Rating- *** 5 stars

My thoughts:

By far, this has been the most extensively flavorful Urban Fiction I have read. Tremayne is a very lucrative and descriptive writer that not only leads his readers on a climatic journey, but partners it with historical information and emotions that will leave the mind thirsty.

It saddened me when reading the story as there were so many sensitive issues involved regarding race and a time where blacks were seen as nothing but dirt. I felt like Tremayne touched the subject with a both delicate and strong hand, giving me a front seat to the mind set of how hatred can lead a race to destruction. How ones violent circumstances can affect their entire life’s compass.

My America touched on so many focal points with issues directly relating to the Black communities while giving insight to how a man who has been beaten down by hatred thinks, acts, and what can become of him.

There was so much piled into this book I did not put it down. Literally took five hours to read and I found myself in tears at the end. It was the most emotionally charged, empathy evoking read I have had the pleasure of delving into.

If you have yet to open the pages of this book I tell you, please do so. But be sure to have a box of tissues, because once you finish, you will question humanities sense of humility, respect and most of all its purpose.

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