this dedication to our life and family, that when the pounding on the door interrupted my meal preparation, when the police stormed in with big bold letters SWAT on their back, helmets on their heads, guns in their arms pointing here, there, everywhere, that the reality of who and what my father really was didn’t seem plausible.

I denied everything they said. All the accusations were wrong. My father was a sweet, humble, hard working, brilliant, loving husband and father. My father was not a rapist, neither was he a narcissist. He definitely wasn’t a killer, their killer…The Potomac Creek Killer.

Follow the Tour!

In light of a family passing i will be taking the next few days to be with Family in our time of need. Therefore i will not be posting. This weekend was supposed to be dedicated to promoting my upcoming Blog Tour for my novel Sins of the Father slated for release on 6/15/13. The tour will begin on 6/10/13 and end 6/30/13.

Feel Free to follow the tour at your leisure....Until we meet again....
Welcome to DWED’s main event for the month of May. This month we will be focusing on the phenomenon that is Harry Potter and his journey on discovering the world of wizards and witch craft.

Like Many I was a new fan of the series only after seeing one of its top grossing films while aired in the theater. The one that won me over was “Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire”

It was then I found myself enthralled in the world created by J. K. Rowling, as many others before me. So I have decided, though it may be a little late to some, to embark on my own Journey of Harry Potter, bringing his wealth of adventure to the blog, and taking an in-depth stroll through the books, the movies, the characters and their acting counterparts.

I hope you enjoy this month’s theme. Please know that while Harry Potter Books were slated for adolescent view, there is a child at heart in all of us, and there is no age limit to the excitement of brilliant craftsmanship from the world which J. K Rowling created. After all she is an adult, and had she not had such a vast imagination the world would not know this Harry Potter, nor would they know how one can turn an old myth of magic into a stunning world of imagery.

Please stay tuned to DWED’s Blog throughout the Month of May for postings on this exclusive adventure. And do not hesitate to check our Contest page for an exclusive giveaway that would definitely entice the magic within you.


We are redecorating here at DWED! Stay tuned! We are getting a new look and new feel!


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Daring and fun, Greenwoman is for the hip gardener who loves digging into the world of art and environmental thought that underlies gardening."

Greenwoman Magazine is a completely independent, one-woman-owned-and-run publication.  (Well, two-women, when Sandra’s daughter Zora, who is the Deputy Editor, has time from her full-time college work).


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"I think this magazine will be one of the best gifts 2011 has given humanity and I’m absolutely serious about this. I hope you will check it out. When I did that, I clicked immediately on the subscription button and signed myself up. Now for those of you who know me, you will know this is significant because I have a very strict rule about not purchasing anything over the internet." —TammiHartung, author of Homegrown Herbs

“. . . I realized that this was a periodical loathe to box itself in or stoop to cliché. The topics would be familiar but the twists and turns would be unique because the human experience is unique."—Grace Peterson, "Gardening with Grace" blog                                                                                      

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“Greenwoman filled the gap in my life that I didn't know existed: a magazine that connected all my interests: the earth, gardening, and a feminine perspective. I couldn't believe my luck upon discovering it! Greenwoman will now replace some of my subscriptions that were only gardening, that ignored earth issues...Viva Greenwoman. —Elisabeth Kinsey, Greenwoman's Sex in the Garden columnist.