Author Ben Burgess Jr.

5 stars *****

So this is the Third Novel of this author and I must say that he is definitely on fire. He is making a name for himself.

While his love scenes for me, takes some getting used to as they are steamy, I found myself once again enthralled by his characters and the story line.

Karen is your typical working wife and mother who is bored, but it surprised me to find out she had more than one lover on the side. Karen had my emotions fluctuating from anger, to annoyance to downright heated, as she one minute belittled her husband Chris on more than one occasion. And she didn’t do it with words, but actions. It made me so angry how she allowed such disrespect for Chris from herself and others.

Chris on the other hand was very…not weak but defeated to me even before he found out about the infidelity. It’s like he gave up on life or just emotionally dead- until he finds out his wife is cheating.

Nadine, a character I was waiting to see if she would be too good to be true, dug her way into my heart too as she won over Chris’.

A small part of me wanted Karen and Chris to make it. That they would weather the storm, but in the end I enjoyed where they ended up. Overall it was a great read.

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