Release date: 6/1/2012

Main Characters:

Snow White- Kristen Stewart

Evil Queen- Charlize Theron

Huntsman- Chris Hemsworth

Plot- The storyline is generalized with the original story of Snow White but with a twist. Snow White’s father is murdered by his new Queen Raveena who has an abundance of dark power from a spell cast on her by her late mother. Her undoing will be devised by fair blood which is ultimately Snow White played by “Twilight’s” star Kristen Stewart.

*** 3 stars

My Thoughts:

I loved the graphics, the plot and the characters all believable except one. While I have followed Kristen Stewart’s career like all ‘Twilight” fans I felt a bit incomplete. Here is a list of reasons;

- The accent used should have been English, but she fell too short. You could tell it wasn’t her strong suite and it left my ears straining. At times she lost it.

- Her acting was sometimes unbelievable. I felt like I couldn’t connect with her in the role like one should have. In order for acting to be believable and for the audience to connect and love the character, the actor or actress has to be believable. Kristen fell short.

-There was a point in the movie where Snow White was ensconced in a world of beautiful nature. Everything around her had been sweet like nectar, but Kristen’s eyes didn’t capture it nor did she give off the feeling of true beauty.

-sometimes I felt like she was more conscious of how she looked than her acting. She was trying to be sexy…too sexy and I felt like the Character Snow White should not have any sense to act this way. Is she is fair blood, innocent and all of that, why is Kristen swishing her hips or giving come hither looks? Why is she showing off soft curves with a hint of skin over her shoulders? Why is she flirting?

Now I am not trying to bash Kristen Stewart at all. I am a fan. However, I just felt like this was a role she should have passed over or even gone that extra mile to be believable. It was very disappointing for me.

But Chris Hemsworth and Charlize Theron played the “Hell” out of their roles. I loved them from start to finish. Was even a little scared of Charlize for a second or two. She was that passionate about her role as the evil queen. Her accent was dead on, her skills were superb. Chris made me love him with his open broken ways, his passion for saving Snow White, his anger for losing his beloved. All other characters played so perfectly that it overshadowed Kristen’s flump.

If you have yet to see the movie, I suggest you do. If fantasy is your Forte, you will enjoy this movie.

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