Charge that to the Game- Book 1 in series
Available at www.smashwords.com
Author: Krystal Milton

In this book a reader will find Character Stats similar to those found in a sports game on its players. In this segment readers will get an indepth look into one of the main character's bio and how her life is affected by the game of the streets.

Introducing: Tayvanna Curtis


Name: Tayvanna Nicole Curtis

Age: 17

Birth date: 9/14/1993

Sign: Virgo

Favorite color: Unknown

Occupation: Student

Relationships: None

Meet the Star player in this field of Chaos:

In Charge that to the Game, Tayvanna is the first to be introduced. Readers find themselves engaged in a battle of mind and circumstance as Tayvanna recently finds out that the people she called her parents all her life are in fact not her real parents, and the man she has known her entire life as her older brother is in fact her biological father. With anguish as an accelerant she rages a war path on unlikely peers as she tries to come to terms with this newfound information.


Tayvanna struggles with not only the typical adolescent rage of being raised in the hood with poverty as her landscape, but of struggling to find her past, reconcile her present, and  figure out her future.

With the skeletons in her dark closet rattling at the door she is forced to face a mother who has recently discovered her intuition and the driving need to be with her child, and parents who never wanted her but felt obligated to take her in off the streets on a cold winters night.

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Diesel eBook store: http://www.diesel-ebooks.com/item/SW00000222339/Milton-Krystal-Charge-that-to-the-Game/1.html

Kobo/ chapters.indigo: http://www.kobobooks.com/ebook/Charge-that-to-the-Game/book-7NZuozMyc0qhn4Ew4SUqxA/page1.html

Included in Ebook is your own Character Stats, illustrations of title characters, and a free preview of Field Advantage book 2 in Charge that Series.

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