DWED: First, tell us a little about yourself.

Jill: This is always the hardest question to answer. Funny, I can describe my characters to a tee, but when it comes to describing myself I draw a blank. Okay, I grew up in a large family on a farm in Washington state and LOVE the northwest area. I currently live in east Texas with my husband of 19 years and two teenage boys.

 DWED: Have you always aspired to publish a novel?

Jill: I started wanting to write young adult or romance books when I was a teenager. I actually wrote a “novel” with my twin sister and best friend. Then, in High School I had a few teachers that encouraged me to write descriptive stories. I fell in love.

 DWED: Would you say the journey to publishing was easy or hard? Why?

Jill: I’m Indie published right now, so the hardest part of my journey is editing and marketing.

 DWED: Who or what would you say inspired “The Pride Series”?

Jill: My inspirations are my kids and husband. I love telling them stories.

DWED: How was the concept of “The Pride Series” born?

Jill: I have always been a “story teller” in my mind. This may sound weird, but most of my stories come from dreams. Shortly after my mother died, I started having vivid dreams. Taking my husbands advice, I started writing them down.

DWED: How does “The Pride Series” stand out? What does it offer and more importantly what can viewers find within it pages?

Jill: Have you ever visited a place where the people are so friendly, you just wanted to stay and not return home?  

Nestled in the rolling hills on the coast of Oregon, Pride is the perfect setting for this series.  The series follows the less than perfect Jordan family, Todd, Lacey and Iian, and the people they grow to love.  Lasting Pride discovers the exciting adventures of family friend, Ric Derby, and the path that leads him and Roberta,  the woman sworn to protect him, to the safety of Pride. 



DWED: At length how would you describe the feedback for “The Pride Series”?

Jill: Great! Most everyone loves the small town of Pride and the Jordan family. Everyone is particularly interested in Iian’s story and I think he is my sexiest character yet.

DWED: Would you say you have a unique style of writing?

Jill: Yes and No, my uniqueness comes in my comfort of the small town feeling. My writing, at least I hope, is easy flowing and fun to read.

DWED: what kind of messages do you try to instill in your writing?

Jill: Community, family, love, and friendship.

DWED: Who is your favorite character in your book and why?

Jill: Well, my favorite female character is Lacey Jordan, because she was so much fun to write about. I know a few women that fit this character and I enjoy them all.

My favorite male character is Iian Jordan. He's a little harder to write about since he is deaf, but he is sexy as hell and I can't keep him out of my mind.

DWED: Who is your least favorite character in your book and why?

Jill: I love all my characters. Even the bad ones.

DWED: What can we look forward to seeing from you throughout 2013?

Jill: Returning Pride, book three in this series will be released sometime in July. Lasting Pride, book four should be out early 2014. Then, I have a dozen or so more books in various stages of completion. My dream is to be able to make writing a full time career and maybe have it actually pay the bills.

DWED: What would you say to all aspiring authors like yourself?

Jill: Don’t give up, keep writing. Have a support buddy or system. And Edit a lot!

 DWED: Is there anything we haven’t covered that you would like your readers and potential readers to know about both your work and yourself?

Jill: First of all, I want to say Thank you. As an avid romance reader, I tire of the typical story of “poor woman meets billionaire who sweeps in and saves her from her boring life.” I love strong intelligent women characters who can stand on their own, and their less than perfect male counterparts, who can still find their way to a happy ending.

Find out more about the Pride Series at http://www.prideseries.com

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