Charge that to the Game
Book 1 in Charge that Series
Available as an Ebook

In Charge that to the Game we are introduced to Finesse Wilks, a hardened drug dealer with a troubling past. As Finesse prepares for the birth of his first child he is thrown when he is approached by a man claiming to be the real father of his girlfriend’s unborn child. Torn between his emotions he is faced with a perilous decision to man up and walk away from it all or use his gun for the first time as a thug in the streets.


Finesse is one of my favorite characters because we are given an in-depth view of conflicting emotions, what the general definition of a man on the streets is statistically expected to do, and how the consequences of his decisions will affect the core of his lifestyle.

As we explore Finesse Wilks’ mind we find he is a good man caught up in the game as he struggles with reconciling his past, his present, and whatever his future may hold. Was his girlfriend really cheating? Is the baby he has loved inside her womb for the past nine months really his or another mans? Can he walk away from selling on the streets or will death be knocking on his door? Can he man up or will he turn to a weapon he has no right using, never used, and is questioning his courage to even pull the trigger?

Follow Finesse Wilks’ story in Charge that to the Game. I promise you that this story is not going where you may have thought it would. It will leave you questioning what you really knew about the game on the streets and how people really survive the chaos lurking there. Once you pick up this book, you won’t want to put it down. Included in Charge that to the Game are character stats on the three title characters, illustrations in order to get a feel for what they look like, and a preview of Field Advantage book 2 in the charge that series.

Coming soon; Blitz, book 3 in the Charge that series will be coming out in Ebook form for your Ereader. If you thought Charge that to the Game and Field Advantage were off the charts then prepare to have your mind blown by the gripping suspense in Blitz. These characters told you their stories, showed you their choices, and now they are all dealing with the consequences of life on the streets. Can you handle it?


Name: Finesse Bernard Wilks
Age: 26
Born: 7/19/1984
Sign: Leo
Favorite Color: Black
Occupation: Drug Dealer
Drafted in the streets: Age 16
Relationships: 1
Kids: 1 on the way


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