Genre: YA Fantasy


Kiayani has been sent away days after her 18th birthday to be married to
a nobleman in the capital. On route she makes a decision that will change

her life- she is going to run away. She runs into the eternal darkness
that shrouds her homeland, finding both a way to free herself and her
people from the curse that has stopped the sun rising for more than 100


Rating: *** 3 stars


My thoughts:

For a fantasy it was a little slow paced but did have a nice flow when the story picked up.  E. S. Morcheck has a soft hand in her writing style using a delicate weave when it comes to important scenes, characters and information.  I generally liked the book, although at times I felt it lacked a bit of “umph”.

Fantasy & Paranormal are two of my favorite Genres. They are filled with satisfying depictions in imagery; they can be filled with purpose and suspense as well as the nature of what they are called. In Eternal Darkness we get a small taste of a country shrouded in darkness and our main character Kiayani is on a troublesome journey to uplift the curse on her home, making new self discoveries as well as friends, and a possible romance.

As simplistic as this storyline is, I felt it could have been developed more in the plot and progression of the book. However faulty this book may have been I am sure E. S. Morcheck is leading the readers to a more thirst quenching series.

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