DWED: First, tell us a little about yourself.

Tracey- Well I am a Strong spirit filled Black woman, married to wonderful man and father for 20years, a mother of 4 beautiful children ages 23, 18, 17, and 15yr of age, grandmother of one beautiful 3yr old little angel.  I am a fun, loving, crazy, outgoing, comedian.  Wait did I mention CRAZY!  Full of life 43 year old woman who is just now evolving.


DWED: Have you always aspired to Act in as well as Host stage plays?

Tracey- Yes when my brother, sister and I were little, my sister and I were given little red riding hood dolls. I can never forget those dolls because they were made up of red riding hood at one end and at the foot of the doll was the grandmother and if you pulled the grandmothers bonnet off of her head you would reveal the wolf under it. Well whenever family member and friends came over we would build a tent and put up a curtain and the three of us would act out the story of little red riding hood and serve drinks and snack too.  So yes since a little girl I aspired to act. As far as hosting stage plays I am big into getting information out to people. I worked as a church secretary for many years making flyer and bulletins. Working in the food pantry  and doing thanksgiving and Christmas give outs, getting information out there and communicating with people are things that have been proven to work in meeting people, networking, and building a following or what I would call it, friends.

Also I have been bringing my families together for family reunions for the last ten years or so now.  My mother side and my fathers side of the family as well. I just recent handed that off to the younger generation so I can pursue my acting career.


DWED: Would you say the journey was easy or hard? Why?

Tracey- My business background along with working with families mine and others all over Nassau and Suffolk County for years; I would say easy. Also how I grew up making friend everywhere I went, people would take to me so very quickly. I would welcome people into my world of kindness, laughter, fun and fellowship.  So the journey was easy because all I had to do is be pleasant with people, listen, talk a while and make them smile.


DWED: Who would you say inspired you?

Tracey- Well I believe my father to be the worlds greatest singer that ever was, my mother well everyone always called her sunshine and they were two happy people that showed me I could do anything once I put my mind to it and do it.  So singing and my personality they inspired, I had a host of teachers and awesome friend and some terrible enemies that inspired my life as well. I could never forget the many spiritual man and women in my life that thought me that I could do all things in Christ as long as I had Him abiding in me. I say all of that because to name these great people you wouldn’t have enough space in your blob, I don’t think, and I would hate to leave out or forget someone.


DWED: Can you tell us what was a major turning point in your life?

Tracey- Well I have had a few along life's journey, but I think the major turning point was when I became very promiscuous at a time in my life as a result of some abuse growing up as a beautiful free spirited well filled out young lady.  But at this particular time in my life I found myself in an abortion clinic, on the abortion table having an abortion.  I remember something going terribly wrong because when it was time for me to wake up from the procedure I could not! I could not breath, I could not move, but my eyes were wide open with tears rolling down my face, I was about to die in a most God awful way, that everyone that knew me and loved me would find it so hard to believe, the same way they may be feeling right now reading this blog.  But we all have sinned and fall short of the Gods grace and mercy.  But why this was the major turning point in my life is because while I was dying on that cot, the nurses and medical assistants were calling for help, running in and out of the room, calling me, shaking me. Then I remember this one strangely tall doctor coming in, in a long white lab coat, walked right up to me. In the mist of everyone bugging out and he leaned down to me and said Tracey I said would never leave you, now I need you to come on back, come on come on now He said and I took to biggest gasped for air. The emptied out quickly, wheeled to the recovery room even quicker.  The aid they had assign to watch me told me of everything that was going on in the room nothing be chaos she said, you had us worried she said. But not one time did she mention the strangely tall doctor that came and saved my natural life. I let her talk and talk and when she had took my last vitals and brought me my clothes to get dress and leave. I had to ask, “Nurse could you go get the doctor in the long white lab coat that came in a helped me, please I must thank him for saving my life.”  She looked at me like I had four head on my body and said “Tracey there were no men in the room all women, we were about to get the machine for you to bring back” I was adamant , No He came right in and came up to me and spoke me and call me by my name.  She disagreed and looked at me crazy, I quiet down very quickly jump in my clothes and signed out and got up out there.  Yes that was a major turning point in my life because I haven’t met a soul yet that will tell you that they had an encounter with the Lord and they are still the same! My life changed for the better that day.


DWED: Are you a part of a book club or organization?

Tracey- No not right now, the last church I was in we had a book club we were reading the 5 love languages I believe it was.  I am currently taking a writing class now, now that me children are older and have more time on my hands; I desire to write a few books of my own.

DWED: Let’s delve into your work. Tell us about your most recent work.

Tracey- Well I'm presently preparing for the upcoming show of “Unequally Yoked” April 21st 2013 back by popular demand at Harlem’s Dempsey Theater, Harlem, NY. Of which I am working on the promo video for that, I should have it up and running on Facebook, Twitter and on our website www.unequallyyokedstageplay.com this weekend.  I also just Filmed a show for TMC/BET of the stage play that I am doing with the “King of Dramedy ~ JD Lawrence” Your Husband is Cheating on Us” on Broadway at BB KINGS. Filming is in a category by itself, Makeup Artist with heavy stage makeup, stage lights are brighter and hotter than being on stage at a theater.  On the set, you hear the famous word from the stage director “CUT” let’s do that again, from the top, starting in 3, 2, 1 and you are ON. It’s the best I have to say, with a live stage audience, its crazy but just the best at the same time. (If that makes since) Then in May I will be back again with JD Lawrence doing his stage play “If you don’t stand for something, you will fall anything”.  July again with “Unequally Yoked'’ and then in August the group I sing with, REMNANT we are having our CD Release Concert at the Church of God in Christ Prayer Tabernacle in Amityville, NY.  Also I am working on my CD this year, prayerfully to be out in the fall.


DWED: What can we look forward to seeing from you throughout 2013?

Tracey- Well the more I work with these great people the Lord have joined me to, I am learning as I go.  I ask a lot of questions and pay very close attention to how business is being conducted around me. I am learning about how the new artist are putting their music out through itunes now and youtube, facebook, twitter all the social media avenues are the way to promote now a days.  Of course the people that have followed and supported me throughout the years singing, acting, dancing, are all waiting (for my CD, my books, my screenplay) to see the things that the Lord has spoken to me, through them, waiting to support and to help thrust me into greatest.


DWED: What other avenues are you using to promote your work and yourself?

Tracey- Through those same social media avenues, I post everything on facebook, when the flyer for anyone of the shows that come out, I posted it.  I get in touch with JD and ask for the show flyers and I post.  The same for Remnant and Unequally Yoked, I work closely with the leader of Remnant Michelle Ringgold and likewise I work along side with Lynette Blackwell with “Beyond the 4 Wall Productions”.  Flyers are made up for each our the events I’m involved with and are given out abroad and posted on our websites, facebook, through email blast, telephone calls, radio stations, etc.


DWED: Is there anything we haven’t covered that you would like your readers and potential readers to know about both your work and yourself?

Tracey- I would like to also inform everyone that I also do my churches TV Program on Cablevision public access channels 20 and 115, in Suffolk and also in Nassau. I attend the Bethel Pentecostal Church in Brentwood NY where Supt. Ralphael Jefferson is my Pastor and the Evangelist Laurie Jefferson is our Elect Lady.  You can see the show 1 am on channel115 Friday night/Saturday morn and at Saturday night at 10:30pm on channel20.  I want to God for every open door in this year 2013 the year of the Yes.  Thank you Krystal for seeing enough in me to reach out to me, so I can share with these mighty successful, evolving, powerful Women. Keep me in your prayer and I will do the same for you! Bless you all

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