Rating- *** 3.5 stars

Synopsis: "Ever wonder what it takes to be uniquely and passionately yourself in a world determined to make you like everyone else?

Grace Martin intends to find out as she stumbles from one humbling life lesson to another. With a peculiar, but supportive guide and mentor named Mrs. Pettermint, Grace slowly breaks free of traditional family and religion and courageously explores life, relationships, and various spiritual traditions seeking solutions that make her soul shine. Finally, just when the peak of her journey seems within reach, her beloved mentor dies leaving her nearly $50 Million Dollars—but the only way to claim that inheritance and find the peace Grace craves is to face the fierce criticism of her past, the betrayals of the present, and the thousands she serves as a New Thought Minster.

Finding Grace reveals that in order to find grace, a woman must surrender her fears, doubts and attachments and learn to walk the transformational journey into her own soul."



My thoughts:

This book was a very humbling, stimulating, emotional, and endearing read. It was almost like reading a guidance book on self discovery as Grace is mentored in all categories of self worth.

So many women go through a period where they feel stuck; hating themselves, their looks, their decisions, their upbringing or background. Finding Grace was not just a fiction book about its title character being led to self empowerment, but also like an outline in finding the simplicity as well as love of ones self.

Many of the feeling Grace exhibited were a mirror to what an adolescent girl goes through. I would define this as a read any mother and her daughter should read.

The situations and characters are very relatable, personable, and exceptional.

It’s almost like reading a road map to a more humble and accepting existence. While here in our own reality we question ourselves and everything as far as our purpose as Grace had done in Finding Grace.

Very well done Kathy.

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Wow! Thanks Kyrstal for your review of my novel "Finding Grace--A Transformational Journey". Most of my writing is nonfiction or blogging so this was a bit of a departure for me...but my intention was to write a story that was exactly like the kind I enjoy reading myself. I'm glad you found it endearing and I hope everyone else who reads it feels it is equally inspired. ~Kathy


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