When seventeen year old Paige Daniels can no longer ignore the pangs of hunger, a dumpster is often her only source of nourishment. Paige has never had the opportunity to be a typical teenager. From the time she was thirteen, life has been lived on the streets. She steals what she needs to survive, but never without a silent apology and a promise to pay for whatever she took when she has the chance.

Paige finds herself with a new partner, twenty year old Noah, and her life changes in more ways than she ever thought possible. After waking up to the first snow fall of the year, Paige and Noah attempt to steal a blanket but end up taking more than they ever had before.

Will Paige and Noah just give up what they have come to know? Or will they do anything to keep the life they have begun to live?  

Life on Loan is available in both ebook and print(amazon and createspace stores only for print) Website link: http://AdrianneJames.wordpress.com

GOODREADS LINK: http://www.goodreads.com/book/show/17237815-life-on-loan   Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/adrianne.james.96   Twitter: https://twitter.com/Adrianne_James

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