Review Rating- **** 4 stars


My thoughts-

Warm bodies was a very good read. I enjoyed the whole Zombie falling in love with his meal. I did however, find it very weird how well spoken he was versus how etiquette deficient the love of his life was. I mean Julie was rough around the edges, although very modern; she had emotional baggage, rude ways. She was not someone I would have thought he would fall in love with. But she did have a quirkiness that kept my attention.

The book was funny, serious at times. The threat of being eaten alive, the threat of the bonies- which had me laughing throughout the book. I have yet to see the movie, but I am sure it will be good.

I was annoyed that we couldn’t get a clear picture into how R died. And I kept asking myself why was he different? Why was he able to articulate half a sentence when other Zombies could only groan?

I wish I had more to go on with R, M his close friend seemed to have more of a personality as he was a Zombie ladies man. M dreamed of intimacy while R had a vague sense of himself. R was a loner; he liked music and things he stole during hunts. I just felt like if I had a better scope of who R really was I could fully relate to the story.

I mean I get it, he is dead, doesn’t remember his past, lives vicariously through the brains and memories he has eaten, but at some point after eating all those brain cells he should have given us some insight into something. It annoyed me how in-depth we got to know Perry one of his victims. We got to see Perry’s memories, hear him speak to R and I get that is how R began to develop as a half dead person with feelings, but it was just frustrating at some points.

Going into the love portion- I thought it was cute. I found myself imagining R staring at people and groaning. His face twisted with death. But I didn’t quite get the feeling that you would expect when dealing with romance. I could see them in my minds eye, but I didn’t go “Awwww” or connect the way I thought I should. I mean it left me puzzled because if R really felt for Julie, it should have been felt deeply by the reader. I mean he did risk his safety for her, he exposed himself for her. But in terms of getting to feel them grow in love, enjoy it and bask in it was something that was definitely missing. I wish the book had given more detail into their love. It felt dead. But after being annoyed I realized, that was the point. R was dead, he was just beginning to feel alive and for him to feel even a fraction of want, need, lust or love for anything other than eating a human was very transcending.

So that’s why this book is a good read. Isaac is a very well written author and that’s why I give this book 4 stars-It takes you on a rollercoaster of emotions as you try to figure the dead out only to realize rationality is foreign to them because the dead cant be rational. To even hear thoughts or words from them is a feat and although I wanted to toss the book just to get the frustration out, I ended up finishing it with a groan and a smile. I still can’t wait to see the movie.

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