“When delving into the Mind, Body and Spirit is necessary in order to strengthen the life of women.”


I created this blog more out of selfishness than I would like to admit. I think its therapeutic for me in a sense because I find these are the very things I need to keep that old time ticker in my skull going on full throttle.

It’s hard to balance so much of ones existence into a single day. But many like myself do it so often it’s like being on that long car ride where you find that the car is in cruise control all along. When you notice this, you wonder where your mind went, why didn’t you notice this before and how come? If you did you wouldn’t have been pressing on the gas leaking such precious fluid when you know at some point you are going to have to stop and replenish it.

Well ladies (please note gentlemen are also welcome) this is that pit stop. It’s time to refill, rejuvenate and keep on chugging.

I have found that I do too much reading on everyone else’s way to cope and deal. I read too much about what’s on the news, who shot who, or what celebrity had lipo this week. There is not enough of the real “reality” that goes with life. Only the well scripted fight without any arrests on the popular stations provided to us by cable TV.

So I asked myself- Why does everyone want to see reality on TV and not the real reality of our lives? What makes us laugh at people who don’t know what its like to live from pay check to pay check? Who don’t have to groan angrily when the bills pile up on the counter and the perfectly budgeted excel spreadsheet we worked up to manage our expenses looks so picture perfect at sight but really doesn’t cut it.

And what do they know about managing a house with kids, maybe a boyfriend or husband, living off a dollar and a dream all the while playing the lottery for the power ball or mega millions and realizing you don’t have the golden ticket? That you just have to keep on scratching those pennies and praying one day money just might magically grow on that dying tree in your back yard? And how in the bejesus are we supposed to emotionally handle all these things without going comatose?

That’s why this blog is here. To vent, revitalize, find a ear and shoulder that can relate. As well as finding a happy median to consult, reflect. Release and do what we do best as women, nurture one another to greatness. We will achieve it? Maybe… Maybe not… But we can strive for it. At least I am willing to try to. The question is…Are you?

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