Synopsis: In 1899, stunning Kathleen Colby finds herself forced to embark on a perilous adventure with her disabled sister across America. During this unparalleled journey from Alaska to New York, she encounters compelling, dangerous characters, meets an attractive man of many secrets, and discovers what it is to be a woman in the late 1890s. This amazing trip will eventually change the naive Kathleen into...the new woman of the early twentieth-century.


Rating- *** 3 stars

My thoughts:

While historical fiction for me can be a hit or miss, this book was in a more favorable light.

Liliana has got a talent that both stimulates and educates the reader all the while drawing a picture of how great history can be tweaked to fit the imagination.

I loved the way she took a period before our time and worked it into a very lovely story, transporting the reader as if they were actually there. I felt like I was watching the scenes front and center, following the characters as they progressed through the story. It wasn’t one of those stories that is so convoluted with history that it gave you a headache. I felt like it flowed beautifully and I could grasp onto each piece.

While I don’t want to include spoilers I will tell you this: Liliana has done a very great job on this book and I do look forward to other works from her.


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