Synopsis: Tormented while growing up for being dark-skinned, and the son of a womanizer who deserts his family regularly, Ken Ferguson longed for that feeling of being loved. Ken promised himself that he wouldn't be a manipulating, deceitful man like his father, but after being cheated on and dumped by the girl he thought he would one day marry, he begins his transformation. Fueled by anger, and tired of being the "nice guy", Ken drowns himself in one-night stands, threesomes, affairs with married women, and sleeping with one conquest after another. He adopts the philosophy of having no commitment and no attachments, but meets his match with Ashley, a girl that makes him want to stop his promiscuous ways. But Ashley turns out to do even more damage to his ego and his heart, wounding him deeply. With his philosophy reinforced, Ken spirals out of control and becomes a MONSTER. Sleeping with and mistreating random women he meets at bars and clubs, Ken uses sex to forget about his insecurities, his anger, and his sadness. Will Ken learn to let go of his heartbreaks, or will he be consumed by them and continue to be a MONSTER?


Rating- *** 5 stars

My thoughts:

Ok, I have to take my thoughts on this book and organize them very slowly.

Let me first start by saying, any woman who is a die hard man hater, you will only be reinforced in your passion to hate by the happenings in this book.

HOWEVER, let me reinforce my own point here. This is absolutely one of the most appealing, informative, thought provoking, and empathy twisting books I have read to date.

For one, Ken is a lovably sweet person who has been wronged in the most horrible way by a woman he loved very deeply. We have all been here before, heart broken , destitute, struggling to find the answer for why we were wronged and deciding that we have to change.

Ken experienced this same type of drastic behavior before taking it to the extreme where he became worse than the woman who hurt him. On top of it all, he was hurt again in almost the same cruel way.

While I didn’t agree with how Ken reacted to heart ache I could understand his mindset. It was almost as if he was a wounded starving animal searching for sustenance, and who could fault him for acting in an instinctual animalistic way when kicked as he was down?

Not only did I find myself torn between loving Ken and hating him, I found that if he wasn’t hurt he wouldn’t have accomplished so much in his life that had been lagging in the background as he searched for love. Ultimately he found success, money, strength and most importantly confidence.

One of the things we lack when hurting is a sense of confidence and I found that this made Ken much more relatable. If he had just turned into a monster slut I think he would have lost the audience. But the fact that he built a confidence in himself despite not knowing it outright forged a link between me as a reader and him as a highly dimensional character I wanted to know more about.

There is so much more to this book than the characters. The dialogue is very engaging, the situations are realistic and ever changing to keep me interested. And overall for a debut novel, it was refreshing. It kept a good pacing that flowed from start to finish.

The bonus was seeing inside the mind of a man trying in earnest to protect him self by forging the only protection that is basic in his mind- Being a player and distancing him self from people. While many may not agree with this tactic, we cannot argue that it is seen and felt everyday,  That these same occurrences aren’t happening right now somewhere to someone.

Very good job Ben, this was a great read.

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