I was raised as a Christian, all my life I attended my uncle’s church in central islip. I used to be involved in Plays, the choir and vocational bible study. But sometimes I think I am the sheep that got lost.


While I do believe in a higher power, in prayer and in our Lord, I find that there are so many elements in life that make me question what I believe. For instance, I really don’t want to beat a dead horse but I will bring it up anyways. The shooting that devastated the nation: Sandy Hook Elementary school in Connecticut. As a parent I felt my soul shatter at the very mention of this horrible crime just by reading the headlines. This was even before I found out the casualties in children alone. I found my already shaken faith take a hit once more. I had gone home and hugged my babies so tight, kissing them and telling them how much I love them.

These are one of the very reasons I feel we as a nation should now seek healing through Spiritual Meditation. I am no doctor or psychologist, I admit this honestly. I am however a human being who has felt more than my fare share of guilt, hurt, anguish, shock, betrayal, and lets not forget pain in every aspect of my being. And I think I can say first hand one of the things that helped me cope, in any situation, is the wonderful sounds of music.

I love R&B, soft rock, and certain Blues songs if they sound good. I also love some pop. My favorite Adele CD “21” plays in my car when I need a little he-man bashing time. But I also listen to Gospel when I am in the mood for some soul cleansing.

While I am sad to admit I should listen more, pray more, praise more, I also remember how good it feels when the choir is in sync, when the melodies of their perfectly pitched voices merge together in that soul inspiring harmony. I also love when the soloist or lead singer directs the song in such a fluid grace it brings tears to my eyes.

So I have found that my way of Spiritual Meditation is putting on a nice Gospel, sitting back with my eye’s half closed looking into the sky and imagining the Lord sitting next to me and holding my hand. I drift with the music, smile at his grace and even allow my mind to quiet even for a moment. It doesn’t matter what religion you follow, or what you believe in. I’ve found that just the thought of believing in something more significant than actual life is something worth holding on to. I am not the perfect Christian. I don’t know much about other faiths or religions. But I do know we all believe in something more than ourselves. Even if you are an atheist or follow scientology, you must admit there is some magic, some small form of peace in thinking outside of yourself. That’s what I would call “spiritual”. And by using this technique, even for five minutes, it forms a peaceful barrier against negativity. It fills the heart with a few more beats, calms the body as well as giving the mind a break from the stresses of life.

So here are a few steps to help you get into that zone. I can throw out Kirk Franklin and his wonderful choir, orHezekia Walker, Yolanda Adams, Mary Mary… etc. etc.

But I would rather introduce something new and fresh. Someone I have grown to like as a person, as a professional and now as a thriving singer of gospel music. Danielle Kelley. She needs no more introduction than that. Her voice will say it all.

Step 1: Go to www.daniellekelleymusic.com to purchase the CD or download her album.

Step 2: Find a space you can be alone. If you are like me, it’s on the car ride to work or back home.

Step 3: Empty your mind. While I know this is hard you will be better able to concentrate when hearing this music. In order to completely shut out the world you must first quiet your inner being.

Step 4: Allow the music in, allow the peace within. Take calming breathes through nose and blow it gently through your lips.

Step 5: Close your eyes and imagine you are in a very special place, filled with quiet and sunshine. That’s all that needed, no beach with sand, no waves- Just you, the quiet and the sun. As the music slowly filters in just breathe.

And here my friends you will have it. A Spiritual Meditation that will cleanse you of all negativity. Will it last outside this quiet place? I cannot guarantee. Will it help solve world hunger, homelessness, racism, bigotry or natural disasters? No, I am afraid it won’t. Will it pay your bills, feed the kids and put them to bed? No sweetie, I am sorry you still have to do that. But I tell you what it will do. For five or ten minutes it will give you peace of mind. It will give you a moment to yourself when you can say “I’m ok.” Or “Everything will be alright.” Because you know, your mind can be fine, your body may be healthy but please don’t forget your soul. It has needs too. And I won’t preach to you. I won’t tell you what religion is right, if you will go to heaven or throw scriptures to make you feel like you aren’t upholding your bargain to the higher power.

I will however encourage you to seek the outlets that help you maintain the balance in your life. Because while you may think you are holding it together, there is just one thing out there that is going to set you on edge or make you feel like you need a “time out”.

I hope you have enjoyed this article and I do hope this method works for you. Everybody needs something…just that one thing to help them cope. This is a way I am finding helps me and I am sharing it with you because even though I don’t know you, where you come from, what struggles you are going through, I do however know how to understand with compassion.

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