Welcome to DWED’s main event for the month of May. This month we will be focusing on the phenomenon that is Harry Potter and his journey on discovering the world of wizards and witch craft.

Like Many I was a new fan of the series only after seeing one of its top grossing films while aired in the theater. The one that won me over was “Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire”

It was then I found myself enthralled in the world created by J. K. Rowling, as many others before me. So I have decided, though it may be a little late to some, to embark on my own Journey of Harry Potter, bringing his wealth of adventure to the blog, and taking an in-depth stroll through the books, the movies, the characters and their acting counterparts.

I hope you enjoy this month’s theme. Please know that while Harry Potter Books were slated for adolescent view, there is a child at heart in all of us, and there is no age limit to the excitement of brilliant craftsmanship from the world which J. K Rowling created. After all she is an adult, and had she not had such a vast imagination the world would not know this Harry Potter, nor would they know how one can turn an old myth of magic into a stunning world of imagery.

Please stay tuned to DWED’s Blog throughout the Month of May for postings on this exclusive adventure. And do not hesitate to check our Contest page for an exclusive giveaway that would definitely entice the magic within you.

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