“You just don’t know the world girl. But you need to be wise to it or when you do step out ya parents house its gone mess you up.”

Genese Bryson is a goody-two-shoes, bible reading, prayer reciting teen that has yet to leave the nest. One afternoon while begrudgingly performing her weekly chore of cleaning down the church she is mowed down by a half dead bloody and beaten man who is on the run from his attackers.

As only a good christian would do she hides this man not knowing the havoc he would wreck on her calm peaceful life. After turning away the attackers and saying a brief prayer for the strangers safety she questions her decision on helping the bloody man when her attackers seem to be an ever present force in her life.

Who knew one prayer could cause so much trouble? Follow Genese as she sorts her thoughts, calculates her moves and wonders if the teachings she has learned her entire life will help as  she follows the constitution of her actions that fateful night and finds herself becoming the protected instead of the protector.

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