Bittersweet Revenge is a story about a hard working young paralegal that ends up falling head over heels in love an attorney she meets through a friend. Their love story suddenly takes a horrible turn, and the young paralegal is left heartbroken. Until she decides, she wants revenge. The book is both suspense and sexy.


Rating- *** 3.5 stars


My thoughts:

There is no wrath worse than a woman scorned. I loved this novel. It was both a nail biting read that left you on edge from beginning to end, and very satisfying in a sense. The storyline is basic- a woman has had her heart broken and she cannot let it go. The man must pay.

The story was entertaining and mysterious to a fault. While the plot and characters were relatable I felt like it needed just a little more depth. No matter this small grievance it was ultimately very well written, it had strong dimensional characters; it was easily followed with a few things that left me wanting more- Could be described as edgy and spicy.  

It was a very short read. I felt like I needed more. There could have been more development, more emphasis on getting to know the characters. I would have love to see more information in regards to the dialogue. But it wasn’t a horrible read or painful.

Nicole has the potential to be a great writer. And I think if there had been more It would have been great.

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