Synopsis: According to Rene Descartes, no two bodies can occupy the same space at the same time and any physical motion of a body involves moving other bodies from the space they occupy. In my first work of contemporary fiction, Joule and Allen create their own movements in The Kitchen Dance.

Joule Dalton, a successful interior designer with a prestigious architectural firm, lived her life choreographed by her loved ones until a tragedy forces her to learn her own steps. Allen Brooks has endured his own share of manipulations and all his hard work and sacrifice has left him with nothing. He wears his troubles like the too large overcoat he picked up at a mission while living on the streets. This coat brings them together in an unexpected way. Joule takes the misfortunate Allen into her home in hopes of turning his life around. She gives him a place to live, a job, even introduces him to her wealthy friends. What she does not give him is her trust. This he must earn. The two combine their dreams and create a wonderful relationship. Then Allen gets a call that will challenge his sense of responsibility. He makes a choice, one that Joule cannot begrudge. Allen struggles with his decision while Joule goes back to her old life until they both realize what they really want.



Rating- *** 3 stars

My thoughts:

A uniquely told love story, this book was.  To me, it was a very touching and intriguing read. I loved the sense of morality Geri shows as her character Joule helps out a fellow man by taking him in off the streets.

Like with anything in life, a little bit of good can go a long way, but in any respect you also have the bad that comes along with it. I loved the flow of how ones past and indiscretions in life can come to haunt them as they try so desperately to weave a prosperous future. These issues are relatable, and fixed within the storyline so beautifully with a cast of characters you cant help but to embrace.

The characters were well defined as their tale of finding oneself and love developed through this endearing read.

Very well done Geri.


1/16/2014 14:12:46

Named as a finalist in MARSocial’s “Author of the Year” competition, Geri G. Taylor has told a unique story of growth with the seemingly unlikely pairing of Joule (a successful interior designer) and Allen (a man living on the street) in her debut novel, The Kitchen Dance.


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