Rating- *** 3.5 stars

My thoughts:

This is a very useful tool as a way to get through or over a divorce. I’d like to think that even though it is labeled for divorce it can be used in any form of breakup or relationship headed down that road.

Don gives the reader not only information pertaining to a loss of love, but tools to manage the heartache while taking it step by step, or day by day.  The exercises involved are influential at best in putting yourself on the right footing and managing the stress and new world of being without your partner. It gives the reader a new definition of utilizing a positive outlook and direction all the while equipping them with a fresh start.

I would definitely pick this book up again should I be faced with a situation of losing a partner and use it as a study guide when powering through the worst of it.

Divorce Blues Recovery- 10 Uncommon Tips to Help you get to Brighter Days
This book is for you if you are divorcing, already divorced or wanting to be supportive of someone going through a divorce. It’s never too late to use this book. Maybe you’re already divorced but have a lot of residual issues that keep holding you back. This could be just what you need to get over your divorce once and for all. If you care about someone who is divorcing, you will find key things that will increase your ability to offer support that really works.

This book can’t take away your pain but it offers hope to help you ease it as soon as possible. Reading the short chapters and practicing the tip you find here each day beats getting stuck and delaying yourself longer than necessary on your journey to feeling better.

The motto that best describes this book is one that one that a reader used after reading the book. “This is what I needed as a tonic!” So if you want real help that will make your difficult journey easier, you’ll find this book a very handy toolbox filled with practical life rebuilding tools.

Purchase link: http://www.amazon.com/Divorce-Recovery-Uncommon-Brighter-ebook/dp/B008G3PDJ6

About the Author:
Born In Toronto Canada 1950
Spent over 35 as a speaker counselor helping people recover their lives after great losses. Finally decided to write so I could potentially help far more then the one on one sessions.
Divorce Blues Recovery is my first book and there are several to follow.
I enjoy people and have always look for opportunities to be of value and add to the situation or person where it is appropriate.

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