Bio: Lantern in the Mist is my debut novel.  It is a trilogy about a strong American woman in the late 1800s and her struggle to survive in a man’s world.  Books 2 and 3 will be launched soon.

Like many authors, I started writing and reading at an early age. My “mentors” stretched from Jack London, Margaret Mitchell, and Anne Golon to Tennessee Williams. They took me to unknown worlds, expanded my imagination, and shared their gift of emotion and empathy for humankind with me.

My writing background includes careers in both journalism and teaching, and I currently teach writing in an entertainment media and arts university in Central Florida.

When I’m not writing, I’m reading, watching classic movies, or laughing with my Rat Terrier, Miss Eadie.

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Title of book: Lantern in the Mist

About Liliana: I’ve been a writer all my life. First as a journalist, then as a playwright and finally a novelist who never tried to be published the traditional way nor was “vain” enough to go through vanity press. I live my life trying to be faithful to myself, so when I perceived the independent writing niche was expanding and changing, I knew that was my way to go. All I want is to be read.

See our Review of Lantern in the Mist coming in May 2013!

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