Released- August 13th 2004

Main Characters-

Sanaa Lathan- Alexa Woods

Raoul Bova- Sabastian de Rosa

Lance Henriksen- Charles Weyland

Plot- During an archaeological expedition on Bouvetøya Island in Antarctica, a team of archaeologists and other scientists find themselves caught up in a battle between the two legends. Soon, the team realizes that only one species can win.

This movie was in my opinion better than Freddie vs Jason. The two most complex and highly dangerous killing machines face off and human’s are the key to ensuring the battle can begin.

The storyline was a little shaky…Predators came to earth thousands of years ago teaching Man how to build and sustain, using these humans as sacrifices to breed their enemy- the Alien’s and fight to the death.  It put me in the mind of how does it all fit? In the original Predator movie, it didn’t start out like this and the Predator was running around killing people. I still have yet to grasp on to why the Alien’s need humans to breed them. It doesn’t make sense. How can their race sustain if they need a human body to breed their babies? But whatever works on scaring the crap out of people. It still made for an intriguing and fun movie to watch.

The graphics were sick (amazing). I often wondered throughout the view, how the costumes for both Alien and Predator was made, how the scripted fight scenes are tidied up with technology and who the heck thinks up these disgusting disguises that look so real and menacing.

Sanaa Lathan who played Alexa Woods, was on her game as the leading female. Her character served as a guide to safely get construction workers through the icy peril of Antarctica to where a mythical pyramid lay in wait, a highly prestigious archeological find. The site turned out to be the amphitheatre for the killing game between Alien’s and Predators.

Raoul Bova who played Sabastian de Rosa, was a dedicated Archeologist enlisted to help with his vast knowledge of the Mayan and Aztec cultures in order to help with the infiltration of the Pyramid and its treasures.

Lance Henriksen played Charles Weyland, a sick business tycoon who funded as well as attended the perilous trek to the dig site and its pursuers. He made you hate him all the while evoking a sense of pity at his declining health.

Each character in the movie was well scripted and acted. I connected throughout the entire movie and had to watch it again. It was just that good despite the plot flaws and lack of sense.

Great movie to see for a date.

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