Name: Laquisha Lynn Porter
Age: 34
Date of birth: 2/24/1976
Sign: Pisces
Favorite Color: Beige/Brown
Occupation: Customer service, insurance sales company
Relationships: Married twice, widowed & divorced
Kids: 6

Laquisha Porter is a struggling single mother of six who is at her whit’s end when tackling the bills piling up on her counter, the lack of food in her home and the unmanageable six children produced from her past two marriages. Widowed at a young age due to crime on the streets she found herself falling for a charming thug who ended up taking her for a wild ride she couldn’t afford to go on.


Once she left her abusive husband she focused mainly on loving her children and trying to provide a strong inviting household for her family only to be burdened by circumstance and life.  Facing foreclosure, starvation and desperation she questions whether keeping the children within her care is the right choice, or if she should give them up before things become too drastic.

Follow Laquisha as she struggles with her pride, her self respect and life on the streets in Charge that to the Game.

“Charge that to the game” is a gripping suspenseful thriller that will leave you in tears, gripping the edge of your seats, and panting for the next installment of the series. Follow Laquisha as she struggles with her life’s decisions, is faced with impossible situations that leave her questioning whether today will be her last day.

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