Synopsis:  The mass consciousness is at a point where it knows there has to a better way.  People may not know what it is but they are beginning to open up to the possibility they can learn what this better way is.  Being in the Realm of the Secrets that Ms. Doolin relates, is being where you want to be by knowing you are already there but just temporarily forgot until someone who loves you, shows you the way.  There are numerous authors helping our brothers and sisters get clear with their intention, and helping them to get clear with changing their thoughts and changing their perception about themselves and their lives.  Once our community of family gets it, families will no longer choose to be or live in a fear.  Kids will be happier, kinder, more loving because parents will learn how to support self-esteem in their children, confidence building by positive words, actions and deeds.  It only takes one person at a time to get it and share it with others, through love.  

Secrets that seem to be secrets to the public are revealed in Daya Devi-Doolin's book for the well being of everyone, so they won't give up and loose sight of their dreams, desires, purpose and goals.  Author Daya Devi-Doolin is encouraging her readers to keep on and to not give up before they take their next step forward that may very well be the last necessary one through the doorway of IT for them. 

The formulae shared in her book are basic Universal laws but not generally taught or known.  Mrs. Doolin shares these with the intent to propel people to the fulfillment of their dreams quickly, easily and basically effortlessly with faith and how to direct their feelings to the fulfillment of their dreams. 

This book highlights some of the experiences in her life, to show the reader how  life can be enhanced as well by getting to the bottom of how the Laws of the Universe works. 

There are many paths one can take in life but eventually, they will only lead you to the place, The Only Way Out Is In: The Secrets of the 14 Realms to Love, Happiness and Success, mentions, where you will find peace, happiness, abundance and love.

This book presents the principles that are universal and cannot be claimed by anyone person as theirs.  But you can claim the qualities for yourself and become these qualities totally and completely.  This book helps the seeker to transform her life today.  It shows and guides the reader how the Law of Being, sometimes called the Law of Attraction has worked in my life and how she can have it work more consciously for herself too.  It gives directions on how to Be in the various realms and qualities of substance, thereby changing one’s life by changing their perception of whom and where they think they are.

This book works on its own merit of vibration with intention of vibrating at the needed frequency of assisting one in going within and living his or her Truth.

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The Only Way Out Is In: The Secrets of the 14 Realms to Love, Happiness and Success

ISBN 1877945145

Price: $19.95 USA

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Customer Testimonials

"Dear Daya,
            I wanted to take the time to tell you my story. As I said in my brief message the other morning, once I started reading "The Only Way Out is IN", I couldn't put it down. Amazingly each time I pick it up and read something just at random I seem to magically find more there. Now I understand more about how Spirit moves you. 
            About three weeks after my surgery I developed hives. I increased my antihistamines since I seemed to have these allergic reactions up to four or five long periods a year now. They didn't go away. I manipulated my diet etc and went crazy trying to figure out what it was. I was referred by my Doctor to an Allergist who then matter of factly told me it wasn't allergies. I was stunned. We tested for autoimmune diseases and sent blood samples for allergies just to make sure we weren't missing anything and all the while increased and added meds until we had to resort to adding steroids which made me miserable to say the least. I tried reducing the meds after the course of steroids only to be frustrated once again by hives. I felt like a zombie and a crazy woman since there was no clear diagnosis and not intention by my Doctors to pursue it further other than to offer more meds and the next step was immunosuppressants. Which I knew I could NOT possibly take and work in an ER. I finally sat down and gathered my thoughts and made a decision.

            Nothing in western medicine had really worked and I didn't feel comfortable taking that many meds for such a prolonged period. I racked my brains for a solution and instead found one in my heart and soul. I decided to stop the meds, use energy and vibrational healing such as Reiki and sound healing (binaural beats and tuning forks) as well as get back to my roots so to speak and asked Holy Spirit to move through me and take this on. I found I couldn't control it. The more I tried the worse it was for me.

            About this time was when I picked up your book, "The Only Way OUt is IN", and it affirmed for me that I had made the right decision. It also helped me make a life decision: I had planned to certify as a Professional Organizer. I remembered through my soul searching that I always said that if I could do anything, I would take those women that are in bad points in their lives and help them "get" a better life. Through you I found, "A Course in Miracles" and it felt right to me. I also found coursework that I can complete mostly at home for Ministerial Training and Counseling.  When I decide to take on a new project I usually feel jittery and "stressed". This feels right and it's a calm peace that had come over me. I noticed that you are involved in Unity Church and for whatever reason I searched for Unity Church in Billings. The first program series I clicked on is a series of talks about the similarities between Dalai Lama and the founder of this Unity Church. Perhaps its an olive branch...
              By the way, I haven't had any hives from the moment I picked up your book and no one in western medicine can explain it. :-)
              Thank you for taking the time to share your experiences, your insight, faith, and spirit.  It made the difference in a life.
With compassion always,
Miriam, Billings, MT"

"Hello Daya
            I have just come from the beautiful expression that is your
online oasis. I found your site to be engaging and enriching.
I celebrate your true nature for yours is a path written in the stars. 
           Thank you for sharing who you are for by doing so you elevate
the soul to great things. Your life and work have merit and
meaning as they are designed from spirit. You have my utmost
respect and admiration.
I wish you joyful guidance and
transcending wisdom all your days.
            May you know your life’s purpose as you experience your truth
and may yours be a journey of empowering vision where every
moment is a miracle and every breath a blessing.

Yours in Seeds of Kindness"
Micheal T. 


Healing Process,


Norma J. Rasmusson "Jean Rasmusson" (Osteen, Fl USA) - See all my reviews

Every morning I am reading this book I am truly inspired by it. I have read many inspirational books and I have to put this one at the top of my list. Recently I have been operated on for breast cancer and although I have been healed from the cancer I have a lot of anger I have had to deal with believing the cause was from the wrong doing of others to me, but because of your book I am learning to have a whole new perception of my life and how I deal with others. I am truly grateful Daya for your sharing and giving to the world a wonderful insight of how to love and healing of ourselves. I will be reading your book many times over.
Jean Rasmusson Osteen, Fl 


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