Today’s Throwback Thursday highlights two inspirational women in the entertainment industry who have been influential in many areas in a creative sense to their followers. And yes, I am a huge fan.

Tia and Tamera Mowry started off in a show you may recall “Sister Sister” about twins separated at birth who find each other by mishap at the age of fourteen. As the show progressed we fell in love with Tia’s take no prisoner’s genuinely good personality and Tamera’s eclectic fun spirited personality. The two galavanted through the series as they tackled teenager woes with an adolescent glow.

The show focused on many issues, from makeup and boyfriends, to race and familiatiry. To combining a household of strong willed individuals; in short it touched many topics that still affect our nation today.

After the show ended the sisters did many projects; from going to college at Pepperdine University while taking small roles in Films. On one set Tia met her husband Cory Hardrict and they now share a beautiful son. Tamera recently married fox correspondent Adam Housley and gave birth to their first child.

The sisters have not let the changes in their family structure hinder their careers; they have a reality show that tapes on the Style Network currently signing them for another season. Tia left her concurring role on The Game, a drama series that was picked up by BET after being dropped from the CW. She played a lead role in ABC Family’s The Mistletones during the holiday season of 2012; she also has other projects in the works. In the past year she has written a book about being pregnant and a DVD on Yoga.

Tamera while having a short term role on Strong Medicine has starred in small roles of TV movies as she worked on perfecting her craft and establishing her home with Adam Housley. She has been a pioneer in helping the families Wine business thrive all the while learning the business herself.

Both women are outstanding in their quest at self discovery, happiness and bonding with their family and loyal fans. They are truly humbled by their success even though sometimes it is hard to re-establish their individual personalities while being recognized as star studded twins. Together they have produced a product for Mothers having problems with produciong breast milk, the product "Milky" is a Fenugreek tea that helps women with these issues.

They tackle the many issues of being in the spotlight with grace; upon having Cree affectionately known as “Cree Cree” on their reality show, Tia had to deal with public insults to her sons looks. I will not post these insults as the nature is very degrading. But the stylish diva tackled the insults in such a tactful grace it was admirable. I know she wanted to go “oh no you didn’t?!” but it shows how much more genial and Lady Like she is.

Tamera has had her own issues with public bashings. Having an interracial marriage has opened up a can of worms most American’s shy away from. Being called racial slurs for having such a loving devoted relationship is in itself heart breaking. There was one episode that brought me to balling tears as she spoke about the crude remarks posted on popular media sites about her life. The concern was how her child would be affected. For those who do not know, Tia and Tamera are mixed; their parents are an interracial couple. And I don’t see how that should be a problem. But others may not say the same. Bring in the public eye is no easy task, especially when it comes to ones family. In the episode aired last season a pregnant Tamera opened up to her twin about the posts being said about her relationship and her fear of how her child would be affected by such remarks. In her words (I may not have this entirely correct as I am quoting from pure memory) “Its one thing when it’s me or Adam, but it’s entirely another thing when its your child.” Tamera choked up as she wiped away tears.

One of the things I love so much about both women, is their grace, their humbled personalities and they fact that they stay true to themselves. They laugh and joke. You can understand them, they are not fake. I swear I wish I was their best friends, that I knew them personally, they have the best advice, concern, and appreciation for their life that is contagious.

So as an adoring fan, I give to them my gratitude by writing this piece. They are not perfect, can be sometimes hardheaded or stubborn as hell. But they appreciate the blessings they have, their share their love, and are the epitome of what I am trying to show on this blog.

We can take a lesson from learning how to balance our lives from these two. Good job Tia & Tamera and congrats on all your success, in everything you have done.

Tia & Tamera Mowry


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