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I love the lead in for the novel. J. K. Rowling starts the story simplistically with a cat with marking upon her face, sitting on Privet Drive waiting for what, the reader at first did not know. Only to be submerged in a first bit of magic as Dumbledore, one of the most powerful wizards in his time, greets this mysterious cat after extinguishing all the lights on the street.

They wait…and for what the reader is grasping on the edge of their seat to know. Why is the mysterious cat that sat for days upon days without so much as blinking suddenly changing into a well seasoned witch, approaching the wizard Dumbledore with odd questions about a family and their whereabouts?

We soon find out, that Harry Potter has lost both of his parents, orphaned by a magically devious man who shall not be named, and whisked away into the night to safety where he is left on the doorstep of his estranged Aunt’s door.

This opening while satisfying and very well detailed reminded me of many stories along the lines of orphans from Annie to Oliver Twist, where children are fragile and frail left to their own vises in a cruel, cruel world.

Later we visit Harry as he is older, a scraggly unkempt and unwanted house guest living in a cupboard below the stairs of the Dursley’s house as they treat him like dirt beneath their fingers. They barely feed him, work him to the bone and chastise him on a regular, even going to such lengths to ignore the bullying their own son does to poor Harry.

As eloquently as this story is written, this reminded me of Cinderella, a girl beaten down by life and family forced to work for them like a servant. Criticized and ridiculed until finally she is able to run free. This can be said too for Harry Potter as he gets his chance at freedom when an Owl Post comes for him with his acceptance to Hogwarts a school for witches and wizards.

Though the road to getting to school was not that simple, His Uncle Vernon Dursley tried desperately to keep that lifestyle from him. Vernon as well as Petunia his Aunt didn’t want Harry to know he had wizards blood flowing through his veins, they didn’t even want to hear the word Magic.

So as the letters announcing Harry’s acceptance into the school began to flow in, the Dursley’s left finding places to hide only to be followed by the letters. Eventually Harry gets his letter and is rescued by Rubeus Hagrid, the same man who rescued him from the empty shell of what was left of his home when his parents were killed.

Hagrid takes Harry under his wing and helps him prepare for school. He promises to see Harry soon, a boy who is now overly ecstatic to be breaking away from his terrible family.

Throughout the novel we are introduced to the many main characters of the Harry Potter Series.

Draco Malfoy- from a pure bred wizarding family that mostly practices the dark arts and was in league with the dark lord when he was in power. Draco becomes one of Harry’s enemies inside the Hogwarts school.

Hermione Granger- one of Harry’s best friends who at first can be seen as obnoxious and bossy.

Ron Weasley- comes from a poor pur blood wizarding family and is Harry’s best friend

Fred & George Weasley- mischievous twins

Severus Snape-a professor at Hogwarts who hates Harry for unknown reasons.

Neville Longbottom- Who I must say had more of a presence in the books than he did in the movies.

As well as many others. And as we get to know these characters we also get a first year’s course on Magic as Harry takes his. We experience Harry’s first broom ride, and his first taste of fame which leads up back to the core of the story.

Harry Potter known as the boy who lived despite being cast with a very deadly curse Avada Kedavra, had no knowledge of the events that transpired around his parents death. He now knew that they hadn’t died from a car crash as his Aunt and Uncle had told him growing up, but that Lord Voldemort a Dark sorcerer had killed them…killed them trying to get close enough to Harry, who had been no more than a year old then, but the curse backfired and instead destroyed Lord Voldemort. A name no witch or wizard dare speak out loud in case it would conjure him.

Harry was never used to so much attention. He was used to being ridiculed, verbally abused and forced into punishment. He was not used to cheers of encouragement or everybody knowing his name.

The tales of how he lived was told even before he knew his own past. And with positivity in the wings, one must know there is always negativity. Draco Malfoy along with his crew Crabe and Goyle make Harry’s life at Hogwarts very difficult. There is also Professor Snape who seems to despise Harry for reasons unknown.

Not to mention the mysterious happenings on school grounds as a troll finds its way into the castle on Halloween. A mysterious beast guarding a trap door down the third floor corridor, and a stuttering Professor who can’t stand the touch of Harry. Yes, very mysterious indeed. Until we learn of the unique quality of power the Sorcerer’s stone possesses, and Lord Voldermort’s plot to steal it in order to regain his strength as well as immortality.

But who could be Aiding Lord Voldemort the dark lord that everyone had thought to be dead?

Find out by reading Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone, and seeing the coinciding movie. Both I know you will love as the book may be more detailed, but the Movie is an adventurous endeavor I can say will tickle the eyes and senses.

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