Are you ill-inspired? Have you been thinking of doing a project and just cant seem to really get it going? Have you been turned down recently? Does your life suck and you just can’t seem to get out of bed?


Do my questions make you feel like you are watching that crazy infomercial about a product you don’t need that comes on at one-something in the morning waking you up because you left the television on?

Well folks; no this is not an infomercial, it’s not a sales pitch, and no it’s not a bad dream. This is basically an article about getting yourself motivated because frankly, we all sometimes need that kick in the butt to get us going.

Recently I have felt a little bit out of sorts and I found myself in the middle of a meltdown trying to do so many things that ultimately seem unsuccessful. So I said to myself- “Self what the heck is going on?” My reply you ask? Well my reply was “I’m tired. Strained, just plain old devastated that I am working so hard for nothing, absolutely nothing.” This led me to start the thought process into why I am feeling this way.

Well let me tell you, because there is a list, I love lists!

  1. I have been working diligently to edit and publish my novels.
  2. I rarely get sleep. In fact I have not had a full nights sleep since I was pregnant with my son. I had all the sleep in the world before he was born.
  3. My mind is constantly going…does your mind do that?
  4. I have endless stories in my head that I need to get out but don’t have the time to type them all up at the very same time. I wish I had eight arms like an octopus.
  5. My brain is tired.
  6. my life is an ongoing process
  7. Bills
  8. family
  9. life
So on the list goes. While I know this may look like I am selfish or complaining: yes in each article I talk about myself it’s a natural reaction when discussing things, I can also relate to the articles, maybe even a little too well, and complaining is what people in general do. It’s easier to sort out thoughts, ideas, circumstances when applied to ones general retrospect of life and its various situations.

Now moving on we shall to Motivational techniques I have found that helped me get through this time of turmoil. These steps will not only get you into gear but help you shed some much needed negativity in the process. One of the things I have found that helps me surge through the sludge of negativity was to own it.  So here we go folks, own it!

Own it:

Like life decisions, occurrences, thoughts, hands and feet, everything has two sides. Good and bad, left or right, up or down. In a positive light you have the good and up. In a negative light you have bad and down. Separating these into a small/large list will help you view everything with fresh eyes; it will also take you to the next step which is sort. Ultimately what these two steps will do is allow you to see where the problem actually lies. Owning up to both natures, good and bad, will give you an even balance and outlook because you cant have one without the other.


On your small list, try to stay positive by putting the smallest measure of things here. They won’t look so horrible then, may even seem trivial at best and you will not be overwhelmed. On your large list, be sure to put the things that make you want to pull your hair out, once complete set it aside. If you are at your wits end you cannot handle these things right now. So set it down, set it aside until later….much later.


Now you have your small list in front of you and it doesn’t seem so daunting now does it? No, it doesn’t. So here you will have to prioritize what you think you can tackle first with minimal time designated to it. What makes more sense to just get out of the way?

Once you prioritize this list from time effective to time consuming you can now set goals.


Setting a goal for yourself will boost your inner moral and bring about a change in your confidence when completing the tasks at hand in the order you had prioritized them into. By setting a goal you will be pumping yourself up with a positive outlook that will pay off in the end. It also gives you something to look forward to. Spice it up with a reward if you complete the tasks early.


After setting up positive goals take that list and tackle the tasks that you have listed for yourself. You will feel so good when you get started because you have managed your time, followed through, left the stress off your shoulders by seeing the bigger picture and not focusing on the aggravation of said tasks. Your biggest reward in tackling will not be the donut you promised yourself after completion, but in having more time and flexibility to complete things.

For example: You said you wanted to walk the dog before dinner at 6 pm. You set that goal based on your list and have found the time to do it at 4:45 pm instead of 5:30. That will put a smile on your face because you won’t feel rushed when setting the table, fixing plates, washing your hands before you sit down. There may be a mini crisis in there with the kids that will set you back and because you have allowed yourself extra time by staying organized and walking the dog early, you will be able to tackle this without so much as a sweat to the brow.

Mission accomplished.


This last step will make your face bloom with happiness. Because at this stage you should be at the end of your list, yes, soon you will be passing the finish line. So conquer it, revel in it and be merry. You have successfully set a positive foot forward. You have gained confidence, knowledge of yourself, knowledge of what you can accomplish once you set your mind to it, and gained a new perspective. This always feels so good doesn’t it?


You have completed the smallest things that de-motivated you. You have jumped off the procrastination wagon (yeah I said it!) and got down to the nitty gritty dirty deeds you should have done last week! Now own it, finish it then take a seat because here is where things get tough. Here is where reality sets in. Yup, you still have that big list. You still have things you need to do, decisions to make, bills to pay or whatever it may have been that you put on that gigantic list that you cry over every night.

But look on the bright side. Remember when you made that list you were feeling desperate and ready to splurge on a forty dollar bottle of the finest wine and drink your responsibilities away. But you can’t. Sorry.

So instead focus on the tools you have learned already to get the job done. That’s right. Prioritize! Did that just pop into your head? Right? If not whatever just keep on reading!

If prioritize was not your immediate thought well now it can be, because you have already owned it! You have already sorted it, so what else could you do with the list? No you can’t burn it. Don’t eat it and definitely do not get rid of it by any method of destruction. You have to complete it. Use the tools outlined above and hey I bet when you get halfway through everything else will fall into place.

I am not a journalist, by no means, but I have read my fare share of articles that talk about how to become debt free in two years, how to lose 200 pounds in eighteen months or how to get organized by using tools on the web. Well let me tell you something, those articles didn’t help me. They were all generic typed up baloney that they posted via internet because they have followers who read their crap religiously and then comment about how it helped them when it really didn’t. They just want to feed into the baloney. And really baloney is gross.

But here I have felt we need a more centered outlook on tackling the normal every day responsibilities that plague us. We need a better way of coping, dealing, embracing that with which we can’t get rid of. I am a normal every day person who deals with the same issues. And finding a way to maintain is very hard when you are under pressure, when you are at the end of your rope, when you feel like just shutting down. Anybody can tell you what to do, what you should do. But they won’t help, that’s a fact. It’s ok to tell someone how to handle their life all the while yours is falling to pieces. So I stopped reading those generic baloney articles. Instead I sat down looked at myself in the mirror and said “What’s the real issue?” I wrote my list, read it twice and realized… “I can do this I just have to gain some perspective.” And so can you.

Like I said before I am no journalist, I don’t have the answer to life in general. I will tell you though I have found a new direction for mine and as of this morning, its looking pretty much ok. That’s after I stopped looking at what other people have and focusing on what I have. May not be a lot but with my list its coming together.

Another fun thing to do with your list is getting a group of friends as a support institution. Having a positive backing on your side will motivate you to tackle anything. You’d be surprised what a good shoulder will do for you in a crisis. Now that you have the tools to help you surge through your own river of chaos share it, perfect it, and maintain. Things are always so much more manageable when you undertake it with a positive outlook.  

Try it out and tell me how it went! I would love to know if I have ANY type of affect on people LOL.

Happy living!

P.S. When in doubt Pray! If you are not religious we will call it well wishing. Sometimes well wishing/praying will help dissolve the stress you feel. It’s uplifting and encouraging. I recommend for anyone going through a rough patch in their life.

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