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In this second installment to Timeless Conflict we revisit Warren and his troubled present as he tries to come to grips with the world he is in and the love he left behind. Ute still has the gift he was given to carry the storyline fluently as well as keep the readers interests along the way.

While we learn more about the dark secrets Warren is keeping, we get a taste of the world inside his mind, as well as the dark shadows of the world he comes from.

I loved the book from start to finish. I was on the edge of my seat, excited to get through it to the end. It was a page turner all the way. And I couldn’t help but admire the style Ute has or how eloquently he describes characters and scenes with ease.

I do not want to include any spoilers so I will leave you with this- Ute Perkins is a very satisfying writer who should be at the top of the best sellers list. If you have yet to read his work i promise you will not be disappointed.

Timeless Conflict- The Amons

Abandoning the life he so desperately wanted Warren roams the sea ports of the Atlantic, searching for a way to replace the emptiness in his chest, by filling the pit in his Anubian stomach. Bitter and angry with the Masons about his current state, he feeds his vindictive appetite on unsuspecting humans as he struggles reluctantly to dismiss his past. While the Masons expand the depths of their immortal ranks and continue to defend threats against their secret society, Warren accidentally happens upon another immortal race . . . The Amons. Being one of the last remaining ancient tribes that holds the power to assist him they are not pleased that he has found them. In a furious pursuit to urge the Amons to help, Warren finds himself forced to choose preserving his own life, or a tempting alternative that will lead to a horrific addiction. When his hunt for the Amons eventually collides with a past that has been desperately trying to catch him, the events of their meeting result in a catastrophic reunion that threatens the lives of everyone involved.

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Timeless Conflict

Some 5,000 years ago an ancient race of immortal beings brought humanity into existence by pulling them from their grass huts and caves and into a modernistic society along the Nile river valleys. For centuries, mankind flourished under the tutelage of these immortals until a group of men became conscious of the power their living gods possessed and plotted to eliminate them... the group, the Masons, nearly succeeded.
Since the decimation of his people Warren Alexander has roamed throughout the world feeding on humans in order to conceal his true identity. As one of the few survivors of their ancient immortal race he now walks undetected amongst the humans while he hunts the members of the group of men that killed his family and virtually eliminated his people.
When Warren meets the step-daughter of a direct descendant and participating member of these Masons he draws the girl close, in an effort to reach her step-father and access to the Mason organization. Not expecting to, Warren begins to fall in love with the girl as they race to avoid the FBI and the secret Masonic guard that has been trained to capture and eliminate the immortal threat. Now, Warren must not only fight to save his own life, but the life of the girl he has grown to love.

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