Rating: **** 4 stars

My thoughts:

 This book is packed with a punch. I found myself absorbed in it from the first sentence. Why it has its raw moments, its funny and interesting moments, it did have a good pacing that kept me focused on the storyline, characters and scenes.

A. T. Hicks has a very descriptive style that not only gave me a vivid picture of each event in the book, but allowed my own imagination to follow and conjure the picture she was weaving.

I loved following Peaches an ordinary mother who found herself in an impossible situation of finding the killer of an old dear friend who found himself in an equally impossible situation that cost him his life.

Peaches & the Gambler is definitely a book I enjoyed from start to finish, and even in-between. The story flowed perfectly, allowing me as the reader to follow it effortlessly, all the while having a satisfying experience.

I must admit I read it twice, as I do most of my favorite books and I found it hard to put down each time. Thank you A. T. Hicks for allowing me this opportunity and bringing this work to my attention.

Synopsis: What does a strip club, a dead man and a Dove ice cream bar all have in common? Peaches Donnelly. Peaches Donnelly has a major problem: she's just been fired. Unaccustomed to filling her days with nothingness, she embroils herself in the murder of a childhood friend. However, standing between her and the solving of this heinous crime are two pesky daughters, a selfish opera singer sister, the diet from hell and two sexy men she can't resist. Add to this bubbling pot a hasty decision to go undercover as a stripper and you have a story rife with drama, laughs and a little dash of danger. Follow Peaches and the always funny cast of characters in this first installment of a rollicking series of cozy mysteries.

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Author Links: https://www.facebook.com/at.hicks.9/posts/224228434393958#!/at.hicks.9

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